Assistant Zeakeal's Sandbox

The Unlucky Disease

Item #: SCP-XXXX (this will be changed to a number once I secure one in the page)

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX can only be contained by having a specific subject infected, they can usually be randomly selected class-D as a new host, usually sent for termination and placed in solitary confinement, they must be dubbed SCP-XXXX-A
If SCP-XXXX breaks containment, the infected individuals must be killed before anyone else is infected.
If SCP-XXXX-A dies due to the effects of SCP-XXXX, a new class-D must be chosen before a non-class D is randomly infected and containment breaks.
SCP-XXXX-B is to be placed on a stand in the airlock, and is to only be used when checking if the user is infected.
The containment room for SCP-XXXX must be 9m x 9m x 9m, plain white with a toilet, desk, a chair, one single lamp in the corner of the room (secured by iron bolts) and a bed. The room must have no sharp edges, and must be supplied with clean oxygen, with anything leaving destroyed, whether carbon dioxide, skin cells or SCP-XXXX. The containment room must have a one sided window looking directly at the bed, and an easy way for getting SCP-XXXX-A into a secure transport for movement. or testing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a disease that is next to impossible to detect without the aid of SCP-XXXX-B, SCP-XXXX-B, is a pair of ordinary weighted and modified dice with no anomalous properties, that has been designed to land on 3 consistently, it also has 3 on the opposite side side to increase the chances of gaining a 3, if a subject infected with SCP-XXXX rolls these dice, they will both land on either 1, 2 or 4, 5 is yet to be acquired by someone with the disease. SCP-XXXX has a page in SCP-1025.
SCP-XXXX was found on [DATA EXPUNGED] when [DATA EXPUNGED] accidentally contracted the disease while testing on SCP-████, testing was immediately ensued before major containment breach.
SCP-XXXX is next to invisible on a microscopic scale and — is completely incurable— can be cured by dissolving the skin in acid, this usually kills people but infected stronger anomalous individuals may be cured this way, from this test we can see that the infection lies in the skin, and only the skin. a final and only way for the bacterium being stopped is from the infected individual expiring, SCP-XXXX's special abilities lie after 1 minute or less after infection. The infected individual will gain consistent and terrible luck, these can either be minuet things like tripping over seemingly thin air, catching a cold in the summer or accidentally causing the breaking of containment for multiple keter class SCPs.
SCP-XXXX must require a host, it can be anyone and usually selects them in a 2000 mile radius to the recently deceased host. The selection process is random. SCP-XXXX can infect animals but does not recognize them as a host.
SCP-XXXX is incredibly contagious, going through even the tiniest of holes in a molecular level. Most vacuumed suits designed to avoid infection are useless when avoiding this disease.

Looks into purposefully infecting problematic SCPs that have to be killed are in the works, check Test Log-XXXX for information on the progress of these tests. Testing has been halted due to Containment Breach, check Incident-XXXX-1-A