Billith's Skips

Nexus #: Nx-55

Civilian Designation: Fhearann-Falamh, Scotland

Population: Unknown

Area Class: Shangri-La Dunwich

Nexus Interaction Protocol: All native inhabitants of Nexus-55 have yet to behave in a manner that implies any outward awareness of non-indigenous life whatsoever and therefore do not pose a direct hostile threat to occupied Foundation personnel at this time. Due to the anomalous nature of the land itself and its proposed correlation to indigenous civilian activity, interaction with the occupants of Nx-55 is strictly prohibited. An area 5km in diameter surrounding Nx-55 is sanctioned off with 4.5m high barbed wire fencing and patrolled by Foundation agents working with the Scottish Police Authority who are to remain under the impression that Nx-55 is the location of an unlawful disposal site of radioactive materials and unsafe for civilian passage. The entirety of Nx-55 is contained within provisional Site-34T and is equipped with closed-circuit audiovisual monitoring systems, which are to be deactivated during first signs of Convergence Events. During Convergence Events, all individuals should refrain from interacting with encountered entities, objects or spaces until an "all-clear" has been given (See Convergence Events and the Astyanax Protocol, below). Site-34T contains a gatehouse, observation post, administrative offices and personnel quarters, all of which are retrofitted with Lang-Scranton Spacial Stabilizers and hermetically-sealed atmospheric balance chambers. Furthermore, Site-34T hosts an emergency neurotoxic nerve reactant aerosol system1 to be utilized in the event of catastrophic breach or other containment failure. Means of egress from the grounds of Nx-55 should be easily identifiable through use of ground markers that are to be checked for inconsistencies daily.

Containment Facility: Site-34T

Description: Nx-55 is the designation for a patch of land roughly 2km across located within Sutherland's Grove, Scotland. The surrounding area is lush and unremarkable, with little to note aside from handmade signage and gravel roads leading into Nx-55. Signs marked in an unknown Gaelic dialect appear throughout the area up to .4km away in every direction, ultimately pointing towards the center of Nx-55.

Nx-55 bears the remains of an unidentified, abandoned village, containing several small houses, a well, and what appears to have been a small church. Exact dating of the village has proven inconclusive, with some repairs and minor structures having been constructed more recently than others.

Flora within the village differs greatly from the surrounding area, appearing almost completely barren or dead in all seasons aside from certain exceptions (See Addendum 55-2: Flora for more information). Fauna has been generally absent from Nx-55, and tend to avoid the location.

Nx-55 is subject to rapid changes in local reality, known as Convergence Events. These events always occur at night, although the exact dates and times vary greatly. These events persist until early morning, wherein they will rapidly dissipate. All Convergence Events appear centered around the church in the town center.

While Convergence Events are in effect, Nx-55 becomes unable to be properly perceived or approached from the outside. The area will appear subject to dense fog and may experience meteorological, temporal and atmospheric fluctuations. During this time, all those who are sent into the area of effect are invariably lost, immediately losing GPS positioning and rapidly losing video/audio transmission over a period of a few minutes.

Nx-55's church ruins appear integrally connected to the anomalous nature of the area. However, no current thaumaturgic methods have proven useful in reducing or otherwise altering these properties. Additionally, a region within the ruins is noted to be a θ'-Dimensional non-Euclidean topological manifold of indeterminate size2 and represents a homeomorphic non-trivial deformation in spacetime where the Hume field of the surrounding area increases exponentially as one travels along any given vector towards the center of the region. Any matter taken into the area of effect leaves the space in a greater number of vectors than entered, causing a nonlethal spacial paradox to form. For example, if a metal rod were to be inserted into the area of effect and extend through to an outer exit point, it would leave in multiple directions simultaneously unless removed from the exact location. Likewise, living entities are duplicated upon crossing the threshold of entry but are considered to be of the same base structure unless removed from the location at a different angle. Thus, this area is in direct violation of the law of conservation of mass and several well known geometric axioms of mainstream mathematics.

Addendum 55-1: Convergence

Addendum 55-2: Flora

Addendum 55-3: Inhabitants

Addendum 55-4: [DATA REMOVED]

Addendum 55-5: Additional Materials


Although it was one of his weirder days, Hux was having the time of his life.

"And you tell me they breathe oxygen now? Oxygen?"

"Correct. All terrestrial life forms on Earth require oxygen to sustain life."

"I'll be damned. Trey- hey! Trey, you hear that?"

Approaching once more from the back, Trey was not as enthusiastic about the situation. Everyone on the Stack had just woke up on the floor. No one could account for the last six hours. Hux, on the other hand, seemed to be making the best of the situation.

"What? What is it now?"

"Buddy says people on their Earth breathe oxygen! Can you believe that?"

"No, Hux, I can't believe that. Now would you come and help me with this? My head is killing me and I need to get a drink."

"Sure, sure. Everyone passes out for six hours and apparently gets, what, 'possessed'? Everyone gets possessed and the first thing you want to do is get straight back to work. Why not get the drink first?"

Trey emitted an exasperated sigh and grumbled something-or-other, turning away from him and sauntering off to retrieve a jug of coolant from a storage cabinet.

"Okay, okay, fine. You gonna be alright on your own for a while Buddy? I'd give you the grand tour but you seem pretty capable yourself."

"I am perfectly able to navigate this space on my own. Thank you for your time."

"No problem. You're not so bad, you know that? Come back anytime."

"I will return to speak with you later."

"It's a date, then. You'll find the Hub through that way over there. Those who have a little free time hang out in that space. Don't get yourself into any trouble."

"Advice noted. Thank you."

Buddy turned his metal chassis towards the back and stepped away from the two leathery humanoids.

The cool halls of the stack rumbled with commotion from deep inside. The complex was daunting, but the noise provided Buddy with a direction to follow. Passing more connecting pathways, our drone proceeded into the core, a lone sign marked in an unknown language denoting several locations.

Continuing towards the source of the noise, Buddy was greeted by another archway that led into a dark room of magnificent size. Small structures were constructed in an overlapping fashion- store fronts or something similar, emblazoned by neon blues and reds. Thousands of beings meandered through the space, loitering and eating strange delicacies that were obtained from creatures unknown. Buddy paused for a minute, his camera panning across the view, taking it all in. Almost in wonder and amazement, if the little robot could feel such a thing. Here, the culture and livelihood of the creatures in the Stack were pronounced, a heritage of such diversity it would stun the average inhabitant of Axiom-8, the planet known as modern Earth.

Buddy sidestepped foot traffic and proceeded into the Hub, many creatures failing to see the small autonomous machine. A few did, and pointed with slender digits, curiosity welling in the few who had thought they had seen everything. The tech was obviously different than that of this place, but it was not unheard of to find a robot or two in these parts. Still, Buddy's presence began to cause a stir, and, one-by-one, the inhabitants of the Stack turned their attention to the newcomer.