The Miracle Gun
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in Containment Locker XXXX at Site ██, with access barred to all personnel with a clearance level below four (4). XXXX is to be cleaned, polished, and maintained at least once every twenty-four (24) hours. At no time should SCP-XXXX be utilized except during testing. No other containment procedures are necessary at this time.

SCP-XXXX while in its dormant state.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be an unusual, antiquated, C.S.A. LeMat single-action carbine revolver circa 18██. Its unique traits become apparent, however, during the processes of firing and reloading. SCP-XXXX's cylinder is capable of containing any combination of nine (9) bullets and will fire those same bullets with equal or superior proficiency to whichever firearm those bullets were originally intended for. There is no upper limit to the bullets or shells that can be fired from SCP-XXXX except that any attempt made to fire the ammunition originally intended for the LeMat carbine will always fail, usually resulting in injuries.

The carbine is indestructible except to rare self-inflicted damage, capable of self-repair in those rare cases, and often performs acts of self-improvement. Improvements include, but are not limited to, a combination bipod/grip, adjusted barrel lengths, a silencer, a steel bayonet, a flashlight, and various telescopic sights. Improvements to the carbine's design are temporary and constructed only in situations where they are necessary. The only functions the weapon is incapable of improving upon or producing modifications to are the rate of its firing, number of shots that can be fired, and its weight while unloaded (2.09 kg).

In situations where a Subject is holding or utilizing SCP-XXXX, it has been known to make temporary adjustments to improve accuracy. This implies a level of sentience, likely limited to discerning the genuine skill of the shooter. 97% of Subjects who have never held a gun before SCP-XXXX have reported noticeable improvements in vision.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in 194█ by ████ ███████ in [REDACTED], boasting that his "Miracle Gun" could "fire tank shells like it's nobody's business" and that with it "every shot's a bull's eye". After ███████ was reported KIA on December 195█ during a military operation involving [REDACTED], "The Miracle Gun" was intercepted by field operatives while being shipped back to the United States with ███████'s belongings.

To date, the origin of SCP-XXXX's unusual abilities and traits are unknown.

A proposal to reverse engineer and mass produce SCP-XXXX has been drafted and sent. DENIED: SCP-XXXX's unusual properties cannot be replicated at this time and any attempt to reverse engineer SCP-XXXX has resulted in failure. While SCP-XXXX is a valuable tool, it is not the first apparently harmless and/or helpful SCP we have successfully contained. The resulting damage of mass producing an SCP cannot be understated, and mass production of a weapon capable of firing any bullet or shell is a literal invitation for disaster.

Any attempts to mass produce SCP-XXXX are strictly prohibited.

Addendum: As of October 20██, it has been confirmed that SCP-XXXX improves the shooting skills of Subjects who utilize it during or outside of testing. However, O5 would like to inform you all that access to SCP-XXXX is restricted to testing and emergency use only. "The Miracle Gun" is not a toy.

Addendum 2: Yes, SCP-XXXX has recently been utilized by the Mobile Task Force E-11. No, just because the Mobile Task Force used it does not mean you also get to use it as you wish. Extenuating circumstances were involved. I can neither confirm nor deny if that involvement was a containment breach. And no, you are not permitted to use SCP-XXXX on or against any of the SCPs in this facility. Let me reiterate: "The Miracle Gun" is not a toy. SCP-XXXX is a weapon of significant potential destruction. It would be in your best interests to remember that.

Addendum 3: Due to loosely enforced and frequently violated containment procedures in addition to lackadaisical utilization of the weapon, all testing involving SCP-XXXX has been halted at this time.