Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There are, at present, two variations of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-01 is to be kept in a triple locked, environmentally controlled safe at Research Facility ████. The internal temperature of the safe must remain at a constant 15-16°C and less than 14% humidity to prevent deterioration. All walls of the safe are to be lined with 50mm of nonmagnetic material. SCP-XXXX-01 may not be removed from containment without the presence of both Dr. Ehman and Dr. Kraus. In the event of incapacitation or the untimely death of either party the removal of SCP-XXXX-01 may be attended by one or two Level-4 personnel with previous experience concerning the object.

Storage procedures for all instances of SCP-XXXX-02 are the same as detailed above. There are three copies of SCP-XXXX-02 in existence. SCP-XXXX-02-A is stored at Research Facility ████, SCP-XXXX-02-B at Site ██, and SCP-XXXX-02-C at ███████████. At least one copy of SCP-XXXX-02 is to remain in storage at all times. SCP-XXXX-02 may not be removed from containment without the approval of Dr. Ehman, Dr. Kraus, and two Level-4 personnel familiar with the entity.

Before any instance of SCP-XXXX is removed from its safe the internal temperature must be adjusted to that of the surrounding room at an interval no greater than four hours for every 10°C difference. During transit, all instances of SCP-XXXX are to be contained within a specialized briefcase lined on all sides with 50mm of nonmagnetic material. The interior of the briefcase must be filled with shock-absorbent material to prevent accidental damage to SCP-XXXX in the event of a fall or collision.

Each copy of SCP-XXXX-02 must be transferred to new hardware at least once every ten years to ensure compatibility with the latest technological devices.

Description: For the sake of posterity, SCP-XXXX-01’s original documentation has been provided. Slight alterations were made to maintain consistency with current records.

SCP-XXXX-01 is a 17.78 cm spool of reel-to-reel tape measuring 548.64 m in length containing 5 minutes and 47 seconds of audio recorded at 38.1 cm/s. The first 3 minutes and 10 seconds may be observed without any ill effect on the listener(s). From mark 3;11;08 to mark 4;25;05 all humans within earshot of SCP-XXXX-01 will enter an altered state defined by four distinct phases:

  • 1. A catatonic period lasting between 5-6 seconds. Subjects are unresponsive to all verbal and visual stimuli but will move if prompted by an external party.
  • 2. Subject will produce noise of non-organic origins for approx. 34 seconds. Hallmarks include metallic grinding, sirens, and radio static. These sounds are interrupted at varying intervals by the subject's nervous laughter, crying, and (on some occasions) ████.
  • 3. Subject will speak in their native language for 24-30 seconds. Their voice takes on a "layered" effect, giving the impression of multiple speakers. Phrasing varies from subject to subject, thereby eliminating the possibility that SCP-XXXX-01 contains a scripted message. (See: Addendum XXXX-01-A)
  • 4. Subject reverts to a catatonic state reminiscent of Phase 1 that abruptly ends when the recording reaches mark 4;25;06.

Personnel exposed to SCP-XXXX-01 are to be given an immediate psychiatric evaluation. Despite its nature, SCP-XXXX-01 does not appear to cause any lingering symptoms in its observers. Subjects have no memory of the altered state and cannot recall the content of the audio recording. As such, it is impossible to determine what (if anything) is recorded on SCP-XXXX-01.

Addendum XXXX-01-A: Selection from an audio recording of a routine exposure session. Participants are Dr. Kraus and an unnamed Class C personnel.


Photo copy of the original data readout, including ███ ██████'s handwritten notes.

Additional: SCP-XXXX-01 was created on ██/██/1977 at [DATA EXPUNGED] via a now-defunct SETI project. Data received from the [DATA EXPUNGED] radio telescope was processed by an ██████ mainframe computer programmed to record any frequencies with an SNR of 5 or higher. At 22:16 ███ the telescope was trained on a section of the Sagittarius constellation at celestial coordinates [DATA EXPUNGED]. A strong narrowband radio signal originating from the aforementioned coordinates was received by [DATA EXPUNGED] and lasted throughout the 72 second window the telescope observed it. The signal, registering at an intensity variation of 6EQUJ5, was recorded by the mainframe computer, resulting in SCP-XXXX-01.

Astronomer ███ ██████ first became aware of the anomaly when he was analyzing the processed data on ██/██/1977. Following SETI protocol, ██████ notified the project's Foundation contact of the discovery. A field containment team was dispatched to investigate. Upon arriving at [DATA EXPUNGED], the containment team discovered five project researchers (██████ among them) in a state of confused panic. They reported unexplained memory loss when listening to playback of SCP-XXXX-01. The team, recognizing a potential threat, confiscated SCP-XXXX-01 and all associated data. Class A Amnestics were administered to all members of [DATA EXPUNGED] staff.

Addendum XXXX-01-B:

In an effort to conserve resources, Class D personnel will no longer be assigned to the SCP-XXXX-01 research project due to a lack of variation in the purported message. Class C personnel may still volunteer to undergo an exposure session, so long as it does not interfere with their primary assignments.

Director █████

Addendum XXXX-01-C:

As of ██/██/1992 the O5 Council has voted to disband the SCP-XXXX-01 research project. Little to no new information on the anomaly has been discovered in the 15 years since the project was founded and we have not received further broadcasts from the Sagittarius constellation. Research staff studying SCP-XXXX-01 will be re-assigned to other projects. We commend Doctors Ehman and Kraus for their dedication. They will be allowed to continue working with SCP-XXXX-01, but on their own time. The anomaly is contained and the sky is silent. It's time we moved on.


Addendum XXXX-01-D: On ██/██/201█ at 24:53 ███ the [DATA EXPUNGED] recorded a high-intensity signal originating from celestial coordinates [DATA EXPUNGED]. The recording has been classified as SCP-XXXX-02.

All instances of SCP-XXXX-02 are stored on identical █████████ 500GB portable external hard drives. Each drive contains one 13.4MB WAV file with a runtime of approx. 79.2 seconds. The audio itself is a series of harsh noises that resemble [DATA EXPUNGED].

The acoustic resonance produced via playback of SCP-XXXX-02 creates a unique phenomenon in all physical matter exposed to the vibrations. The effect is variable depending upon how long a person or object is exposed to SCP-XXXX-02. Looping playback will result in the following behavior:


Still image taken from the 02-001 video log depicting the physical distortion present in stage three.

  • 1-73 seconds: No noticeable effects. Flesh, metal, wood, etc. vibrate in response to SCP-XXXX-02 but within expected parameters.
  • 74-106 seconds: An aura between 2-5 cm in width will appear around the subject. This is an optical illusion caused by the aforementioned material experiencing a surge in the speed and intensity of the vibrations.
  • 107-237 seconds: Subject undergoes heavy distortion similar to a motion blur effect. People and objects are unrecognizable in this state and cannot be communicated with. There is a 35% chance of all video monitoring feeds cutting out during this stage. The cause has yet to be determined.
  • 238-∞ seconds: Subject seemingly reverts to its original state. Communications may resume.

Human subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX-02 for more than 106 seconds must be outfitted with the proper equipment to ensure their survival. (See: Testing Protocols)

Addendum XXXX-02-A: Transcribed selection from the video log of the first SCP-XXXX-02 exposure session.

Video feed displays a top-down angle shot of a well-lit, windowless room containing a bare aluminum table and a folding chair. Subject D-17853 is seated at the table. He is a white man in his early thirties with a broad build and prison gang tattoos covering most of his visible skin. A pair of cushioned, wireless headphones rests over his ears. The brief crackle of static is heard before Dr. Ehman’s voice comes over the loudspeaker that hangs from the ceiling.

Dr. Ehman: Can you hear me, D-17853?

The man displays no reaction.

Dr. Ehman: Initiate exposure session 02-001.

3 seconds of silence pass. D-17853 jumps up, knocking over the chair in the process. He rips the headphones off and throws them across the room.

D-17853: Nah, fuck that! I’m not listening to that fucking shit!

Dr. Ehman: Please remain calm.

D-17853: How the hell can you tell me to remain calm? What I just… I don’t know where the fuck you got this track, lady, but find yourself a different goddamn guinea pig!

Dr. Ehman: Need I remind you that your eligibility for parole is dependent upon your level of cooperation with Foundation staff. If we’re forced to restrain you I am legally obligated to make note of that in my report, and – if that happens – I can guarantee you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

There is 64 seconds of silence as D-17853 stares at the headphones. He grimaces throughout the duration. The silence is broken when he growls, stomps over to the discarded headphones, and picks them up.

D-17853: You better give me a fucking glowing review.

Subject puts the headphones on and returns to his seat.

Dr. Ehman: Can you hear me, D-17853?

As before, subject displays no reaction.

Dr. Ehman: Re-initiate exposure session 02-001.

3 seconds pass before the subject becomes distraught, as evidenced by his pained expression and the nervous tapping of his foot. The next 73 seconds pass without incident. 74 seconds into the session an aura (later estimated to be 5 cm in width) appears around the subject’s body as he begins to vibrate with a constant, near-violent hum. This continues for 6 seconds before he reverts to a normal state. The subject heaves as a thick stream of drool runs down his chin. D-17853 begins to remove the headphones.

Dr. Ehman: Please hold, D-17853.

There is a long stretch of silence. D-17853 busies himself by wiping trails of drool and mucus off his lips and chin. Fluid continues to stream out of the subject’s frontal orifices despite his efforts. After 5 minutes of silence another announcement comes over the loudspeaker.

Dr. Ehman: We’re going to attempt a continuous test. Place your headphones–

D-17853: This is bullshit.

Dr. Ehman: Need I remind you–

D-17853: Yeah, yeah, I’m cooperatin’.

Subject sits upright in the folding chair and crosses his arms over his chest. His jaw clenches when playback is initiated. There is no further change in D-17853’s mannerisms until 74 seconds later. The aura reappears and his body vibrates; interrupted this time by sudden lurches. The subject’s eyes roll back into his head and his mouth is held ajar. After 16 seconds a thick mass of white foam begins to pour out of D-17853’s mouth.

At the 107 second mark the video feed cuts out. The screen is black for approx. 2 seconds before visuals return. The table and chair have been knocked over during the interim. A vaguely humanoid shape is visible in the middle of the room. The figure is caught in a temporal oddity: an apparent high velocity movement – resulting in a motion blur effect – slowed down to a fraction of the speed required for such a distortion. D-17853’s features are unrecognizable. His flailing limbs create semi-transparent trails as they pass through the air. The video feed’s counters read as normal, eliminating a technical glitch as the reason behind the physical distortion.

The shot lasts for 14 seconds before the video feed cuts out again. Contrary to the previous interruption, the screen displays white static instead of fading to black. After 20 seconds a vague silhouette appears within the static, but the outline constantly shifts and morphs, making it impossible to determine what the source image looks like.

238 seconds after playback was initiated the video feed returns to normal. D-17853 is standing in the exact center of the room. He is facing the camera, his eyes bulging as he gasps for air. The subject’s skin develops severe blisters and burns. After 11 seconds D-17853’s body begins to swell to the point where his engorged flesh rips his clothes and he loses his balance. As the subject falls a loud pop is heard.

His headphones dislodge in the impact and land approx. 1.35 m away. No audio is heard playing from their speakers. There is exactly 12 seconds of silence.

Dr. Ehman: Exposure session 02-001 concluded.

Addendum XXXX-02-B: Personnel D-17853 autopsy report.

Additional: Playback of SCP-XXXX-02 is prohibited outside of designated testing chambers that conform to the following specifications in order to ensure sound isolation:

  • Are located on the lowest level of a building or complex.
  • Framing in the walls has been decoupled. Both a floating floor and ceiling have been installed.
  • Proper insulation installed in all air cavities.
  • Electrical outlets removed and the holes sealed up.
  • At least two additional sheets of 12.7/20.32 cm drywall added to all walls and at least three added to the ceiling. Drywall and subflooring must be dampened.
  • Feature a Dead Vent system.
  • Only one entrance/exit via a pair of communicating soundproof doors.
  • Four dynamic loudspeakers mounted from each corner. All four must face the exact center of the room.
  • The room must not contain acoustic foam or other resonance-reducing material.
  • A video monitoring system mounted within soundproof antechambers in order to reduce vibration as much as possible.

Approved SCP-XXXX-02 testing chambers are located at Research Facility ████, Site ███, and ███████████.

Testing Protocols: Objects such as cameras, rovers, etc. must be built to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 2,090°C to -91°C and the presence of a vacuum.

Human subjects must be outfitted with customized ████████████ spacesuits before undergoing SCP-XXXX-02 exposure sessions. These spacesuits, in addition to the standard features, have a built-in intravenous feeding system that can supply its occupant with a full day’s worth of nutrients.

The following equipment is standard issue to all human test subjects:

  • One ████████ camera mounted to the subject’s forehead.
  • One head mounted, one shoulder mounted, and one wrist mounted LED light source that produce a minimum of 500 lumens each with a battery life of at least twelve hours. Additional power sources will provide up to forty-eight more hours of light.
  • One ███████████████ Pistol-Grip Tool and matching harness.

Weapons have proven to be both ineffective and unnecessary so long as subjects employ basic precautionary measures. Re-assessment pending in light of [DATA EXPUNGED].

All subsequent logs of SCP-XXXX-02 exposure sessions have been classified as Security Level 3.


Due to the inhospitable conditions revealed via Addendum XXXX-02-B it was decided that a non-organic subject would be used for exposure session 02-002. Project leads aim to discover the true nature of SCP-XXXX-02 by determining if the fatality was a result of the audio itself or external forces. In the event of the latter, a space probe modeled after New Horizons was acquired for both its imaging capabilities and intended use in interplanetary/interstellar space. A pre-existing sound proof chamber located at Site-27 was chosen as the testing site.

Addendum: The surveillance cameras in the chamber were mounted on the wall and subject to the same audio resonance as the probe itself.

Video log begins with an interior shot of the soundproof chamber. The room is empty, save for the space probe positioned in the exact center of the room. Microphones are muted when playback is initiated. No abnormalities are noted for the first 74 seconds. Feed is distorted as the surveillance cameras begin to vibrate at the 75 second mark. Control decides to proceed regardless.

At 107 seconds the video feed of the chamber becomes corrupted. A severe macroblocking error distorts the visuals, made worse by an infinitely increasing number of compression artifacts. By the 130 second mark the video feed is unrecognizable. Shifts within the blocks suggest the cameras are picking up movement, though the probe is unable to move from its stationary position.

At 238 seconds the feed returns to normal. Both the surveillance cameras and images received from the space probe display the same scene: a dark landscape, the only illumination provided by stars overhead. The sky lacks a moon. Limiting magnitude is calculated at greater than +6 and the arm of an unidentified galaxy is seen arching overhead. Ground is present, though no features can be noted due to the low light conditions. There are silhouettes of mountains in the distance.

360° photographs of the night sky are taken by the space probe. Later analysis revealed that none of the celestial bodies align with star maps charted from an Earth-bound perspective.

No further exploration can be made due to the space probe’s immobility. When playback is ceased all video feeds cut to the interior of the soundproof chamber. 2 minutes pass before an unidentified personnel enters the room. Video log ends.

The surveillance cameras were assessed for potential damage. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the metal parts of each camera were cold welded together; a process that can only occur in a vacuum. Testing site parameters updated in order to prevent future equipment loss.