Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No Foundation employee is to enter or stay within 100km of an instance of SCP-XXXX-A. A unit of Distributed Task Force Etymon-23 ("Trope Deconstructors"), is to be stationed in a location close to each instance of SCP-XXXX-A. At least one special agent treated with a Class R cognitive inoculation is to be embedded within any library nearby an SCP-XXXX-A instance and is to render any discovered descriptions of SCP-XXXX eligible. In the occurrence of a Radix Event, DTF Etymon-23 is to quarantine SCP-XXXX-A to prohibit any external forces to enter SCP-XXXX-A. The interior of the area is to be monitored by at least ten drones. A KINE-Class counterconceptual network1 is to be established to prevent civilians to enter or perceive the affected location at its current state. In cases where a Radix Event resulted in significant damage to any infrastructure within SCP-XXXX-A or the death or serious harm to individuals within the location, Class A amnestics are to be distributed and a cover story is to be disseminated. Hume levels are to be restored with procedures described under Recontainment Policy Brilas-20. One uncensored description of the ritual in SCP-XXXX including the list of materials is to be stored in a High-Security Record File in Site-44. Access to the file is limited to Level 4 personnel and higher. No experimentation utilizing SCP-XXXX is allowed.

Update 06/14/20██: DTF Etymon-23 is to also prevent any entities2 from leaving SCP-XXXX-A. If a large population of individuals and/or SCP-XXXX-B instances manages to leave the area encompassing SCP-XXXX-A, Emergency Protocol Rakonto-8030 is to be implemented.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an inscription that randomly appears in non-fiction books on the subject of anthropology and sociology in public libraries with its content distributed among various pages. Each instance of SCP-XXXX is written in the most frequently used language of the area of which the library is located in. The inscription in-question contains a cognitohazard that if exposed to will cause a subject to gain immediate knowledge of a ritual, designated as Anomalous Procedure 224-Ridax, which allow motifs5 from an example, or examples, of myth, legend, fairy tale, fable, or epic poem from the folklore6 of any origin to manifest itself in baseline reality. When exposed, the subject will develop a desire to carry out AP 224-Ridax and will formulate a personal reason to do so. What is not learned is that the ritual can only conduct the intended effect within certain locations, henceforth classified as an instance of SCP-XXXX-A. The exact range of SCP-XXXX-A varies from each manifestation ranging from the boundaries of a human settlement to a portion of a geographic region. Why SCP-XXXX doesn't provide knowledge of this provision is unknown. If done correctly, Anomalous Procedure 224-Yolen will cause a Ridax Event, a Class-V Ontological Modification specifically created to allow a number of motifs from the example, or examples, to occur. In a Ridax Event, the area within SCP-XXXX-A will undergo significant alterations to surrounding Hume levels and the behavior of its population. This has included dramatic changes to the geography and climate of the area, a greater acceptance to certain forms of government among human populations, an increase of Elan Vital Energy in living organisms, and manifestations of SCP-XXXX-B instances and other anomalous entities. Individuals in SCP-XXXX-A who witness the effects of an event will not react with surprise and instead assume these occurrences are normal.

An instance of SCP-XXXX-B designates an entity which manifests during a Ridax Event to facilitate a motif. For a list of understood instances, see below.

SCP-XXXX-B-1 are humanoid entities measuring at an estimated height of 2.7m and a weight of approximately 250kg with the capability of biting with a force of 17,800 newtons. Instances have also been seen to possess primarily canine teeth, extensive body hair, and one or two horns similar to that of bovids. Besides these characteristics, instances are morphologically similar to Homo heidelbergensis. All instances of SCP-XXXX-B-1 encountered have shown chronically violent behavior and malicious intent towards humans, adolescents in particular, of which are usually used as a primary source of food or pressed into enslavement. Instances have, however, shown to possess below average intelligence, little problem-solving skills, and notable gullibility.

All entities inside of the affected instance of SCP-XXXX-A, including SCP-XXXX-B instances, during a Ridax Event, are appear to be unwilling or unable to exit the location and interact outside of it(See Incident.XXXX.1).

A Ridax Event occurs between a range of twenty-four to thirty hours, after which all ontological changes as a result of the event are reversed and all SCP-XXXX-B instances dematerialize. Individuals who have initiated SCP-XXXX or were located in SCP-XXXX-A when a Ridax event takes place will not recall any memories of the event. Changes brought on by sources besides the Ridax Event shall remain.

Addendum.XXXX.1: SCP-XXXX was discovered on 05/08/1979 when Kant counter test at Site-70 at 05:00 am CST have detected significant Hume background level alterations in Rural Municipality of Corman Park No. 344 and the enclaved cities of Warman and Martensville in Saskatchewan Province, Canada. At the initial response to the alteration, Mobile Task Force Omicron-53 ("Startled Polarians")9 was dispatched and soon forced into combat with a hostile makeshift army composed of civilians from the town of Dalmeny. The crowd was dispersed but MTF Omicron-53 was soon attacked by a large SCP-XXXX-B instance with the appearance of a gargantuan Naja haje. The encounter resulted in the death of task force commander and the withdrawal of MTF Omicron-53. The area encompassing the municipality was then placed under emergency quarantine until Hume levels returned to normal levels at 01:00 am on the next day. The following investigation led to the discovery of CCTV camera footage from the Walter W Brown High School shown a masked figure conducting the ritual from SCP-XXXX from a book near the school's entrance. A further investigation revealed the individual to be Robert ████, a student of the high school who claimed to have found SCP-XXXX written in the school library's copy of "The Social Construction of Reality" and has done the ritual as part of an elaborate prank on the school faculty and was unaware of its properties. ████ was administered Class-B amnestics and the book in question was confiscated.

Addendum.XXXX.2: The following is a transcript of an SCP-XXXX instance;

Work, community, the home, and crime have all grown and molded over years of activity. [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED], tales went through the same changes as government or etiquette. There are many things older than dirt. Everything comes in threes. The wish-granter is over there! A setting is usually just one city. They don't know that stories affect everything from lifestyles to new ideas. A good way to make them realize this is to bring those stories to them.

A subject exposed to SCP-XXXX will gain knowledge of the necessary materials needed for AP 224-Ridax. The material described are;

  • At least 200mg of salt
  • At least 200mg of wood ash
  • A sharp object that can be utilized to draw blood
  • Any number of written pieces of folkloric tales
  • A drawing representing the cardinal directions10
  • 1g of ████
  • One gemstone of any type
  • Three █████
  • Either hair from a feline or canine of any amount, five feathers from any avian species, or ███████

SCP-XXXX later describes the procedures of the ritual as written;

  • Bring your materials to an outside environment
  • Place the handfuls of salt and ash parallel to each other. Remain in front of them
  • Place the two pieces of ████ in front of the handfuls. Wait until they ███████████████ before you go to the next step
  • Place the tuft of fur, five feathers, or ███████ behind you
  • Place the crystal to your left
  • Place the three █████ to your right
  • Hold the drawing of the cardinal directions in your left hand
  • Hold the sharp object in your right hand. Use it to make a cut in your left arm. Don't worry if your blood █████████████████████, that's supposed to happen.


Addendum.XXXX.3: Below is a list of SCP-XXXX-A and a description of their initial Ridax Event manifestations and dates. For a full list of Ridax Events see Document XXXX-293.

SCP-XXXX-A Date of initial Ridax Event Ridax Event description Notes
An area consisting of Rural Municipality of Corman Park No. 344 and the cities of Warman and Martensville. 05/08/1979 Unknown Robert ████ used a copy of Tales from the Thousand and One Nights for the ritual.
Iawte Prefecture, Japan 11/23/1979 Over the course of twenty-eight hours, thirty-four people materialized in various locations in the city of Hanamaki. Each individual claimed to have been from various neighboring cities and towns who, while in an outdoor environment, were suddenly transported to an area of wilderness to that of the subprefecture that had no sign of human presence with the exception of a cobblestone road. In this location, each person walked down the road in hopes of leaving the area. Each person also claimed to have sighted numerous humanoid entities displaying avian or chiropteran characteristics flying overhead, herd roaring from an unseen source, and discovered an anomalous object of which they possessed at the time of their materialization. These items include self-playing instruments, pieces of wood that generate heat, and pillows that levitate 1.2m from the ground. The anomalous objects were recovered and designated as anomalous items and placed into containment. Two individuals, Akemi ███████ and Hisa █████████, admitted having discovered an instance of SCP-XXXX and conducted the ritual to see if its effect would activate. For the ritual ███████ used a written account detailing the phenomenon of kamikakushi.11 The Ridax Event is presumed to have meant to replicate the aspect of appearing in a supernatural realm as stated in the occurrence.
Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom 03/17/1980 A population of humanoid entities attacked the town and abducted twenty preadolescents. However, one of the preadolescents, Jack ██████, managed to escape from his holdings and rescue the remaining abductees with the use of an anomalous item that allowed him to teleport over large distances. A celebration was then organized in ██████'s honor but the town was once again attacked by the humanoids but was then forced to retreat after most of then were immolated with a gasoline fire. After this incident, the structural damage the town incurred during the attacked was repaired with the aid of several species of Rallidae and Anatinae displaying sentience. Another celebration was held after reconstruction was done. The Ridax Event concluded at this point after twenty-nine hours. An investigation revealed an instance SCP-XXXX in a copy of The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life from the East Glastonbury Library in addition to several ritual materials in the boundaries of Glastonbury with the fairy tales Hop-o'-My-Thumb and The Dove and the Fox acting as its narratives. The discoverer of SCP-XXXX and the ritual's activator have not been found. The entities which manifested during the Ridax Event were later classified as SCP-XXXX-B-1 and SCP-XXXX-B-2.
Mount Hagen volcano, Western Highlands and Enga Provinces, Papua New Guinea. 06/29/1980 A gathering of clouds formed an area of 10sqrmi2 at around 3000m from the base of the volcano. Thunder and heavy rain occur along with anomalous meteorological effects consisting of torrents of water, axes of various models, and pieces of oak wood descending from the affected area occurred within five hour periods. Small groups of Panthera Leo and Bos Taurus spontaneously manifest and demanifest within SCP-XXXX-A at random intervals. Ridax Event was in effect for twenty-six hours. This manifestation of a Ridax Event marked the first successful use of a KINE-Class counterconceptual network outside of testing, managing to hide the ongoing effects of the event. The activity during the Ridax Event was found to reference different symbols from various Eurasian weather deities. The person who activated the event was found to be Emily ██████, a New Zealand tourist who discovered SCP-XXXX in a copy of The Gift: The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies she received in a book exchange in the Massey Library and wrote a short description of the deities Zeus and Thor and their activities in their perspective mythologies.
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