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False Taurus1, Plain Jane2


Taurus was born in the Library. Hand members first met her there. We spoke to her and learned from her. We taught her, too, about the Jailers and what they were doing in a dimension beyond the Library. Taurus was horrified. "Magic is natural. Magic is a part of life. How is this other dimension living if it does not have magic?" she said to us. She moved out of the Library and never went back, choosing instead to remain in the dimension of the Jailers, to try to protect magical objects.


After speaking to Taurus, no one can tell you anything about her appearance other than her approximate height and weight (which varies from 5'5" to 5'8" and 100 pounds to 140), her red hair color, and her eye color (which seems to shift from blue to green). They are unable to make any descriptions to a sketch artist and to agree about a particular feature when questioned (such as "Is her nose pointed or rounded?"). Almost everybody claims that her appearance doesn't matter anyway. It is known that she ages normally. When the Hand met her she appeared to be 18, though she herself said that she did not keep track to say whether that was true. When she left the Library, she was about 25.


The most remarkable feature of Taurus is that all of her actions and words seem to be dictated by her Zodiac.

History & Associated Parties:

Taurus was discovered in the Library in 2011. Talking to her, it was found that she was born or created in the Library. She loved the books and often wandered the shelves, stroking book spines as she went. In 2018, she left the Library after finding out about the Jailers.

It is known that Taurus has heavy associations with several Hands members. Her move out of the Library was prompted by conversations she had with them. The Hands told her of the Jailers, SCP Foundation, and the objects they keep in containment. Taurus was horrified by this news and the knowledge that there was another dimension being kept ignorant of anomalous objects. She moved into this dimension and started seeking these objects. Taurus maintains communications with the Hands to continue gathering information.

One Hand once listed all of these attributes in his journal and decided to mold his life after them. He was born April 29th and fell under the zodiac Taurus. After talking to and interacting with Taurus, he thought she was a perfect embodiment, and to become perfect himself, he must be like her. Other Hands agreed with him, and shortly after Taurus had a small gathering who would ask her for guidance when decisions needed to be made in their lives. After she left the Library, these Hands members will still contact her for advice in their lives.

Taurus also seems to keep in contact with a group of people she knew from her time in the Library. The members of this group seem to be named after this dimensions zodiac calendar. Whether this group identifies solely as Serpent's Hands members or has a title of their own is still unclear, though their goals seem to be similar to Taurus's. This group of people has also moved from the Library and live in different part of the world.


Taurus is very easy to approach and will talk about all manners of things. At first, her strict adherence to her zodiac characteristics were irritating, but eventually became endearing,3 and approach was therefore encouraged.

Observations & Stories

Research has been done to figure out what exactly are the characteristics of the Western Zodiac Taurus. There are a lot of vague personalities and website sources that do not satisfactorily meet Taurus's personality. Someone found out the Zodiacs have related elements, Taurus's being Earth. Earth characteristics are practical, cautious, and material. This description perfectly suits Taurus. Furthermore, the elements were found to have modalities. Earth's is Fixed, meaning resistant to change, inflexible, and willful. Many people would agree to those characteristics describing Taurus.4


There are some who don't believe in Taurus. They don't think she's ruled only by the characteristics we've observed Taurus to have. They don't think she's a special Taurus, but merely one of many. Taurus talks to these people, not trying to convince them, but just talking to them as she would anyone else who entered the Library while she resided there. Even after talking to her and failing to "trick" her out of her known characteristics5, some people still don't believe that she should be written about or raised up as an example to those born April 19-May 20.