Theodore sora
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^^ a photo of SCP- XXXX found in the archive ^^

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:When a D class personal has been used in a test involving SCP- XXXX the D class personal's legs are to be removed from the knee down before they leave the testing area.

SCP- XXXX is to be stored in a lowered surface of at least 1m x 1m x 1cm at all times.
If a test is required of SCP- XXXX, a pre-prepared chamber is to be lowered into SCP- XXXX's pit
When the test has ended SCP- XXXX is to be lured back out of the chamber using live bait [there shall be no attempt to save the live bait.]

Under no circumstance is plumbing or pipe work to be placed within the reach of SCP- XXXX.

Description: SCP- XXXX has the basic physical properties of a mustela altaica mountain weasel it is 230mm from head to tail and weighs 9g. SCP- XXXX's fur is green in colour. It has experienced a severe wound to its chest area, exposing its organs. This does not appear to effect SCP- XXXX. Although SCP- XXXX is a mustela altaica mountain weasel it has the DNA of an unidentifiable human.

SCP- XXXX lacks the ability to raise its legs over 5mm and thus is incapable of escaping from its pit without assistance. SCP- XXXX moves at speeds of up to 768mph.
SCP- XXXX is dangerous and can kill anything on the same surface as it, however it is more known for taunting its prey.
SCP- XXXX removes the toes of its pray before killing it

Test A - 9/██/██

Procedure:Reaction to stimulus:radio
Results:D-117 operated the stimulus, much later SCP- XXXX went to sleep between D-117's legs
Analysis:SCP- XXXX appears to want attention when it kills

Test B - 10██/██

Procedure:Reaction to stimulus:D-343
Results:D-343 had direct eye contact with SCP- XXXX through out the test, SCP- XXXX removed D-343's toes through his footwear one at a time, when D-343 ran out of toes SCP- XXXX finished D-343 off
Analysis:SCP- XXXX appears to want the maximum amount of attention before killing its prey

Test L - 20██/██

Procedure:Reaction to stimulus:Spas 12 loaded with blanks [unkown to the shooter]
Results:D-231 could not locate SCP- XXXX, shortly after D-231 left the testing area SCP- XXXX was found in office block 5
Analysis:SCP- XXXX seems to have the abilities to be transferred onto another surface by human legs

Addendum: SCP- XXXX was discovered upon the fixing of a filing erorr. It appeared to have been in the foundation for five months without any members of staff noticing. It is unkown as to how SCP- XXXX was captured [if it was captured].

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^^ english moth ^^

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- XXXX is to be kept under constant UV light and surrounded by bug zappers.
Those infected with the SCP- XXXX virus are to be kept under surveillance and quarantined for 3 days and are not allowed interaction with uninfected staff.

Description: SCP- XXXX is the corpse of a serial killer known as the “screaming moth man”. SCP- XXXX has steel bars prising its mouth open. SCP- XXXX produces one English moth from its throat once a day. The moths that SCP- XXXX produces usually collect in the mouth and are unable to leave due to the steel bars found screwed into SCP- XXXX gums.

When these English moths are extracted from the throat via a zipped hole made by the foundation they appear to be carnivorous and carries the SCP- XXXX virus.
When a human subject is infected with the SCP- XXXX virus they produce steel bars similar to those in SCP- XXXX, from there gums after 24 hours of infection.
The steel bars should not be removed. Removing the steel bars causes permanent brain damage in the infected as well as extreme pain and loosened bowels.

The infected also rapidly produce English moths from the throat, collecting in the mouth that also carries the SCP- XXXX virus. It is common for the English moths to force the infected to gag then vomit.
After 48 hours of infection the steel bars fall out of the subjects mouth and they also stop producing moths. the tissue damage in the infected gums and lips is not permanent but can leave scars. When a previously infected subject is no longer infected it is possible for them to be reinfected.