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Item #: SCP-3103

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3103 is to be kept within a hermetically sealed 5 m x 5 m x 5 m chamber, with the only opening being an airlock at the top of the chamber, which must be remained sealed unless an opening becomes necessary. Any personnel coming into contact with SCP-3103 should be equipped with sealed bio-hazard suits with their own oxygen supply. These suits should be thoroughly cleaned as soon as the wearers exit SCP-3103's chamber, to avoid any particle of SCP-3103 spreading. To allow this, its airlock has been fit with two high powered water sprayers.

Description: SCP-3103 appears to resemble traditional sand, made up of rounded quartz grains. It was found in the ██████ Jungle in ██████. The sand has tested positive to the presence of microorganisms, who's behavior is consistent with ██████. The sand itself is constantly wet, even when left in dry places for extended periods of time, giving it the qualities of quick sand. Quick sand is known for its ability to envelop living creatures and suffocate them. Usually this requires the sand to be at least as deep as the object placed in it, but this is not the case with SCP-3103. Currently, SCP-3103 has a total volume of of 2.39 m³, however because of its ability, the density does not matter.

SCP-3103 will quickly consume any flesh it comes into contact with, pulling it into its mass to digest it it quickly. Otherwise, it will slowly move up and spread around it. Every time SCP-3103 is "fed", it will grow to the equivalent mass of the edible portions of its food. Any bones, or material it deems indigestible will return to the top of the sand, sitting until it is collected. SCP-3103 will attempt to push it away, presumably out of its pit (where SCP-3103 was naturally found), but due to the nature of the containment it is in, it will only push them into the walls.. SCP-3103 is relatively harmless to anyone wearing proper protective gear, and can even be walked across if the user makes no attempts to actively sink in.

SCP-3103 rarely moves, however, on ██/██/19██, it was observed probing the walls of its containment cells. Presumably looking for leaks, since then it has been observed doing this multiple times a year. SCP-3103 seems to be able to collect and disperse at will. This allows it to push its entire mass through small gaps. SCP-3103 however has shown signs of actively trying to stay together, often pushing towards the direction of it's other parts when separated.

SCP-3103 has shown some signs of intelligence, moving to collect food and actively moving to any breaches in it's containment. SCP-3103 also appears to be somewhat sentient. Its primary form to lure prey in is to expel valuable objects from previous prey into the top of it's mass, which usually attracts persons interested in such objects. During a containment breach SCP-3103 will seek any food it can find, and can often be found raiding any nearby kitchens or D-Class holding areas. In the event of a breach, security personnel with full body protective gear should be administered with industrial strength vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have been modified to be hermetically sealed when turned off, and when turned off have enough suction to keep SCP-3103 in containment.