The Painting

Item #: SCP-1817

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1817 is currently held on Site-█ in a 5 x 5 x 7 meter chamber constructed of metal 4.2 in. thick. Only approved Class D personnel are allowed entry and exit to the chamber. The object must be under constant surveillance of approved Level 1 staff, working through shifts of 4 hours. Any change to the canvas or the frame of SCP-1817 must immediately be reported to any available Level 4 and above personnel.

No approved/unapproved personnel are allowed entry to SCP-1817s' chamber. All video cameras around the object are to be disabled as to prevent sight of SCP-1817. Motion sensors are attached within and around the chamber. Once motion sensors are triggered, all personnel must evacuate the facility immediately. Await status report from Dr. ████ ████████ or O5-█ before re-entering the facility.

Description: The object appears to be a 70 x 41 in. portrait. The frame is 6.5 - 7.8 in. in thickness with seven (7) engraved lines. SCP-1817 was located on Jan 22, 20██ at an apartment complex on ███ ████████City, USA. The object was found hung on the wall above the body of its previous owner, Ms. ██████████ Jones, aged 28. Throat is slit for unknown reasons. The canvas of SCP-1817 on the day of discovery was plain white and stained with blood.

Document# 1817-01:
SCP-1817 Purchase Log

Owner Date of purchase Current Status
█████████████ Walker Mar 15, 19██ DECEASED
███████ West Aug 17, 19██ MISSING; Reported on [REDACTED]
████████ C. Bates Feb 28, 19██ DECEASED
██████ Hobbes Aug 03, 19██ DECEASED
████████████ Mason Oct 12, 19██ MISSING; Reported on [REDACTED]
████████ R. Smith Apr 17, 20██ MISSING; Reported on [REDACTED]
██████████ Jones Jan 15, 20██ DECEASED

Document# 1817-02:
Ms. ██████████ Jones' Journal Entry # ██, Para. 2, Jan 14, 20██

… that Stacy heard it. Anyway, I just bought this painting from [REDACTED]. It's a painting of an old barn. It seems a bit boring but it kinda reminds me of the time when Uncle █████ took this…

Document# 1817-03:
Ms. ██████████ Jones' Journal Entry # ██, Para. 1, Jan 15, 20██

…status report, but I just went on home. Then, later that evening, someone broke into my apartment and took my painting! Even more, those sick [DATA EXPUNGED] replaced it with a painting of a dead girl. Who the hell would do this?! I'm starting to think that ███████ did this because he knew that…

Para. 3, Line 4:

…take anything else, not even the TV! The painting was really creeping me out so I just threw it away. So I called ███████ and…

Doctor's Log# 1817-01:
After further study of records, SCP-1817s' previous owners have either died or have gone missing. Aforementioned in Documents 1817-02 and 1817-03; SCP-1817 has somehow predicted the the demise of Ms. Jones a week before occurence. It is currently unknown if object changed its canvas on its own accord. Object class upgraded to Euclid; allot three (3) days of observation before experimentation begins.
- Dr. ████ ████████, Jan 24, 20██

Experiment Log# 1817-01, Jan 28, 20██, 10:28 pm:

Subject: SCP-1817

Procedure: The object will be carried to a safe testing room on ███-████. A small part of SCP-1817's frame and canvas shall be taken; the experiment will be performed by three (3) approved Class D personnel.

Tools to be used are:
- one (1) handheld circular power saw
- four (4) surgical knives

Selected personnel must return the tools to to the provided "Safety Box" before exiting the room

Results: A 2 x 3 in. part of the canvas was taken. The canvas piece immediately turned black after separation. The canvas piece was immediately brought to Lab-08 for testing. It is mostly composed of ordinary cotton, no older than one month in age. No part of SCP-1817s' frame was taken due to difficulty of cutting. The frame appears to have a wood-iron alloy, painted black.

Status Report# 1817-07, Jan 28, 20██: The canvas has autonomously replaced the part of its canvas taken 30 minutes after experimentation and has changed its canvas. It seems to depict [REDACTED]. Number of engraved lines in the frame have decreased from seven (7) to one (1).

Level 4 and 5 personnel have been alerted.

Call for Dr. ████ ████████ or O5-█ immediately

Awaiting further anomalies

Fif██ ███ (5█) Class 1 personnel as well as 3 Class D personnel have died as of Jan 29, 20██ 10:28 pm. Reports indicate that all aforementioned have died simultaneously, all having vomited their [REDACTED] with excessive amounts of blood.

Doctor's Log# 1817-06
The object is taking action on its own accord, upgrade to Keter class IMMEDIATELY. The canvas seems to depict the manner of death and the engraved lines shows the number of days before it happens. Disconnect all forms of technological/physical contact with SCP-1817 and further increase security measures for any unexpected actualities. Attach motion sensors to the object's chamber to indicate change in canvas and/or frame.

"We must have provoked it because of the experiment. It appears ownership does not mean targeting a specific person only. Movement to a different site is meaningless; ownership still applies to The Foundation. All we can do now is halt all experimentation and hope for the best."

-Dr. ████ ████████, Jan 29, 20██