The Musician
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is allowed in every sector of the Foundation, just as long as it is equipped with an apparatus to hinder its hearing and all music devices or sources are disabled. SCP-XXXX requires no special procedures other than that. SCP-XXXX was given a secure 10 by 8 chamber equipped with one leather chair, a bed, and a television set with certain channels and programs removed. SCP-XXXX is required to return to its chamber at exactly 0000 hours.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a Caucasian male of possible Asian descent. Several personnel claim they see a strong resemblance to English musician Jimmy Page, only they notice slight physical differences when juxtaposing images of the musician and SCP-XXXX including sharper nose, rounder face, and obvious weight difference (SCP-XXXX weighing slightly more.) The SCP does not seem to have an accent with origins from any location in the United Kingdom, yet it has a distinct northeastern American accent.

SCP-XXXX has a massive distaste in music produced by the English hard rock band "Led Zeppelin", ironically, since Page was a member. Any other form of music, even music similar to that of the said band, poses no form of anomalous behavior by the SCP. When exposed, SCP-XXXX's entire body will freeze and collapse. After an average of 5 seconds of lying stagnant on the floor, the SCP's body will levitate 5 to 6 feet off the ground, and, at the apex of levitation, fall towards the floor and go limp. It takes an average of 8 to 9 hours for the subject to awaken again, having no recollection of the incident. SCP-XXXX has received many injuries from the numerous tests personnel have conducted, including a broken wrist and multiple bruises on the head, arms, and legs.

It is capable of speech and knows only one language, English. It says its name is Don Burnes and claims to be from Kendrick, New York. No such place has ever existed. It also claims to be a retired track and field coach for ████████ High School in the southern-most part of New York. In addition, it also says its 69 years old (the current age of Jimmy Page), and knows nothing of Jimmy Page or Led Zeppelin, and is often frustrated or irritated when associated with either of them. It has no musical experience. Personnel often engage in casual conversation with it, and notice no unusual or analogous behaviors other than talking about "home" or its "old life".

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was spotted face-down on the side of a road in ███████, Massachusetts in a black coat, a red plaid flannel shirt, and khakis by a passing driver. The driver quickly took him to ████████ Hospital. By the time the two reached the hospital, SCP-XXXX was already awake. It had multiple bruises on its head and torso. By then we assume he was in some sort of hospital bed when someone may have noticed his resemblance to the Led Zeppelin guitarist and played one of their pieces. At this time, an embedded agent, incognito as an intern at the hospital, along with several other hospital workers were crowded around the SCP. The Foundation shortly afterwards was contacted and SCP-XXXX was discreetly transported to the nearest site.

Addendum: We have conducted multiple tests, led by Dr. █████, on the SCP with multiple different pieces by, to see how it reacts. The songs that induce the anomalous behavior, so far, are as follows:

  • Black Dog
  • Four Sticks
  • Your Time is Gonna Come
  • Crunge
  • Gallows Pole
  • Dazed and Confused

There is one piece that does not cause any noticeable behavior or occurrences, be it physical or psychological, and that piece is "Kashmir", an 8 minute 29 second tune composed by Jimmy Page and John Bonham (the drummer of Led Zeppelin.)
This is a transcript of the test, while "Kashmir" is playing on headphones equipped by SCP-XXXX:
XXXX: It gives me… it… I picture things. It gives me memories that I never had. Do you know? I don't know.
Dr. █████: What kind of pictures?
XXXX: Well, actually I don't get pictures. I get… feelings. You know, like aromas.
Dr. █████: Well, what kind of aromas?
XXXX: Wood? I don't know. Smells like wood. Right now that's what I smell. And this smell I don't even know what it is, never smelled it in my life.
Dr. █████: Anything else?
XXXX pauses for a moment
XXXX: No, sorry, man.
End of transcript.