Amicus' painting
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Item #: Scp-3129

Object Class:Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-3129 is to be contained in a 6 meter by 6-meter steel plated room. At least two rifle-armed security personnel are to be placed outside the room at all time. If an instance of SCP-3129-1 appears it is to be reported immediately to one of the onsite personnel. A D-class is then to be hung from the SCP-3129-1 instance so that it disappears. The amount of SCP-3129-1 is never to be allowed to reach a number higher than 7 without the permission and supervision of site Director █████████. Following Test SCP-3129-A, SCP-3129 is never to be taken apart or deliberately damaged.

Description: SCP-3129 is a drawing recovered from several members of the Friend's Of Amicus Cult (see SCP-2221). SCP-3129 depicts a naked adult female who is preparing to hang herself from a noose. The rest of the space of SCP-3129 appears to be taken up by similar nooses comprised of red and blue ropes. The drawing showed no anomalous properties at the time of its recovery from the cultists.

However, at approximately 8:00 pm on December ███, 2017, a noose similar to the colored ones in the drawing (from here on out designated as SCP-3129-1) appeared in its containment chamber. A new instance of SCP-3129-1 will appear every hour.1 When the number of instances of SCP-3129-1 reaches five, the lights in the room will start to flicker. When the number reaches six, all instances of SCP-3129-1 will start to bleed. At eight instances, the ropes will start to swing, and a black silhouette will flicker in and out of existence hanging from the ropes. When the total number reaches nine, the silhouettes will fully solidify and take on features resembling those of the woman depicted in SCP-3129 (designated as SCP-3129-2). When the instances of SCP-3129-1 reach a total of 10, remove themselves from SCP-3129-2, and start searching for a living human. (Any additional instances of SCP-3129-1 will simply spawn another instance of SCP-3129-2)

When an SCP-3129-2 instance encounters a human, it will proceed to seize the victim and hang them from an instance of SCP-3129-1. When a human has hung from an instance of SCP-3129-1 the instance and the human will disappear, which proves effective in managing the amount of SCP-3129-1 instances. However, if SCP-3129-2 hangs a human from the noose, all remaining instances of SCP-3129-1 will start spawning SCP-3129-2 much more frequently until the amount of SCP-3129-1 is brought to at least four. Upon lowering the amount to four, all instances of SCP-3129-2 and all effects of SCP-3129-1 will cease to exist.

Instances of SCP-3129-2 have shown extraordinary strength when attempting to reach their target, i.e., breaking down doors and punching through concrete and Plexiglas. However, SCP-3129-2 are still susceptible to any and all forms of harm that are effective on the average human. I.E., bullets, blades, explosives, etcetera.