The old Idol

Special containment procedures: SCP 2878 is to be kept in a secure 8’ by 8’ by 8’ soundproof Cedar containment area suspended from the ceiling by wooden chains made of oak or cedar. Both chains and walls are to be no less than 1.5 meters thick. All lighting in the room must come from the bio-luminescent bacterium trays placed upon the inside of the cell walls. The trays are to also be made of cedar and can be supplied with manure of any kind. Any personnel wishing to enter the cell must wear the suits designed by Professor tthgdhdxgf. The manure and bacteria must be changed every 4 months, it is advised that D-class personnel be used for this task. in the event of a suit breach while in the containment cell; the incinerator surrounding the containment area is to be activated, this will eliminate all infected and none infected personnel within the containment zone. but should leave the SCP and wood unscathed due to SCP 2878’s abilities.

In the event of a containment breach, the outside perimeter surrounding the containment cell is to be flooded with sulfuric acid. Any and all staff assigned to the sector that survive this event are to be terminated with extreme prejudice and their bodies burnt. Should the infection parameters reach beyond the outer perimeter, the on-site warhead is to be detonated immediately. In the event of relocation, the new facility must be no less than 1.5 km below the earth at sea level. The entirety of the facility is to be surrounded by a minimum 1.5 cm of solid cedar wood on all sides and be in the mainland of North America. Should the entirety of the facility be compromised, a grade F-bunker-buster nuclear strike on location will be conducted remotely.

In the event of an infected Person being elected for testing of any kind, the signatures and go-ahead of no less than 7 staff of clearness level 4 or higher is required. All infected persons are to be transported in standard [DATA EXPUNGED] containment locker with an escort of at least 4 armed personnel. All experiments must be approved by at least 2 administrator level personnel.

Description: SCP 2878 is a 1 foot by 1 foot tall idol of a native american man in traditional garb made completely out of an unknown jet black metal. All attempts to mangle, melt down, or in any way change the physical appearance or makeup of the statue have met with complete failure. the statue has weighed in at some 300 lbs.

SCP 2878’s anomalous properties become apparent when it comes into contact with any solid or liquid matter other than the following materials: Cedar wood, oak wood, oranges or pure orange juice, and red dye no.4. On coming into contact with any material other than those stated the object will be known as an instance of SCP 2878-1. Over the next few seconds the object will become immobile, even if the object would fall in it’s current position otherwise. It will then, despite it’s original color become pitch black to the point where it is difficult to see it’s depth. It will then drop to the floor if it was suspended and will then contain all of the properties of SCP 2878 save it’s indestructibility. If any organism living or dead within the [REDACTED] levels of decomposition come in contact with SCP 2878 or any instance of SCP 2878-1 they will animate. And attempt to touch any and all nearby materials in order to spread SCP-2878-1.

SCP 2878 does not affect people of Native American Descent, or any flora or fauna native to the continental United States. They can however, still be a conduit for SCP 2878-1. Oak and cedar wood of any subspecies is not only immune to SCP 2878, but when in contact with it or SCP 2878-1 becomes seemingly invulnerable. The reason for this is unknown but it does help invaluably in containing the Subject.

SCP-2878 was found in 2011 at the [Redacted] Museum of Native American history were It was placed on an oak pedestal with words “bust of chief Iroquois” carved on its side. The object was found by Researcher DYRBYFDM-FM when she was touring the museum with her family. upon coming to the exhibit holding SCP-2978 Researcher DRBYFDM-FM son threw his ball inside the exhibit. upon attempting to retrieve the ball he came into contact with SCP-2878 and [DATA EXPUNGED]. after words Researcher 123456789012 ma managed to get out a message detailing SCP-2878 weaknesses before REDACTED. A parameter was constructed and the wide use of Amnesiacs was used to destroy all recollection of the lost county.