the stairs in the woods

Object: SCP-3405
Object class: euclid
link to image of SCP-3405

Special containment procedure: Any instance SCP- must be addressed immediately. Once addressed special task forces must go out to the location and set up a 20 yard perimeter around it, with a 5 foot red zone that is off limits to everyone. Once contained D class personnel will be tasked with setting surveillance systems up to monitor the surrounding and SCP-. If any personnel without level 3 clearance must be terminated on site. If anyone where to enter the red zone terminate on site. If any civilians where to enter the 20 yard perimeter they are to be intercepted and made a D class immediately.

Description: SCP-3405 is or are sets of stairs that are out in the middle of the forest. Every instance of SCP-3405 come in different heights, types of steps, and qualities. "Some instances even are found upside down." stated head researcher Dr.Free.

Addendum: When coming in contact with SCP-3405 its' anomalous properties activate. "There is no pattern of what it does, but it's always that something bad happens." stated by [data expunged]. Who also gave us multiple examples of SCP-3405's properties such as. One of his coworkers went up SCP-3405 and the missing girl they where lookin towards g for, who had a good trail on her was not found. Another time they found the body of a boy they where looking for on the bottom step of SCP-3405 dead. Upon autopsy the coroner stated "every organ other than the heart and lungs had quarter sized holes in them, but the strange thing is that there are no entry or exit wounds. After an incident involving a test with SCP-3405 no one is allowed to enter the red zone without permission from two or more 05 personnel.

Testing procedure: When testing with SCP-3405 all personnel above D class must move to outside the 20 yard perimeter, nor can there be any missing persons cases for the area that day. In an instant of injury due to SCP-3405 a crew of at least 5 EMT s must be on site to tend to the patient. As of the writing of the document there have been only three tests with SCP-3405. The test reports will be shown below.

Test #1: All personnel evacuate to outside the 20 yard perimeter, and D-2904 steps towards SCP-3405.
D-2904 was charged for involvement in a mass shooting and armed robbery.
Dr.Free: Please step closer to SCP-3405.
D-2904: Uh are you sure about this doc?
Dr.Free: Yes. Now please proceed towards SCP-3405.
D-2904 steps into the red zone and stops dead in his tracks.
Dr.Free: D-2904 why did you stop?
D-2904: I feel like I shouldn't be near this thing.
Dr.Free: Please elaborate.
D-2904: I feel like stressed. The hair on my neck stood up and my heart is racing.
Dr.Free: Please proceed forward.
D-2904 walks to the bottom step and steps on, then stops.
Dr.Free: D-2904 tell us what is happening and what you feel.
D-2904: It's completely silent other than our voices, and there is not detectable life around me.
Dr.Free: OK proceed to the top step.
D-2904 reaches the top step and stops.
Dr.Free: Tell us what it is like up there.
D-2904: I feel like… Ah!
D-2904 is then thrown back and hits a tree with a hearty crack.
Dr.Free: Get this man medical assistance NOW!
After the test D-2904 was taken to a hospital and treated for several broken bones, he made a full recovery and was transferred to site 17.

Test #2:[data expunged]

Test #3:All personnel evacuate to outside the 20 yard perimeter, and D-6749 steps towards SCP-3405.
D-6749 was charged for murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault.
Dr.Free: Please proceed towards SCP-3405.
D-6749: Uh OK doc.
Security Guard: HEY STOP!
D-6749 then sprints up SCP-3405 and jumps off the top step. He runs for another five meters before spontaneously com busting.
D-6749 was then proclaimed terminated and no further tests have been allowed.

Remember. Don't go near them, don't touch them or go up them.