A Lovable Child.
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained at all times in a 6.096x 3.048m room, in turn located within a 100 by 100 ft enclosure composed of concrete and reinforced steel supports. The secondary enclosure is also reinforced by hermetic sealing, to further hinder SCP-XXXX-b in the scenario of an escape attempt. Researchers must observe all occurrences within both spaces with digital surveillance, provided by discreet cameras placed in the walls of each room. A single door will lead into the enclosure, through which authorized personnel with appropriate protective measures will enter at the designated times.

The immediate enclosure is to mimic the appearance of a typical nursery, complete with toys, a mobile, crib, and diaper station. Every hour, save for two months at the end of a five-month interval in the year, one Class C personnel member chosen to care for SCP-XXXX is to enter the enclosure, in order to feed, entertain, or otherwise maintain the health of the specimen. Class C personnel are under no circumstance allowed to remain in the area for a period of more than an hour.

Every five months, one Class D personnel member will be chosen to care for SCP-XXXX for a period of two months. Subject will be left alone until SCP-XXXX-b’s method of “feeding” is complete, after which their body will be disposed of.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a human infant, roughly one week old in appearance, and of apparent North American indigenous ethnicity. SCP-XXXX has a dark complexion, black lanugo hair typical of premature infants, and brown eyes. No physical abnormalities have been observed during the number of examinations of SCP-XXXX.

The Subject’s anomalous attributes become apparent when in close proximity to any human above the age of sixteen. SCP-XXXX seems to have a preemptive knowledge of anyone’s presence within a range of fifty feet of itself, even when these individuals are obscured from its line of sight by walls or other barriers. SCP-XXXX will begin to cry hysterically as soon as it senses the approach of any such individuals, drawing them to itself, after which point it will continue to cry for a period of one hour. Subjects typically tend to embrace the infant at this point, searching for a means of helping it.

If subjects remain in close proximity to SCP-XXXX for more than an hour, they will begin to grow increasingly attached to the baby, to the point of deciding on a whim to adopt it as their own. They will attempt to bring SCP-XXXX to their place of residence, where they will adopt the role of a parent for the child. Interestingly, while SCP-XXXX’s effects on the human conscious apply to both males and females of the species, females undergo a much more radical change after a week caring for the child. Women will begin to lactate as if they were pregnant, providing an ample supply of nutrients for the child, and will become much more hostile to anyone approaching it, excepting their significant others, who are assumed under most circumstances to be just as enthralled by SCP-XXXX. Over a period of three weeks, these subjects, regardless of sex, will begin to grow more obsessed with caring for SCP-XXXX, to the point of isolating themselves in their homes with the child. Their health will rapidly deteriorate from that point on, even if they have access to a sufficient quantity of food to sustain them for long periods of time. After two months of remaining in the proximity of SCP-XXXX, Subjects will drop dead from a combination of malnutrition and exhaustion. SCP-XXXX will then wait patiently for another subject to arrive, before starting the cycle anew.

The anomalous effects SCP-XXXX has on subjects were initially thought to be the product of latent psychic powers, similar to those individuals the Foundation has designated as “psychic vampires”, or individuals who feed on the life essence of others through psychic means, in order to sustain their own. However, examinations performed by the Site-88 residential Psychic Evaluation Team determined that SCP-XXXX is not the direct cause of these effects. The direct cause was determined after only a short period of examination to be another entity entirely, hereby referred to as SCP-XXXX-b.

SCP-XXXX-b is an incorporeal being, seemingly latched to SCP-XXXX via unknown means. The behavior of SCP-XXXX-b has indicated that it is entirely preternatural, lacking any human intelligence or even moderate sapience (further analysis has indicated SCP -XXXX-b is more intelligent than previously realized. Please see Addendum XXXX-1b and Addendum XXXX-3a for more information). Any cognizance displayed by the entity appears to be entirely focused on consumption of nearby human life, excluding SCP-XXXX itself. It has not been observed to move beyond a fifty-foot radius from SCP-XXXX, though it is capable of moving through any and all materials otherwise obstructing its way. Its seemingly unbreakable attachment to SCP-XXXX means that containment has proven to be relatively easy to maintain (This evaluation has proven to be incorrect, following the events of Addendum XXXX-1b and Addendum XXXX-3).

SCP-XXXX was recovered from the apartment of Mr. and Mrs. ████, in Seattle, Washington. Both parents were found in advanced states of decay by their neighbors, though they had been observed only to days before in their hasty trips downstairs to collect mail. Neighbors who were interviewed claimed the couple had undergone a vast change in personality and body type over a period of two months, shortly after they had adopted SCP-XXXX. The neighbor who had found their bodies, Mr. █, was found to be incredibly protective of SCP-XXXX, and had to incapacitate and administered class B amnesiacs before SCP-XXXX was taken from his possession.

Addendum 3352-1a: In the first year of containing SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX-b’s influence of the environment was noted to increase markedly over a period of five months. Initially beginning as the nudging of small objects across surfaces, the specimen’s powers escalated in scale to the point of lifting SCP-XXXX’s crib one foot in the air. Fearing possible harm to SCP-XXXX itself, researchers at the time introduced a D-Class personnel with no recorded hostility towards children. After the time taken for SCP-XXXX-b to feed on said personnel, all exaggerated actions towards its immediate area ceased. It should be noted that in all this time, SCP-XXXX’s apparent age has never increased, remaining similar to a one-week-old infant. Further tests to gauge SCP-XXXX-b’s strength and SCP-XXXX’s biology have been approved, and will begin as soon as possible.

Addendum XXXX-1b:On 12/26/20█, experiments began in order to test the maximum extent of SCP-XXXX-b’s strength. As physical control over its environment seemed linked to the time in which it was denied food, researchers postulated that SCP-XXXX-b responds primarily to agitating factors. Various experts on ethereal entities were called in to test SCP-XXXX-b’s reaction to certain stimuli, such as religious rituals and iconography, fluctuations in electromagnetic frequencies in its area, and the introduction of other psychic forces into its vicinity. No reaction to the first two stimuli was noted, eliminating any possibility that SCP-XXXX-b is a demonic entity. Upon introduction of a Tier-2 telepath, Dr. ██, and his assistant Dr. Tàishǐ, in order to establish contact with the entity, the following was recorded:

Addendum XXXX-2: After looking over all recorded instances of SCP-XXXX-b exerting control over both personnel and objects in its environment, it was concluded that no further attempts to aggravate the entity or otherwise attract its attention should be made. Instead, research began on SCP-3352 itself, to determine what ties it to SCP-XXXX-b. Initial attempts to extract blood and DNA sample, however, proved to be useless, as any attempt to inject foreign objects into or otherwise experiment upon SCP-XXXX were nullified by SCP-XXXX-b’s influence over their attitudes. Request for the usage of Telekill headgear as in the manner of interacting with SCP-239 is currently under consideration.

Addendum XXXX-3a: Approval to use telekill headgear by a single Class D personnel member was immediately followed by application of the proposed plan. Personnel entered wearing headgear with the minimal amount of SCP-148 required. As soon as they entered into SCP-XXXX-b’s area of influence, digital monitors picked up increased signs of agitation in SCP-XXXX-b. Objects were fiddled with, and began to be flung across the room as personnel came closer. Once they entered a distance of 4.3 meters, SCP-148's effects nullified the powers of SCP-XXXX-b, allowing for the safe collection of saliva and blood from SCP-XXXX.

Upon exiting the previously mentioned 4.3 meter distance, the western wall of SCP-XXXX’s primary enclosure was blasted apart. Debris comprised of wood, plater, and brick was suspended mid-air for a period of five seconds, before being violently thrown towards the Class D personnel. The personnel member in question was promptly killed when one piece of debris impaled them through the chest cavity, rupturing their heart and lungs.

No attempt was made to retrieve the body and equipment of said personnel until all signs of activity by SCP-XXXX-b ceased. The vial of blood they had been carrying was shattered, but the materials used to collect SCP-XXXX’s DNA were still intact, and safely recovered. SCP-XXXX was moved to its current enclosure, enforced with stronger materials and hermetic seals, where it has remained to date. SCP-XXXX’s Object Class has been requested by researchers to be upgraded from euclid to keter.

Researcher’s Note: *SCP-XXXX didn’t cry during SCP-XXXX-b’s apparent tantrum. Neither has it had any emotional response to stimuli other than the presence of an unprotected human being. Perhaps psychological evaluations should be put in place to gauge SCP-XXXX’s emotional stability? After all, we don’t know how old it really is.*

Addendum XXXX-3b: The genetic composition of SCP-XXXX has since been confirmed to not match any known human ethnicity, despite outward appearance. This, along with SCP-XXXX’s behavior around and away from human individuals, has raised arguments for reclassifying both SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-b as a singular entity.