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Item #: SCP-2381

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-2381 is to be kept in a two (2) room cell furnished with one (1) table, one (1) chair, one (1) basic single bed and a bathroom. Outside of testing SCP-2381 is to be given no access to facilities or materials capable of being used to create machinery. A tracking device has been implanted and any faults are to be immediately reported to the Site Director. SCP-2381 is allowed to freely wander the facility with the exception of rooms containing machines as described above and eat in the main canteen.


SCP-2381 resembles a British male in his early thirties, brown hair, brown eyes, 182 cm (5' 10'') in height and weighing 73 kg (160 lbs). Expertise in the construction of electrical and mechanical devices has been shown and appears to have knowledge of how to operate all manufacturing machinery shown to it. SCP-2381 is generally friendly with Foundation staff and has taken suggestions and ideas given by Foundation researchers during tests.

When allowed access to manufacturing facilities and materials it will proceed to begin creating a device or machine, taking breaks to sleep, eat, drink and defecate. Current creations are designated SCP-2381-1 to SCP-2381-3. All creations exhibit anomalous properties and are currently under study.

SCP-2381-1 is a weapon utilised when an entity attacks SCP-2381. Appearance is similar to a conventional assault rifle, with the exception of a modified stock and a large chamber in the centre replacing the receiver. Searches have found the object seemingly disappears when not needed. See Incident Log 2381-A for more details.

SCP-2381-2 is a device created during an experiment. The object consists of a spherical centre with a handle attached at one side and a small luminescent blue orb at the other. A trigger similar to a firearm is located under the handle. Pulling the trigger while pointing the device at an object causes the user to be able to lift the object by pointing the device at it, regardless if the user is strong enough to hold the object in their hands. The user does not feel the weight of the object being lifted and testing has found that SCP-2381-2 is capable of lifting objects up to 100 tonnes. It is therefore very useful for transporting heavy SCPs short distances.

SCP-2381-3 is a 3m x 3m x 3m chamber that, when entered by a living being, the door closed and a button located beside the door pressed, greatly empowers the subjects physical abilities by 250%, allowing subjects tested to dent steel sheets, lift 200 kg (440 lbs) and run at 80 kilometres per hour (50 miles per hour). This effect lasts 2 hours. SCP-2381-3 was created when SCP-2381 was told to create an object to ''Enhance Life.''