Picture found in the cottage inside SCP-3000. It's believed is the path to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Item #: SCP-3000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An electrified fence with motion sensors at 3m intervals has been built around the limits of SCP-3000. Two entrances, one from Site 444 and the second from the barracks of MTF Gamma-17 are the only access points to SCP-3000.

Anomalous activity detected by seismological equipment at site must be reported immediately to the director of Site 99, Dr. Alcafor. Close monitoring must be done to the electromagnetic and radiation levels after any earthquake over level 5.0 on the Richter scale occurred on the area. Earthquakes over level 5.0 will trigger an event designated SCP-3000 Enlightening which currently is impossible to contain. Civilian populace is not affected by it and Foundation resources should ensure the safety of Site 444 personnel.

A report containing information on seismological, radioactive and electromagnetic activity levels at 2 hour intervals must be delivered to Site 99 director on a bi-weekly basis. In the event of an electrical failure, emergency protocols are to be activated, with electric generators powering a backup server with the lasts 120 reports. All personnel should remain in their posts until the backup generators provide the minimal power for basic instruments to keep working.

All personnel affected by an Enlightening Event are to be given a Class B Amnestic and monitoring for psychological changes. Class C amnestic may be provided if they are transferred to any other research Site and the Foundation psychologists deem it necessary or if the researcher requests it.

MTF Gamma-17 "Dust cleaners" is in charge of clearing the limits of SCP-3000's affected area of civilians with cover stories about unstable land with risks of rockslides, however they are authorized to use lethal force if required.

Description: SCP-3000 is a spatial/temporal anomaly located at ██████████ and ██████████, México. No ownership of the land where it’s located has been found, but residents of close towns and villages claim it to be land belonging to the drug lord ████████████. Activity of minor cartels suggest this is the case and MTF Gamma-17 "Dust Cleaners" has been sent for protection of Research Site 444 and to prevent the public knowledge of SCP-3000. ████████████ must be interviewed as soon as possible once he is transferred to a maximum security prison under Foundation's oversight to determine his knowledge of SCP-3000.

When someone enters the area SCP-3000 encompasses, internal body temperature will increase at a constant rate of 1°C per 200 meters walked. Despite the affected area measuring less than █ Kms in diameter, test subjects sent with measuring instruments will travel a longer or shorter straight distance according to the time of the day. At 00:00 the reported distance is of 500 ms while at 12:00 is of ██Kms with further exploration proven impossible (information was recovered thanks to D-17521 who found the mummified remains of one of the first test subjects sent at 12:00.

This anomalous effect begins as soon as a subject enters the area, with no change in the distance if the subject waits for any period less than 11 hours or more than 13 hours. If a subject waits until that timeframe, the subject will have to travel the new corresponding distance. Robotic and laser techniques for measuring it have resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED].

There's a 0.01% chance for a subjet to experience a second anomaly, designated SCP-3000-1, where a sudden change in the area's temperature and humidity will make a heavy fog to descend upon the subject. The further the subject walks, the denser the fog will become, with any other subjects not being affected by SCP-3000-1.

No personnel affected by SCP-3000-1 have been recovered and no recovery attempts are permitted under any circumstance.

Current procedures are to prevent the entry of any civilian or individuals interested in ████████████. MTF Gamma-17 is also authorized to use lethal force in case of an Enlightening Event Phase 2 Phase 2 has yet to be documented, but Foundation's approved psychologists are to be sent to Site 444 if required immediately and/or after 72 hours of an Enlightening Event.