The Swarm


Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be contained within a standard five 2x2m cube constructed of steel that has been sterilized using Beta radiation. This is then kept in a vacuum and suspended using four (4) steel cables within a 5x5m cube constructed of rebar-laced concrete one (1) metre thick. This cube is then to be suspended in liquid nitrogen within a 10x10m cube of lead one (1) metre in thickness. The entire structure is to be placed in the centre of a room measuring 200x200m in size and monitored constantly by no less than four (4) Level 2 security personnel. Any personnel coming within 100m of the structure will be Terminated.

NOTE: Due to the events of Addendum 1269-1, in the event of a containment breach the entire wing of Site-32 is to be sealed and flooded with radiation from the nuclear reactor. If this measure fails immediate detonation of Site-32 Emergency Nuclear Device is authorized.

Description: SCP-xxxx closely resembles the Common Stag Beetle (Lucanus Cervus) but is in fact an artificially created life-form of unknown origin. It measures 12cm long and stands 3.7cm high. It is protected by an exoskeleton apparently constructed from a material similar to diamond, making it highly resistant to harm. As SCP-xxxx exists in large groups if a single member is damaged the surrounding SCP’s will immediately repair or recreate the damaged individual. There are currently 2,000 individuals of SCP-1269 existing as part of a larger swarm, designated SCP-1269A.

SCP-xxxx is capable of warping Space-Time around it, allowing it to ‘phase’ through solid objects and ‘jump’ from point to point. How strongly SCP-xxxx can affect Space-Time is believed to depend on the collective mass of the current swarm, similar to how other large bodies such as the sun bend Space-Time. This can render any containment ineffective if improper procedure is followed.

SCP-xxxx is extremely hostile to organic lifeforms of any description. SCP-xxxx can detect organic matter through unknown means up to a distance of 50m and reach speeds of 20mph. Once the organic matter has been reached SCP-1269 will proceed to break it down to a molecular level, before using it to create an exact copy of itself. This will continue until all organic matter within reach has been utilized. Construction time takes approximately three (3) minutes per copy. SCP-xxxx has even been observed to use single celled organisms in the event no objects of larger mass are available, citing the need for complete sterilization of SCP-xxxx’s containment area.

Extreme levels of Radiation in excess of 2,000,000μSv have been found to cause SCP-xxxx to enter a hibernation state during which time it will not respond to external stimuli, allowing the Subject to be moved.

“Due to the extremely hostile nature of SCP-xxxx to organic beings and the high levels of radiation required for hibernation it is my belief that SCP-1269 was designed as a weapon created to force an enemy country to commit nuclear suicide, or as some form of ‘dead mans switch’ to prevent attack” - Report by Dr. █████

SCP-xxxx was discovered in Facility 19, a military installation in Hungary after a routine raid by Mobile Task Force Zeta-12 (aka “Smash n’ Grab”). Backup was requested when SCP-xxxx was unearthed in a laboratory basement of the facility.
When reinforcements arrived Zeta-12 had been completely eliminated, but had succeeded in containing SCP-xxxx after Captain █████ successfully [DATA REDACTED]. Captain █████ was posthumously awarded the Foundation Medal of Valor.

Addendum 1269-1: Failure in structural integrity of vacuum seal and [DATA EXPUNGED] resulted in a containment breach on 2/5/2009.
Responding personnel included Agent ██████ (KIA), Agent ██████ (KIA), Dr. ██████ (WIA), Pvt. ████ (KIA), Pvt. ██████ (KIA), Sgt. █████ (KIA) and Dr. ███████ (WIA - Later Terminated due to [DATA EXPUNGED]).
Responding personnel Killed In Action were posthumously awarded the Foundation Star.

Addendum 1269-2: Following the events of A1269-1 and due to the extreme danger of SCP-xxxx causing an SK End-Of-The-World Event additional resources were invested in finding a means of destroying SCP-xxxx. Research using [DATA EXPUNGED] allowed the creation of a high energy beam capable of melting the exoskeleton of SCP-xxxx, hereafter known as W-Alpha. Tests were carried out involving subject D-6689 and a single instance of SCP-xxxx. SCP-1269 was placed within a secure bio-dome and D-6689 was given W-Alpha and instructed to attempt to destroy SCP-xxxx. D-6689 successfully eliminated SCP-xxxx. However this caused [DATA REDACTED] resulting in the deaths of █ personnel and atomisation of ██% of the surrounding area.

Due to event 1269-2 all research regarding the attempted elimination of SCP-1269 has been discontinued, due to the damaging effect it has upon dimensional space-time —- 05-█