Item #: SCP-196

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the recent conclusion of experiment ██████, Dr J█████ has requested a higher level of containment for SCP-196's side effects.

Personnel that enter SCP-196's containment must be under orders from Dr J█████ Dr M██████, SCP-196 does not need surveillance or any kind of high level security however the door and the walls of the containment room must be made of lead.

Description: SCP-196 was moved to containment in March 2012, It's origin is unknown.

SCP-196 is not known to be animate and is of no great threat to any personnel in the vicinity.

Dr J█████'s research notes indicated that SCP-196 is a mineral that gives off some form of hallucinatory radiation, the hallucinations that the mineral emits do not have any similar effects to psychedelic drugs.

Dr J█████'s notes refer to his experiment, the subject that sees this mineral will not remember seeing the mineral the second that they look away, upon asking the subject to describe the mineral the subject fell into cardiac arrest.

More research is required to determine future containment procedure.