Item#: SCP-xxxx
Object Class:Euclid Safe Euclid

Containment Procedures:
Item is to be kept within a 3m x 3m x 3m glass cube within a concrete unit. Object is not to be removed, tampered with, or experimented on without authorization. We are all looking at you, Dr.Bright (For other things Dr.Bright is restricted access to, look at: Things Dr. Bright is not allowed to do in the foundation). Object is currently located at Site-361.
Object is to be only approached by researchers, in full protective clothing. Secrecy is to be kept around reasons for transfer of SCP-xxxx. If item begins to display signs of hostility or frustration, the item is to be returned immediately. Item is not to be handled by D-Class personnel with a violent past, due to possible worsening of their psychiatric condition.
Not following said protocol will result in a harsh reprimand as item has possibly debilitating abilities involving the cerebrum of its 'victims'.
Due to its possible sentience, this item is to be treated as such, in compliance with protocol regarding sentient SCPs.
Item is a titanium oxide cube-like totem, possibly of religious significance. It is approximately 6cm in height and weighs approximately 13kg. Nicknamed "HoloCube" by the science fiction fans among the reasearchers, this item has the unique ability to 'read' people's minds and then simultaneously project what they're thinking2. The item is inscribed on all six faces with a form of Summarian writing pre-dating Cuniform. The meaning of the symbols is unknown, but comparison is being done with the other objects found within the same area. Research is being done into the area of using this item to understand other SCP, such as SCP-0893.
The item was found during an archeological dig in the vicinity of Jericho, in Palastine on xx/xx/20xx. It was discovered alongside objects of clay and precious metal. Two other clay tablets found with HoloCube had similar inscriptions, and thus are being used for comparison with the item.
The item emits low levels of microwave radiation, but not enough to harm personnel, SCP, or its containment area. Potential use of this SCP as an energy source are being done, but are still in progress, due to the unknown origin of the radiation.
This item has possible psychiatric powers, and incidents have been reported of hallucinations caused by prolonged exposure to SCP-xxxx. All staff reporting hallucinations or other mental illness report to psychiatric ward for treatment.
Whether or not this item is sentient is still under debate, but is to be presumed intelligent.
Since containment of the HoloCube, some anomalies have occurred during testing and research of the item. They are as follows:

  • On xx/xx/20xx, testing to see if this item was sentient ended when holograms violent and pornographic in nature started to be projected following a D-Class personnel transfer when the HoloCube began to transmit thoughts from inside the minds of said personnel. The HoloCube has since been relocated to a more remote unit due to its suspected increased range from what was first observed.
  • On xx/xx/20xx, when [DATA EXPUNGED], failure of D-Class personnel resulted in the deaths of 3 D-Class personnel, due to suicide and homicide. Since, due to possible signs of intelligence, this item has been re-upgraded back to 'Euclid'.

1: Due to possible exposure to violent-minded SCPs and personnel have led to a request for transfer of this item.
2: This has possible use in interrogation and data collection. Currently being researched.
3: When tests were carried out on SCP-089 using SCP-xxxx, [DATA EXPUNGED].