The Soundless
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX Is to be kept in a 4m x 4m x 2.5m sound- and waterproof cabin equipped with a microphone as well as four speakers that permanently eminate a loud static noise. The Speakers are to be secured behind heavy steel wire. The sound level inside the cabin is at all times to be monitored via the control panel in the adjacent room by at least one Agent. Should the sound volume inside the chamber at any time drop below 125db, or should either one of the speakers cease to function, an engineer is to be immediately called for repair and/or replacement of damaged speakers.
Any personnel entering the containment chamber of SCP-XXXX is required to wear tight clothing and light footwear in order to reduce noise, and it is advised to wear ear protection.
Under no circumstances is physical contact with the subject to be made.

Description: SCP-XXXX is vaguely humanoid in shape. It is entirely composed of what appears to be a light blue, transparent liquid. The subject is estimated to be about 1.90 m in size and weighs exactly 60 kilograms at all times. When exposed to sound, waves will form along the subject's body, originating from the point that is closest to the source of the loudest sound within ███ m, growing in intensity proportional to the sound level. Volumes of 90 db or higher seem to limit the subject's ability of movement, gradually slowing it down with rising intensity. Sound levels of 120 db or higher appear to render the subject completely immobile.

The subject is extremely sensitive to all kinds of sound, able to detect very low sounds in a wide perimeter, given an adequate surrounding sound level. The subject will usually seek out the neared source of sound, however it has proven to react differently to various kinds of noise. Sounds typically originating from humans, such as speech, coughing or the shuffling of clothing appear to attract the subject stronger than, for example, a singing bird or wind. The subject generally appears to be drawn towards sounds produced by organic creatures rather than environmental noise, and put humans over animals.

Tests indicated that the subject has no sense of vision, instead it appears to rely solely on its extraordinarily strong sense of hearing, being able to to precisely locate a living creature in a perimeter of at least █ km. As of yet, it is unknown how SCP-XXXX navigates around the environment. It was presumed that the subject uses sound waves to navigate through its surroundings, much in the same manner as certain animals, e.g. bats. However, tests in a completely silent environment have shown that [DATA EXPUNGED]. Furthermore, the subject does not seem to emit any sound of its own, as well as permanently muting anything it comes in contact with.

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