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Item #: SCP-2293

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2293 is to be contained in a modified humanoid containment cell. All of the surfaces within this cell are to be padded. SCP-2293 is to be provided only with forms of entertainment on the list of approved forms of entertainment1 (See below). SCP-2293 is always to be accompanied by at least two Security Officers at all times. Personnel are recommended to avoid mentioning spouses, businessmen, and mental disorders around SCP-2293, as this can trigger an emotional breakdown. (See Addendum 1).
Approved forms of entertainment include:
A jar of coins for SCP-2293 to sort.
Graph paper and a pen pencil crayon to fill it in with.
A standard cardboard jigsaw puzzle.

Description: SCP-2293 appears to be a 30-40 year old physically healthy white human male. SCP-2293 appears to have no unusual physiological characteristics. However, SCP-2293 seems to suffer from severe schizophrenia. Subject spends the majority of it's time in a catatonic state. A substantial amount of the time SCP-2293 is conscious SCP-2293 appears to have both visual and auditory hallucinations.

SCP-2293 was recovered from the ████████ asylum. SCP-2293's anomalous behavior became apparent when Agent ████, who was visiting an ex-colleague, noted that SCP-2293 made a statement about a personal event in Agent ████'s life. When the Agent inquired about SCP-2293's knowledge about about this event, it was revealed SCP knew every detail about said event, even some Agent ████ could not recall. Agent ████, realizing SCP-2293's anomalous nature, immediately contacted [DATA REDACTED].

It was originally believed that SCP-2293 was capable of reading the thoughts and memories of various individuals, however, upon further testing, it was revealed that SCP-2293 expresses a large amount of knowledge about any subject matter it is interrogated about. This appears to apply to all subject matters, regardless of any logical limitations. A list of tests verifying this ability are listed in Document-2293-36A.

Other than complications caused by SCP-2293's mental condition, SCP-2293 appears to be cooperative in all tests and interrogations.

Document-2293-36A: A sample list of tests performed on SCP-2293. Chosen for their relevance to discovering the nature of SCP-2293's anomaly:

Addendum 1: During an interview where SCP-2293 was being interrogated about the origins of his anomalous effect, SCP-2293 had an emotional breakdown before going into a catatonic state. Interview log below: