The original Agent Green by Jake Tinsley

OooItem #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-01 is to be furnished with standard living quarters that are to be kept at a constant temperature of 15.5 degrees Celsius and kept stocked with non perishable foods. All ventilation shafts are to be heavily filtered for fungal spores and sterilized weekly via immolation. Hereby all infected individuals and excretions are to be classified as SCP-XXX-02 No exceptions.

All living instances of SCP-XXX-02 are to be monitored by a three man team who will switch out shifts with other Foundation personnel every 48 hours.

Description: SCP-XXX-01 is a physically fit 190.5 cm Caucasian male of Scots-Irish descent that appears to be approximately 18 years of age with Green eyes and Strawberry blonde hair. SCP-XXX-01 is well versed in several martial arts such as Judo, Karate and Muay Thai. All excretions from SCP-XXX-01 are all variations of communication of an infectious fungal spore, this includes both liquid and solid waste as well as when the subject “Bleeds”, when the dermis is damaged by weapons or otherwise, spores with an 100% infection rate explode outward, any spores that do not make contact with human skin within a period of 48 hours simply dissolve into unidentifiable proteins, however at temperatures below 21.1 degrees Celsius the dissolution of expelled fungal matter is expedited to only 6 hours.

SCP-XXX-02 are infected human subjects that have made contact with spores OR excretions from SCP-XXX-01. Through an extremely painful transformation process they come to physically and mentally resemble SCP-XXX-01. However SCP-XXX-02 slightly differ as any ticks or mental disorders that were present in the victim before infection are still evident in the instance of SCP-XXX-02 as well as victims of other Genders remaining the same Gender, however these subjects become more androgynous as the effects of the infection take root. infected subjects also show the same risk factor with injury and excretions as well as retaining SCP-XXX-01's memories and combat knowledge which makes them exceedingly dangerous at close to mid range. They also exhibit a high rate of paranoia involving SCP-XXX-01, as they claim to be “the original” and left to its own devices, any instance of SCP-XXX-02 will seek out and attempt to kill any instances like it as well as SCP-XXX-01 if the subject is within a two mile radius, regardless of wether or not the victim was aware of SCP-XXX01's location prior to infection.

Note by Doctor Simms: though SCP-XXX-01 shows significant tissue regeneration and hemogenesis/osteogenisis after injury, this effect is not present in SCP-XXX-02

When dissected SCP-XXX-02's organs were revealed to have been consumed by fungal growth, all hemoglobin converted into spore cells as well as all previous water, mucus or waste within the body, this includes ingested matter.

Note: Subject may be able to survive indefinitely without Food or Water
Food and water deemed a necessity due to ventilation complications involving increased spore output when subject is dehydrated

Addendum 01: Through unknown means, SCP-XXX-01 broke into SCP site [REDACTED] confronted personnel and demanded to speak to Doctor Simms before being captured. During interviews the subject was adamant that it was part of a Foundation project called TAB or Thaumiel Agent Bonding, which appears to be some form of indoctrination program for Humanoid SCP items, no such project is on file at the foundation.
After being informed of it's impending containment, SCP-XXX-01 ceased to be cooperative and became violent, terminated all personnel present then proceeded to escape, but was stopped by Doctor Simms, who managed to coax the subject into compliance, SCP-XXX was then contained according to standard Foundation detention protocol.

Addendum 02: proceeding with containment the following items were confiscated from SCP-XXX-01 by personnel and delivered to Doctor Simms for inspection.

  • One standard issue Beretta M9 engraved with foundation logo
  • two standard magazines containing 9mm ammunition
  • one standard magazine containing 9mm ammunition comprised of [REDACTED]
  • one 102.235 cm double edged sword comprised of a ██████ alloy, Blade is engraved with foundation logo near the hilt.
  • one standard issue foundation MTF uniform along with all gear associated (EG helmet, boots, Kevlar vest, Kevlar paneled sap gloves ETC.) slightly stained, burned and torn in various areas.
  • one handheld aerosol gun containing high duration flammable liquid (assumed to be for use against SCP-XXX-02)
  • one matchbook with three (3) matches left
  • one nylon lanyard adorned with a Foundation Identification card identifying SCP-XXX-01 as [REDACTED]
  • one level 3 Foundation clearance card

interview Log 11/23/16

Interviewed: [SCP-XXX-01]

Interviewer: [Doctor Simms]

Foreword: [Shortly after Doctor Simms managed to contain the subject in a temporary containment chamber, he decided that he would record a preliminary interview to gain insight into the subject's state of mind.

Note: interview takes place before the subject was given Item designation]

<Begin Log, [14:00]>

Doctor Simms: [State your name for the record]

SCP-XXX-01: [What happened to this place, Doc? where's Emma, what about Anna or Blake? are any of them still here?]

Doctor Simms : [Any misleading comments I may have made prior to your containment, were in the interest of said containment, We've never met.]

SCP-XXX-01: [You're kidding right?! you don't recognize me?]

Doctor Simms: [Nor do I ever recall anything referred to as TAB, what is TAB?]

SCP-XXX-01: [Thaumiel Agent Bonding program, it's a project that was used to turn humanoid, sapient SCP items into Foundation Assets, usually from the young age 11 like me and my friends.]

Doctor Simms : [there never has been nor do I ever suspect there being such a project.]

SCP-XXX-01: [How the hell can you not remember?! you headed the project! the last time I saw you, my crew and I left during the-what was it….7th apocalypse I think, the whole thing had gone GH-0, we were gonna reset and-] Subject stops talking, looking shaken

Doctor Simms : [What's the matter?]

SCP-XXX-01: [you reset without me didn't you?] Subject slouches in chair

Doctor simms : [I have no clue what you're talking about, but from what I gather you seem to be In great distress and after…further examination of gathered evidence, I am compelled to at least bring this up to my superiors to-] The Doctor is cut off by SCP-XXX-01

SCP-XXX-01: [you and I both know the ethics committee would laugh at my case, if what you're saying is true then there's no record of me, nobody remembers me, I'm just a freak with a badge at this point.]

Doctor Simms : [no one on the ethics committee laughs, however if you truly believe what you're telling me, and there's even a grain of truth to it, all the better for you, I suspect.]

SCP-XXX-01: [Thank you, I trust you doc, thanks for talking to me, we both know you didn't have to.]

<End Log, [14:22]>

Closing Statement: [Doctor Simms notes here that while SCP-XXX-01 behaved in a hostile manner previously to other Personnel, the subject became extremely Docile when Doctor Simms confronted him. While this suggests psychological "Father Figure" imprint, further study is required. Doctor Simms also submitted a request to be put in charge of any further research involving SCP-XXX-01]

Note: Despite the dubious nature of the situation, the items procured off of SCP-XXX-01 are not counterfeit, the Clearance card is valid and the ID has been deemed legitimate by HR, these were not forged, however there remains no record of this or any other “TAB Agents” as SCP-XXX-01 calls them.

Further study is required, request granted.

signed: ████████████

Addendum 03: SCP status and containment procedures given to SCP-XXX-01 after SCP-XXX-01 breached containment during a low scale D-class riot in an attempt to aid on site personnel, SCP-XXX-01 was reportedly stabbed in the chest by one of the D-class he was attempting to pacify, the resulting infection caused a site wide hazmat emergency and quarantine. When MTF ████████ arrived on scene all infected personnel had already been Terminated and incinerated by SCP-XXX-01, who surrendered when confronted, full report given by SCP-XXX-01 after all on site personnel were accounted for.

Addendum 04: Following the incident mentioned in Addendum 03, SCP-XXX-01 has submitted a formal request for a new MTF uniform and various evidence items taken prior to it's designation, stating that maintaining a routine upkeep of hygiene and maintenance of gear is integral to SCP-XXX-01's mental health. Approval is pending.