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being human

(В до́ме пове́шенного не говоря́т о верёвке)


stories about being human.

desolate places

(the mistakes we all make)

Major Tom | Jack Bright. Site-19 Site Director.

Regarding Broken Levees | Staff. Site-46.

Portraits of Your Father | Draven Kondraki. Site-17 Mobile Task Force worker.

To my staff | Benjamin Kondraki. Site-17 Director.

liminal spaces

(and how we face them)

Yom Kippur (coming soon) | Draven Kondraki. Site-17 Mobile Task Force worker. Forgiving.

This series is about people being people, making mistakes, hurting themselves and others, healing themselves and others, and overall about being human.

We must break to make ourselves stronger.
Sometimes we break and do not recover.
Sometimes we break so we can recover.

It should also be noted that Being Human is primarily about characters and worldbuilding, not the SCPs themselves. This is intentional. Many of the characters talked about are preexisting site characters and loose canons being reimagined in a more realistic way; this doesn't ultimately exclude OCs, however.

For the time being, this is not a canon. It is a series hub created by thefriendlyvandalthefriendlyvandal. The possibility of opening it up for all to contribute to isn't out of the question entirely; people are the best at writing about being people, after all.

This is a test page for a potential hub. Main sandbox here.