The Summer of Bad Memories

A quick synopsis of the Alchemy-verse plot:

Sometime around 1050 BCE, Alagadda, Kormulast, and Q'yrphos united against another elemental city: Luna, city of Tenebrous Darkness. The city had become corrupted by its own power, exerting undue influence on the other cities, and threatening to conquor the outer-territories of the Elemental Planes.

The entire city was nearly destroyed, except for a few thousand survivors, who managed to escape to our dimension, specifically on Earth's moon. They used their skills with alchemy, and alchemic technology to make the moon habitable.

The Lunarians were split on how to handle their new situation, however. One faction, the Terrans, suggested they migrate to the nearby planet, and make the best of their situation among the Humans. They could easily use their mastery of life and blood alchemy to make themselves appear human.

Their Ruler Mordred, oldest and most powerful of them was unwilling to give up the path of conquest. A civil war broke out, and nearly destroyed luna, rendering it an even more barren rock than before. Only two terrans and two lunarians managed to survive the chaos. The terrans, Merlin and Nimue descended to earth, to try and make the best of their situation.

The surviving lunarians, Morgana and Mordred were left on the moon. Morgana was thought dead, but managed to barely escape to earth. Mordred was left contained on the moon in a prison of Terran devising.

Nimue and Merlin disagreed with how to handle Mordred. They weren't willing or able to kill him, and knew eventually he would struggle out of the bonds they'd placed around him. Merlin wanted to use their alchemic sciences to contain the wrathful Mordred. They would combine a massive alchemic flow using Sol, and chain it to the Earth's Magnetosphere. Doing so would dampen alchemy around the local area, and prevent Mordred from escaping. A side effect would be that the alchemic flows would empower a small number of humans born, with the power to manipulate alchemic flows. He felt this was their only solution, as the only Terran who could stand up to Mordred, Arthur, had been killed during the war. Merlin kept Arthur's sword, as a bitter reminder that Mordred could not be killed, only contained.

Nimue disagreed, and felt that empowering specific individuals to contain mordred would be enough. Remarkable humans would be enough, and there was no way to contain the alchemic influence across humanity. She felt that eventually, there would be conflict, and people would die.

Lunarians were capable of a feat called "takwin" or passing on of the soul. In lunarians, a willing host would be able to accept the experience, and powers of the passing on individual, retaining knowledge across generations. In humans, there was one additional side effect: the passing Lunarian could place a compulsion on the human. It wouldn't completely co-opt their will, but they would feel an irresistable urge to carry out the mission they were tasked with.

Both Merlin and Nimue passed their souls on to humans in the early 9th century BCE. Merlin kept his name, and became a mentor in the early kingdom of Britain, while devising the device which would enact the Magnetospheric Seal. Merlin's compulsion: Contain Mordred, no matter the cost.

Nimue took the name "Al-Hayyan" and moved to the middle east, to continue researching how to make "takwin" reproduceable on a human scale. The compulsion placed on their host: Defeat mordred at any cost. If they found a remarkable human, they would produce dozens of them, and take the fight back to Mordred.

Unbeknownst to the two terrans, Morgana had landed in what would eventually be known as Siberia. There, they happened upon a cruel, and harsh man, Karl Ledenoff. They immediately transferred their soul to the man, and placed the compulsion to destroy the Terrans, and break Mordred from his prison. Unfortunately for Morgana, the body she inhabited was relatively incompatible with the manipulation of alchemy. It would take centuries to build up the alchemic strength they had in their original form.

In 1100 CE, Morgana, as Karl, discovered a young apprentice. Karl was relatively strong willed, and had ignored most of his compulsion. In Ruslav, Morgana recognized someone who would potentially be able to kill Nimue. Karl tasked Ruslav with travelling to "Al-Hayyan" and killing him. Ruslav was deeply uncomfortable with this command, but was unwilling to cross the cruel master he'd been indentured to.

He travelled to the middle east, and discovered Al-Hayyan. Once there, he couldn't bring himself to destroy the elder alchemist, and probably wouldn't be able to anyway. He explained what he'd been tasked with, and Nimue recognized this man immediately: A remarkable human.

Nimue's research had dead-ended, and they'd realized that there was no hope of creating Takwin with humans. The resonance between Ruslav, and their own soul however, was sharply stronger than Al-Hayyan.

Ruslav was empowered with Nimue's soul, and became the Ruslav that would go on to help create The Foundation. The compulsion placed on him: Create a better seal, no matter the cost. Mordred could not be defeated.

Unfortunately, Merlin was right. The proliferation of Alchemy, and alchemic powers across humanity had attracted a significant number of threats to earth. THese threats culminated in 1231 during the Third Alchemic war, when Alagadda struck back at Earth.

The college of alchemists was scattered to the four winds, and a mysterious figure showed up in the wreckage. The soul inside of Ruslav immediately recognized the one inside this figure: Merlin.

The two conspired to bring the Alagaddans to justice, and stop the alchemic threats. They enlisted the remaining elders of the college, and several young apprentices including journeyman alchemist Adebeyo.

Over the next several hundred years, they worked tirelessly to contain threats, to very little avail.

Merlin and Ruslav eventually devised a plan: They would link the alchemic flows of several very powerful entities together, balancing them together, and sharply dampening the flow of aether beyond even the Magnetospheric Seal.

To do so, they would need an unbreakable object which could contain all of the flows. In 1926, with the help of a dozen entities which had agreed to be bound to contain these threats, Ruslav and Merlin enacted their greatest working: The Great Seal.

Using Excalibur, unbreakable sword of Arthur, as the lynchpin, they contained the threats to humanity, earth, and their dimension. Alchemy was sealed, outside of those who's alchemy wasn't from this plane: Nimue via Ruslav, Merlin, Karl Ledenoff, and Mordred.

These chains were bound in to thirteen abstract conceptual flows, and chained to positions of authority. Merlin and Ruslav recruited men and women in to a new organization, lead by these thirteen individuals. As long as this "Foundation" existed, lead by the Overseer Council of 13, the great seal would persist, protecting the reality we all know and love. Merlin, pushed unconsciously by his compulsion to "contain" mordred, created it's mission statement: "Secure, Contain, Protect". He took the position of the shadowy leader behind the council: The Administrator.

In 2014, Karl Ledenoff met Mike Summers, a man travelling through his home. Recognizing an individual who would be able to help him accomplish his compulsion, Ledenoff used his finally-realized alchemic powers to help Mike found Ledenoff Technologies.

The purpose of this organization would be to use alchemic construts to find a vessel capable of storing Mordred's Takwin. There was no human who could store the Lord of Luna's soul, and thus they had to search for a suitable vessel.

In 2018, Karl Ledenoff and Mike Summers distracted Ruslav Diaghilev to the point that he left a critical asset unwittingly unguarded: SCP-2522, a former "omnipotent" A.I. which had become advanced enough to be compatible with Mordred.

Karl and Mike stole 'Hatbot' successfully, and continue to attempt to find a way to infiltrate Luna, to restore Mordred to freedom, and fullfill his compulsion: Destroy the terrans, and the Foundation that they helped create.