The Mailbox

Below is a recovered file from █████ ██████'s personal computer after a police raid on ██/██/19██.

Doctor Wondertainment™!
The Great Collection™!

Hey kids! Don't you love the great toys and games made by Doctor Wondertainment™? Don't like how you don't know when a new toy comes out? Want to get the latest updates on the fun stuff? No worries! Doctor Wondertainment™ is now setting up the Big Box Mailbox™ which issues The Great Collection™ every week, a magazine with a list of all your favorite toys!

The Great Collection™ contains blowout deals, newest toys, and exciting discounts on your favorite products, all in one big, colorful magazine! When and where? Well at your local toy store of course! The Big Box Mailbox™ is coming to a store near you!

Also, subscribe to the Weekly Mail™ to get a magazine and even more discounts and coupons for Doctor Wondertainment™ products, delivered to your own mailbox! When you subscribe, you get a chance every month to win a customized toy for your child, one of our Mailman™! A wonderful toy that gathers, opens, reads, and even writes your mail! Perfect for the ones who loves mail! We use these wonderful lads to sort the magazines to deliver them to our Big Box Mailboxes™! These will be a great addition to the home and a great, fun friend!

Issue 1A