TheHalfBit's Sandbox


Idea 1:
SCP capable of creating opposite-versions of other SCPs it comes near?

Interesting combinations with some SCPs: 173 can only move while it is seen, 106 causes things to renew, rather than degrade, etc. Probably a Euclid SCP. could make for decent 'documents' of experimentation
Good for most usually negative SCPs, bad for most usually positive SCPs.

Would only be a good SCP if 'done right,' I could easily muck this up once and if I write it up :/
I can't imagine any negative effect from this SCP (this may not be a direct con after all, 173 being able to suddenly move whilst seen is a very, VERY bad thing), Containment procedures makes this thing safe, despite it needing to be Euclid, (perhaps make it able to move? maybe make the SCP a living being?)

Idea 2:
SCP headlamp that when turned on in darkness causes paranoia relative to the brightness the lamp emits? (5 notches, first notch; voices from behind SCP xxx-1 (wearer); second notch, shapeless bodies just on corner of vision in addition to first effect, disappear when xxx-1 turns around; third notch, in addition to 1 and two, everything beyond the light emitted is pitch black; fourth setting: in addition to 1-3, blood streaks on clothing of subject and on nearby walls and wherever the light is pointed; fifth setting, either mystery (Data Expunged or similarly redacted), or actual mental memetic or physical pain caused to subject, ending in termination when xxx-1 does something to kill themselves, or are caused to die from shock, or go insane and are terminated by MTF or other security personnel)

Edit: memetic effect that causes xxx-1 to want to increase the brightness and turn up notches because subject is scared of the effects? "Oh no, dark voices, better turn up the light" which leads to worse things, which causes subject to turn it up more.

Safe or possibly Euclid SCP, easily containable (reason for it possibly being safe - easy to predict, same thing happening each time in the same way, easily avoidable.) Perhaps used in tests and in conjunction with another SCP that causes hallucinations would be interesting. (like 087, the combination would make for a very, very mentally straining experience)

effect too similar to many other SCPs, primarily 087. can't think of any other cons.