time to sin

Interviewed: Dr. A. Clef, SCP number pending.

Interviewer: Dr. ████████ Kondraki.

Foreword: This interview took place 24 hours after the Site 17 incident. in the summer of 1999.

<Begin Log, ██-██-████, ████:██:██>

Kondraki: Clef.

Clef: Kondraki.

[long silence. Clef smiles sympathetically. Kondraki does not. ]

Clef: How's the leg? How was the assignment?

Kondraki: I'll be fine. How are the face, the eyes, the ears, and the entire body? We're still here, aren't we?

Clef: They gave me a few minutes with the pendant. Enough to heal me, not enough to turn me into The Blob. Fair enough. And what about you?

Kondraki: Shame that. It might actually improve your personality. I'm still here, too.

Clef: I've missed you too. I'm glad. It's a rough job.

[long silence]

Clef: How is the girl?

Kondraki: Comatose. Gears knocked her out on site, after she did the thing with the Dragon. They decided it was better if she stayed that way. They have her locked up in a room lined with telekill. Same as always.

Clef: Who do they have assigned to watch her? I'm…sorry you got assigned to that, Ben.

Kondraki: Valdason. It was rough. I'm glad to be back.

Clef: That poor girl. Did you go for the amnestic treatment? I know you're against meds, but I think for things like this it might be better-

Kondraki: Funny, coming from the one who tried to kill her. No. I want to talk to you about the procedure.

Clef: I wasn't talking about the SCP. …Why the hell would you want to ask me about that?

[long silence. Dr. Kondraki runs his hands through his hair. ]

Kondraki: So, why did you do it?

Clef: It was a mistake on my part. I thought that I could help contain her by… Ben. I didn't do anything. Are you okay?

Kondraki: Bullshit.

Clef: Pardon me?

Kondraki: Bull. Shit. According to the report, you're an absolute moron who screwed up so badly that he caused a major site-wide incident. But if I know you, you're not a moron. You're a sadistic, evil, and conniving bastard, but you're not stupid. you were just part of the recovery crew, but I don't see you in the logs. I can't reach the old files, and it seems to me that the reason I can't is because they've been burned, or otherwise destroyed, which doesn't make sense for such a seemingly important procedure. I can't prove your involvement, Alto. I'm not about to crucify you for something you may or may not have organized in the first place-

Clef: I never knew you cared. Are you accusing me of writing up the Montauk-

Kondraki: Cut the crap, Clef. What were you really after? Don't. Don't say it.

Clef: I have no idea what you're talking about, Konny, dear. Fuck, Kon, there's not cameras watching us, is there?

Kondraki: [raising voice] It's all too convenient. A partial voice log from your PDA that cuts out just as Lilith manages to order you to tell the truth? An emergency call that summons two other Foundation researchers onto the scene? A major security breach that causes every single SCP at that base to leave their containment cells? Massive casualties, including at least 2 SCPs, one of which we had high hopes for, one of which YOU personally vouched for? No. I mean, they are, but there's no one watching at the booth and I'll make up some bullshit to fill the footage logs, just don't…say it, you know? It's just…you understand the security risks. I just want some answers.

Clef: Do you watch cartoons, Kondraki? You should check out this show called Gargoyles, I think you'd like it… How many iterations did you see?

Kondraki: [shouting] What the hell were you trying to do? Were you trying to kill someone? Get in contact with someone? Make them put the girl to sleep? Six.

Clef: [manic laughter] Goddamn it, the Stones were right, it really is the nature of my game that's puzzling you, isn't it! If you want some kind of revenge against me, Ben, it isn't feasible. I had a limited amount of say in the development, but I don't pick who serves the time. I didn't send you there to punish you; I'm actually surprised they picked you at all, with your mental health how it is.

Kondraki: … what? Clef, I've been the director of the largest humanoid containment facility in the world for five years now, and I've been working here for longer. I've never seen such an inhumane and degrading procedure in my life, and my concern is that we don't need to do it. Have we even considered-

Clef: Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name. Look, I get it. I know. I see it too, and I guess my question would be-

Kondraki: … bullshit. You're lying. You always lie.

Clef: Yes, I do… always lie, don't I? One might even call me the father of lies, considering all the lying I do. Funny that. …if you would be willing to risk not doing the procedure, or doing less than the procedure.

Kondraki: … women hate you. So you wouldn't be willing to sacrifice your personal conception of the procedure for the potential safety and health of a young girl we've been torturing for, apparently, two years now?

Clef: Of course they do. Considering that little incident with the apple tree, I'm not surprised they still harbor some lingering resentment. It was all for the best, though… Don't twist my words, Ben. I didn't say that.

Kondraki: [speaking faster] Lilith knew you. She said you loved her. You said you never stopped loving her…

Clef: She was too good for that simpering fool. Untamed, strong, and wild, a true woman, not that whiny little submissive slut Eve. Of course, that milquetoast asshole preferred the one who'd lie quietly and take it, not the one who'd show him a… She's lying. Please, Ben, you need to believe me when I say that she is. I know it's your instinct to trust the people you protect more than you trust me, but I've seen who she is, and if you read the reports like you said you did and put the pieces together right, you would know exactly what she did to me and how she did it. You would know what was going on here. I'm not going to let you choose her word over mine when she tries to demonize and belittle me at every turn. Yes, I worked on the project, and yes, Lilith was part of the events leading up to it, and I don't know exactly what she told you about the procedure, but-

Kondraki: [faster and louder] The wood nymph . . you convinced her to flower… She said you designed it to punish the girl.

Clef: Apple blossoms, if you looked closely enough. Does that seriously not scream bullshit? Not even to you? Have you even thought about this, or did you just pull all the files you could get your hands on and a few that you shouldn't have been able to? Look at yourself, Ben. You just want to find someone to blame.

Kondraki: And Sigurrós? And am I wrong for that? I saw the procedure, and not only was I repulsed by it, but when I think about how we strive for appropriate and fitting containment protocol with humanoids I can't help but think that not only is it an embarrassment for what we do here every day, it's overkill. Even for horrendous procedures, it's overkill. You could do less. You could put her to sleep, you could use smaller instruments, you could make it less painful, you could do any number of things to make it less horrible.

Clef: Also known as the Alpha and Omega, the Great I AM… I'm still not sure what she's doing incarnating again. I mean, it basically means Heaven is empty right now, and my people are going to be storming the gates any time now. So you think I wanted it to be the way it is.

Kondraki: My god… Yes. I do. And I get it, I know what was done to you in the field over the course of the assignment. Lilith told me you were angry about it-

Clef: … is currently lying in a coma in a hospital bed nearby, yes. Helpless. Alone… completely vulnerable. Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that you think that because I was mad about what happened to me, when given the chance to contain the people that did that to me, I was angry and decided to make it as horrible as possible to punish a young child to make me feel better?

[long silence]

Clef: [manic laughter] Oh Jesus Christ, you're actually buying this bullshit, aren't you? I've been more than █████ in the field, Ben. I've been shot, I've been hit by cars, I've been mauled and drowned and god-knows-what-else for this industry, and you're going to come to me, accuse me of using something completely unrelated that by the way, wasn't for you to see, wasn't something I disclosed to you, and was just something that you found by looking through my medical files to find something to use against me, and that you took that and made it into a motive against a young child involved in the same cult situation I was? What is wrong with you? Do you seriously think I'm such a bad person that I would do that? Are you seriously convinced, based on the words of ██████████, that I'm the reason Montauk exists the way it does? That if I had to choose, not only would I choose to perpetuate abuse witnessed on the field, but that I would choose to make it worse to torture a child? That I would do that just to satisfy my ego and make me feel better? Is that the kind of person you think I am?

Kondraki: … what? [No response]

Clef: Oh god, the look on your face, it's priceless! It's better than when I told Gears that Alice had hacked my optics and convinced me to get rid of the competition! He nearly put that little monster through an MRI to check for infection in her brain before he figured out I was bullshitting him… but hell, that frigid bastard's got no emotions at all, that's not nearly as fucking hilarious as you! You should be ashamed of yourself. I know you like to be the good guy, and you like to treat the humanoids in containment with as much respect as possible, and that's commendable and I respect you for that. But you cannot take their word over mine. Let's back up here: from what I can tell, you got put on Montauk for the normal term, saw it, wanted to change it and be the hero. So you started digging through files and found that the only two people still around from that mission were me, Lilith, and my daughter. So you went to my daughter and she said she had been too young to know, and then you went to Lilith, and she told you that I was horrible to her, and that I was the reason Montauk is the way it is and that I had ample reason to be angry, and then she fed you some bullshit about what happened to me but didn't tell you exactly who did it to me or how it actually happened. Then, you make up a bullshit reason to drag me to a bullshit interview under your bullshit rules on the bullshit site you run when I was here for a conference, to accuse me of torturing a young girl in cold revenge for something that happened to me in the field that was not yours to know about in the first place. You acted irrationally. You stepped out of line and invaded my privacy. You let your passion get the better of you and you fell right into her hands because you trusted her automatically because she was an SCP. Am I understanding this correctly?

Kondraki: … YOU LYING SONOVABITCH! That doesn't change was I was originally here for, you know. My original point stands; it's wrong, it's inhumane, and we need to change it.

Clef: [manic laughter, strangled] And here's the really fucked up part, Kondraki… what if I'm lying right now? What if I did just tell you the truth before, and what you primitive apes call Heaven is currently laying wide open, ready to be stormed by my followers? What if you die, and your soul crosses the Boundary, and you find those damn artemicite gates covered with the bloody wings of the Elohim nailed to the walls? And what if I'm there, ready to lead you to your eternal reward? And what if I've got ███, and I'm showing her all the things that you'll never [DATA EXPUNGED]? My favorite part about this is that you seriously think I didn't try, and that you assume that I'm head of the project when I'm not even assigned on this site and this happened before I was in the Foundation at all. You have routes to change it and that sure as hell isn't through me. I don't want anything to do with Montauk. They consulted with me in the beginning and never did again. All I gave them was the information on the ritual as it was initially, as I recorded as an agent in the GOC at the time. Montauk is based off that ritual, but has been modified for a more sanitary and humane procedure, which by the way, I've never even seen; I've been blacklisted from the assignment draft pool because that's what I requested in exchange for the information. The last time I saw the 231 women was in the initial recovery, which was messy, but you know that. Who knows what you've seen. But you know what, it seems like you've made up your mind about me and the kind of person I am, despite me not having done anything to you, despite me not consenting to you learning that information about what happened to me there, and despite you not finding any connection between me and the sustained carrying out of that procedure. 231 and Lilith ruined my life. It's been a decade and I still haven't gotten over it, because what Montauk does most potently is destroy people. You got back- what, three days ago? You still have time to erase it, Ben, and knowing what you know about me I hope you do for both our sakes'.

Kondraki: I can't believe you didn't tell me.

Clef: Why the hell would I tell you about-

Kondraki: Not about that. About what you are.

[long silence]

Clef: So that's what this is really about.

Kondraki: I'm actually glad this came to my attention, because as a humanoid director, if I find out you're lying to me about this I can-

Clef: Ben, are you seriously fucking okay right now? You realize how insane you sound, right? Seriously, you're pulling shit out of thin air, you're not connecting things, I just don't think you're being-

[Kondraki stands abruptly.]

Kondraki: Don't lie to me.

Clef: Ben. Take it easy. Just, let's just take it easy-

Kondraki: Don't tell me to calm down!

Clef: I'm not telling you to do anything, I just don't think you're in the right mental state right now-

[Dr. Kondraki rapidly paces the room, then abruptly pauses, and slams his head into one of the concrete walls. Dr. Clef removes a cell phone from his pocket and flips it open.]

Clef: Ben, it's okay. Are you listening to me? You're fine. Just try to relax for a second.

Kondraki: Don't tell me it's okay! It's not okay! It's not okay!

Clef: I know. I know. I know. Breathe, Ben-

[Dr. Kondraki slams his head against the wall a second time. It's at this point in the interview when Medical receives a request from Dr. Clef's cell phone.]

Clef: Ben, you need to-

[Dr. Kondraki slams his head against the wall.]

Clef: Ben, please-

[Dr. Kondraki slams his head against the wall.]

Clef: Ben!

[Dr. Kondraki slams his head against the wall, then removes his service pistol from it's holster. He turns and points it at Dr. Clef]

Kondraki: Cancel the call.

Clef: What call?

Kondraki: You just called for medical. Cancel it and put the phone on the table.

Clef: I didn't-

Kondraki: Now.

[Dr. Kondraki removes the safety on his service pistol. Dr. Clef cancels the request and slowly puts the cell phone on the interragation table.]

Kondraki: I'll kill you. This is your fault. I'll kill you, I swear I will.

Clef: [No response]

Kondraki: Don't try to tell me otherwise. You did this. You did this to her.

Clef: [No response]

Kondraki: You should be in containment. You should be with the others, this was your plan all along, wasn't it? This was what you wanted?

Clef: [No response]

Kondraki: Answer me!

Clef: Ben, it's clear to me that there is nothing I can tell you that can change your mind about who I am and what I'm doing here.

Kondraki: You BASTARD! I'll kill you!

Clef: You'll never un-think it, Konny! It'll always be back there in the back of your head, nagging, nagging, tickling you, spinning around in an unending spiral… [No response]

Kondraki: [Inarticulate scream of rage.]

[It is determined that this is the point where Dr. Clef accidentally fell out of his chair and struck his head nine times against the corner of the desk, fracturing his skull and snapping his neck between the second and third vertebrae. Dr. Kondraki pulls the trigger, and the gun discharges. It is also determined that at this point, the bullet leaving the gun is halted in midair approximately six inches from Dr.Clef's face. It stays suspended in space for five seconds before dropping onto the interrogation table. Dr. Kondraki continues to breathe heavily with the gun trained on Dr. Clef. Dr. Clef appears unfazed. Dr. Kondraki then turns the gun on himself and pulls the trigger; the gun does not discharge. The bullets and their casings- presumably from Dr. Kondraki's pistol- appear arranged in a neat row on the interrogation table. ]

Clef: Are we done here? I've got one hell of a migraine.

[Dr. Kondraki walks to the table and sits down in his chair. He places the gun next to the bullets, then rubs his face.]

Kondraki: Get off my site.

Clef: Happily. See you in hell.

[Dr. Clef stands, pushes in his chair, and walks out of the interrogation room. He slams the door behind him. Dr. Kondraki remains seated for several minutes with his face in his hands, then rises slowly and pushes in his chair. When he leaves, he turns off the light. He writes a story that night that he can blame the footage on. He deletes the audio and destroys the tape. The story is an inside joke that Alto never hears, because he is now far, far away.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Clef remains in intensive care, paralyzed from the neck down. Dr. Kondraki has been cleared of all responsibility regarding the incident. Dr. Kondraki lost a good friend in the summer of 1999.