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Secure instant message log between Dr. Charles Gears (Level 4) North Eastern Region Research Director, and Randall Slater (Level 3), a containment engineer stationed at Site-17 for chamber maintenance: Beginning Date: 12/31/16, approx. 3 hours prior to the 2017 Tempest Night Scenario at Site 19

Randall Slater | 11:34
Hey, Charlie. It's me. Randy.
So, this guy named Iceberg came into the engineering lab at Site-17 a few days ago on his layover to a London site and tracked me down. He said he was your assistant up north, and that you did him a huge favor and that he wanted to do one back, and said that you needed some good old fashioned human interaction with someone who knows how to interact with you. I have no idea how he knew we used to date, but people talk I suppose. Shame.
I read your most recent paper on primary Elucid containment, by the way. Really amazing stuff. I would ask how the hell you knew how to pull that off with the vacuum field, but I really shouldn't be surprised.
Anyway. I don't know if he's telling the truth. He gave me this number and said it was your new personal number. It's possible that you don't want me to talk to you at all, and that's fine. But if you want to catch up a bit, that's fine, too.
I actually might prefer it.
Also, I'll be up at 19 this spring/summer season for some Keter chamber maintenance, if you want to get coffee or something and catch up. Just throwing that out there…if you have time in your big-shot science schedule for a lowly engineer from down south, that is.
Happy New Years,

Secure instant message log between Dr. Charles Gears (Level 4) North Eastern Region Research Director, and Randall Slater (Level 3), a containment engineer stationed at Site-17 for chamber maintenance. Beginning Date: 01/1/17, approx. 14 hours following the initial breach of the site-19 Tempest Night scenario

Randall Slater | 13:43
sweet lord jesus and mary they locked everything down
We're in the evac room at 17 right now
Weve been here for 4 hours now
Theyre saying they locked down every site in the god fucking damn eastern hemisphere but how the fuck
Why the fuck
Please tell me what's happening
No one knows what's happening at 19 right now charlie its a shitshow

Randall Slater | 16:12
We've been down here 6 hours now and they just came to tell us that we're remaining in lockdown through the night
The regular servers are down? As in all of them
How can they all be down Charlie that doesn't make any sense
Nothing is big enough for that
I don't know why I think you'll respond when they say they lost power and connection with you guys 12 hours ago

Randall Slater | 01:32

Randall Slater | 06:44

Randall Slater | 10:12
We're still in lockdown but they're saying we lost two outpost sites in the arctic ocean

Randall Slater | 22:34
charlie please respond

Randall Slater | 04:59
i shouldn't have let you go there
i wanted you to stay but i shouldn't have let you go
we all knew it was a deathtrap. they always said 19 was the safest but its always been a deathtrap

Randall Slater | 12:22
i should have married you when i had the chance
you know i almost did right? i almost did
i still have the ring you know that?
we should have left when we had the chance

Randall Slater | 16:45
its too cold for the rescue teams and task forces to get up there
we've been in lockdown for three days

Randall Slater | 20:33
you know something? if i had had the balls to tell you i missed you and always had i would have but i never did
they're saying that this is a tempest night
i thought those wern't supposed to happen but i guess i always thought i would have more time to tell you i never stopped loving you

Randall Slater | 24:08
i cant believe i let you do that to yourself when i could have noticed you were having problems emoting and gotten you out of there while there was still time for you to get better

Randall Slater | 24:25
i guess it was just easier for you to work than to feel and to work than to do literally anything that you loved and easier to work than to love me or anyone or anything else and thats not a good thing charlie, they say its a good thing and they pat you on the head for it and tell you how good of a scientist you are but its a fucking sickness and if i had you here right now i would get you to a doctor outside the veil because thats just how much i care about you and just how much the foundation doesn't care. they never cared charlie. you know they didn't. it was just easier for you to pretend that they cared for you
not feeling isnt a good thing
not feeling doens't make you a good scientist
not feeling is bad charlie. its bad. it sucks the joy out of your life and makes you feel worthless and hopeless and you know what happens around here when people feel like that and honestly charlie where i come from that's called depression, not "a coping mechanism" or "fine" like the bullshit the psychs here told you.
I just turned 56, you know that? you're what, 57?
and you know what I learned recently? the foundation doesn't own you. we started here so young that it feels like they do, but they don't. you're an individual with a soul and a personality. we all are. what you do isn't just passion or drive, charlie, you work constantly and have been working nonstop for decades because you're sick and you feel like you need to work or something bad will happen.
iceberg told me to contact you because he said you needed help. like, mental help. he said youve lost weight because you throw up so often, that's how bad it's gotten charlie. i've been scared to death lately that they're just gonna find you dead on your desk. you need help.

Randall Slater | 06:56
whatever happens, just know how much i love you.
we're still in lockdown and
i don't think that's going to stop any time soon

Randall Slater | 07:14
I'm sorry.

This series is built in two parts: Desolate places and Liminal spaces. In Desolate Places, we learn about the upcoming events through a series of character vignettes; we learn about their conflicts, their motivations, and in many cases their pasts. Each of these stories also are notable in that they have an art form integrated in them; old photos into Jack Bright's, endless staircases in Charles Gears's, etc. In Liminal Spaces, the characters are thrust into the hell of the January 1st breach itself and forced to swim. All characters have a breaking point.

But we must break to make ourselves stronger.
Sometimes we break and do not recover.
Sometimes we break so we can recover.

It should also be noted that Being Human is primarily about characters and worldbuilding, not the SCPs themselves. This is intentional. It's not that SCPs will play no part in the story at all, but rather that they will take the sidelines to the characters and their conflicts. This will become, of course, more obvious in Liminal Spaces, when direct contact with SCPs is unavoidable.

For the time being, this is not a canon. It is a series hub created by thefriendlyvandal. The possibility of opening this project up to other authors will ultimately depend on the response to the series so far, but it does not meet the requirements for a canon as it is right now.


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The Starfish Revolution
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