The Screamer

Item #: SCP-XXX4

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Digital copies of SCP-XXX4 are to be stored on three external hard drives in a standard Small Objects locker in Site-██. The hard drives may be checked out from the locker for testing, but SCP-XXX4 should not be copied onto any other media.

Regular searches should be made of video sharing websites worldwide, to detect whether SCP-XXX4 has been reposted.

SCP-XXX4 is only to be shown to D-Class. If Foundation personnel become affected by SCP-XXX4, contact Dr. ████████.


SCP-XXX4 is a video which has appeared on multiple video sharing sites, posted by an unknown source or sources. Its contents are as follows:

0 – 15 seconds: A young girl walks into frame in what appears to be a child’s bedroom. She walks towards the camera and sits down, picks up a doll to her right, and begins to play with it and speak softly.1
15 – 43 seconds: The audio track changes to a high-pitched, loud female scream, which lasts until the end of the video’s runtime. The video shows a sequence of twenty-one still images, all of which depict faces that have been digitally altered to have frightening characteristics (such as large red eyes, unusually pale skin, and exaggerated sharp teeth). The fourteenth and fifteenth pictures appear to be altered images of the young girl and the doll, respectively, from the first portion of the video.

Two anomalous effects manifest when the video is uploaded to a video sharing site. Firstly, if the site has any mechanism whereby users may vote their opinion on the video, the number of positive votes will always exceed the number of negative votes by a factor of at least four. Analysis of the backend of the video sharing sites has shown that a majority of the positive votes are not linked to any user accounts. Secondly, if the site permits users to post comments on videos, that feature will be nonfunctioning.

SCP-XXX4’s primary anomalous effect occurs when any human both sees and hears a portion of the video (provided that portion contains the transition that occurs at 15 seconds). Once an individual has watched that portion of SCP-XXX4, they will become increasingly fearful of looking at any one object or person for any length of time, professing a fear that it will “change.” Within 48 hours, affected individuals will be unable to look at a single object for more than three seconds, and will constantly shift their vision between objects to prevent themselves from focusing on anything for too long.

Based on tests of SCP-XXX4, the fear that objects will “change” applies only to objects and people towards which the affected individual’s feelings are neutral or positive; if an object or person is already perceived as being unpleasant or frightening, an affected individual can focus their eyes on it without an unusual amount of stress. In Experiment XXX4-H, affected D-Class were instructed to stare at images of “unpleasant” objects, such as skulls, corpses, and large arachnids. While none of the D-Class had a strong phobia of the objects depicted, the images were consistently perceived as being unpleasant enough that they did not trigger SCP-XXX4’s effect, and the test subjects were able to stare at them for an indefinite length of time. It should be noted, however, that the vast majority of objects in any given space are likely to be “neutral” for the purposes of SCP-XXX4, and will trigger its effect.

Care should be taken that Foundation personnel are not exposed to the video, as its effects render individuals incapable of most productive activities and have proven resistant to Class-A and -B amnesiacs. D-Class affected by SCP-XXX4 cease to be suitable for most forms of testing, and researchers on SCP-XXX4 may request their termination date be moved forward if no scheduled tests can make use of them.