Item #: SCP-1921

Object Class: Safe Elucide

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1921 is to be held in a 4m x 4m x 4m room in secure bunker located at Site ██. It is to be placed on a pedestal located in the center of the room. Nothing is to hinder SCP-1921 while it is on the pedestal, unless needed for testing that has been authorized by at least 2 level 4 personnel. Entrance to SCP-1921 is permissible to level 3 and 4 personnel with proper clearances, though at no time must SCP-1921 be touched.

SCP-1921 is to be kept under video surveillance at all times and all abnormal movements are to be reported to Dr. ██████ as soon as they occur.

Description: SCP-1921 was first brought to the attention of the Foundation after a homeless man was arrested on the ██/██/19██ for [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1921 was found on his person at the police station and taken from him. He was extremely uncooperative with the officers, spending his time begging for the return of SCP-1921. Once returned he spent some time staring at SCP-1921, ignoring all questions asked to him. As the offices went to take SCP-1921 off the man, he pointed at Pvt. ███████ ████, telling him that he was going to be the next. The interview was ended, SCP-1921 was taken from the man, and he was placed into a cell and left. Pvt. ███████ ████ was killed during an arrest the following week. News leaked to the press about a 'homeless prophet', which alerted the Foundation and gave reason for an investigation. SCP-1921 was acquired on the ██/██/19██ by Agent █████. The homeless man was found dead in his cell on arrival, cause of death was suicide. It is unknown at this time how he had gotten his hands on SCP-1921. A background check on the man has shown [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-1921 is a Verners Pattern VIII compass with a diameter of 55mm and a width of 15mm. It is made of a stainless steel and features an embossed aluminium dial. Instead of having the numbers 0 to 340 imprinted on its face; which is commonplace for this type of compass, SCP-1921 features a highly polished and smooth black face that has two small holes; one at the top and bottom of its face. Viewable through these holes are symbols that are from a dialect we are currently unable to decipher. Each hole shows only one symbol at a time. Currently ███ unique symbols have been recorded; only █ have so far been deciphered.

On arrival at the Foundation SCP-1921's dial (hereby noted as SCP-1921-1) began to point at D-2738. A symbol also appeared in both holes of SCP-1921. These were [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-2738 was placed into the room with SCP-1921. He was asked to move counter-clockwise around the pedestal, which he did without incident. SCP-XXXX-1 followed him at all times. More tests were ran with D-2738 heeding similar results. D-2738 was thanked for his participation and was let out of SCP-1921's room. D-2738 died three days later due to excessive bleeding caused by SCP-███. SCP-1921-1 then adjusted itself to point at D-3014. Two new symbols were recorded. Further testing is needed.

Experiment 0002: D-3014 entered the room with SCP-1921. He was asked to do the same as D-2738, similar results were found. On completion of the test D-3014 was taken away from Site ██. SCP-1921-1 continued to point at D-3014 until he was approximately 2,641m away from SCP-1921 at which point SCP-1921-1 began to point at D-2996, showing two new symbols. D-3014 was returned to Site ██. When he returned within 2,641m of SCP-1921, SCP-1921-1 began to point at him and the symbols recorded prior were once again shown.

Note on #1921-B: Memo to all personnel working with SCP-1921

D-3014 passed away today after an encounter with SCP-████. SCP-1921-1 began to point at D-2996, showing the symbols recorded with the last time it pointed at her. It appears that SCP-1921 is not sentient, and does not control or cause the deaths. D-2996 is now being used for all experiments.

Experiment 0007: With the passing of D-2996 the experiment discussed in [DATA EXPUNGED] began. D-3496 and D-3513 were brought into the room adjacent to SCP-1921, bounded and gagged. At this time SCP-1921-1 was pointing at D-3513, showing two new symbols. D-3513 was then shot in the head and killed. D-3496 began to panic. SCP-1921-1 then pointed at D-3496, but while the bottom symbol changed, the top symbol stayed the same. D-3496 was then also shot in the head and killed. It appears that the top symbol of SCP-1921 represents how the person is going to die, while the bottom symbols purpose remains a mystery.

Experiment 0009: To test if SCP-1921 works on non-human life forms, a cat, dog, rat and ape were brought into the room used in experiment 0007. All were killed. SCP-1921-1 continued to point at D-5003.

Experiment 0012: As in Experiment 0007 and 0010, two Class D personnel were brought into the room adjacent to SCP-1921, both bound and gagged. It is to be noted that SCP-1921-1 was pointing to D-6375 at this time. To test if it is possible for someone else to die instead of the one designated by SCP-1921, D-6412 was shot and killed. At the time of his killing D-6375 fell to the ground, hitting is head on the table, and subsequently died. Autopsy showed that D-6375 suffered a major heart-attack seconds before D-6412 was killed, and was dead before his head hit the table. Past medical records show that D-6375 was, at time of last check-up, in perfect medical health.

Video footage of SCP-1921-1 showed that as D-6375 died, it spun to D-6412, showing two new symbols. Once he was shot it began to point at D-6508. It is now believed SCP-1921 is sentient and capable of causing deaths. Upgrade to Elucide status is pending.

Document #1921-E So far the symbols for death by 9mm gun shot, hanging, electrocution using both 80,000 and 120,000 volts, SCP-███, SCP-████, incinerating and drowning have been accounted for. The language itself is rather bizarre. It appears that each symbol represents a full sentence, not just a single word. This would mean that the dialect could have thousands upon thousands of unique symbols. Example, the symbol for death by electrocution using 80,000 volts is different to the symbol for death by electrocution using 120,000 volts. More tests are to begin soon.

Note on #1921-C: Memo
Dr. ██████, all testing that requires the death of a Class D personnel are to be stopped immediately. So far 17 Class D deaths have occurred during your experiments, only 4 of which seem to have any scientific purpose to them. Why is it needed to know the symbol for suffocation using a plastic bag or starvation? We have talked about this Dr. ██████, the Foundation is not the place for you to diverge into your fantasies. No more Class D personnel are to be used by you unless you first gain permission from me.

—Dr. ██████ ███████

Document #1921-H SCP-███ was brought into the room with SCP-1921 in hopes that it would aid us in the deciphering process. Upon seeing SCP-1921, SCP-███ began to panic. No response was given when asked why. SCP-███ asked to leave the room. This was granted after it promised to tell us the meaning of both symbols. Once exiting SCP-1921's room SCP-███ seemed much more relaxed. It stated that we were correct in our hypothesis that the top symbol represents how the person is going to die. When asked about the bottom symbol SCP-███ paused for a moment, obviously still somewhat shaken, before saying that it represented how the death could be avoided. SCP-███ refused to answer anymore of our questions and was returned to its cell. SCP-███ begged us to leave SCP-1921 alone, saying that [DATA EXPUNGED]. This is to be regarded as purely fantasy until further notice and more testing is to begin soon.

Note on #1921-F: Memo to all personnel working with SCP-1921

I want to stress that what was said by SCP-███ was purely fantasy and testing on SCP-1921 will continue. This could be one of the Foundation's greatest asset, we are not going to throw that away because of some over-the-top comments. If any personnel have worries or concerns in regards to SCP-1921 they are to come to me immediately.

—Dr. ██████

Document #1921-L After the death of D-8792, SCP-1921-1 began to point at a technician by the name of ███ █████ (from here on being known as Subject). This is the first time SCP-1921-1 has pointed at a non-Class D personnel. Subject was informed of this and was watched closely to see if knowledge of impending death had any effect on SCP-1921. Subject was not allowed to leave Site ██. It appears that Subject had formed an office romance with another technician by the name of █████ ███ and told her about what was going on. █████ ███ started to become increasingly unstable over a period of four days. At the time this was not noted and her connection to Subject was unknown.

On the ██/██/20██, █████ ███ gained access to SCP-1921. She appeared distressed and angry. She watched SCP-1921 for some time before trying to turn SCP-1921-1 to make it stop facing her lover. From the video surveillance it appears that she was unable to do so and became enraged. She picked up SCP-1921 and threw it against the wall. As SCP-1921 hit the wall █████ ███ had a stroke and fell to the ground. At this time security was informed of the breach and was sent to the location. SCP-1921 was found unharmed and was returned to it's pedestal while █████ ███ was taken to the medical bay. As of this time the right side of her body is not able to be used and she appears partly brain dead. All personnel responsible for the security breach have been demoted to Class D personnel.

It now appears that SCP-1921 is somewhat sentient and will protect itself if threaten. Upgrade to Elucide status has been approved.