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Item #:SCP-3402

Object class: Safe/Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3402 is to be contained in a 3.04 meter by 3.04 meter room with furnishings similar to a D class cell. It is to wear special D class jumpsuit that is purple and has a P where the D is on a normal jumpsuit. Its designation as a "P class personnel" is P-001. SCP-3402 is to comply with researchers requests. When there is a breach of any other SCP except SCP-682(see addendum 3402-a for details), SCP-3402 is designated as a Thaumiel class object and is to be used to re-secure the escaping SCP. If SCP-3402 attempts to breach/escape minimal force should be used as it has no properties protecting it from harm.

SCP-3402 is 1.8 meters tall, humanoid, male, and goes by Matthew. It has blue eyes(?) brown hair and has a bulky build. SCP-3402 is a D class personnel that was found to have anomalous properties on ██/██/2017. SCP-3402's properties are only active when another SCP is within 6.09 meters of SCP-3402. When this prerequisite is met SCP-3402's eyes begin to glow purple and the SCP that is within the radius turns a varying shade of purple (Darkest recorded being hexadecimal number #310749 and lightest recorded being hexadecimal #d69bf7) and becomes docile. While under the effect of SCP-3402 the effected SCP is friendly, cooperative, talkative, and non-threatening. There is only one recorded case where this has not happened (See addendum 3402-a).

More research is to be done on SCP-3402