Abbhorase's SCP proposal
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Item #: SCP-3664

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A 15 meter high electric fence is to be erected surrounding SCP-3664, with standard issue foundation Guard rotations in affect to monitor the fence. No video recording method is to be brought within Site 28 without signed approval of at least two level 4 personnel. All footage captured as part of experiments involving SCP-3664 is to be incinerated as soon as possible upon the conclusion of testing. All cave entrances to SCP-3664 are to be sealed and only accessible by level three or higher personnel. One wall-mounted security camera is to be in place overlooking all known cave entrances and rigged to an alarm system, with at least three security personnel stationed on-site and to deploy upon alarm activation. Any person found attempting to breach these doors is to be detained and tested for SCP-3664 exposure.

Description: SCP-3664 is a massive human heart located within a large, porous cave structure beneath ████████, the Czech Republic. While the cave itself displays no anomalous properties aside from its unusual layout, which resembles arteries extending from a single point. The object is 14 meters in diameter and appears to be in a mid-to-late stage of decay, with the major central chamber flayed and pinned beneath the object. The object possesses a large, somewhat swollen artery that connects to the tissue above, the last remaining of four arty structures around the entity. The object rests on a large "pedestal" made of partially decomposed human fetuses, however due to the unknown nature of SCP-3664 at the time of containment, this pedestal has been largely covered by partially decomposed Personnel genetic testing of the embryonic entities revealed them to be human, however with a genetic composition similar to humans from ~18,000 BCE. The Pedestal itself raises SCP-3664 above a large pool of liquefied organic matter with biological testing confirming it to be human in it's entirety, however 65% of all matter tested has held genetic material from the same era as the pedestal.

Item was discovered on January 15, 19██, after reports of multiple disappearances around a recently discovered cave opening reached embedded foundation personnel in the nearby town of ███████, Germany. due to the as-of-then unknown properties of SCP-3664, an estimated ██ personnel were lost to the entity. On March 20, 19██, approximately two months after initial containment, it's properties had been understood to the degree that basic containment measures could be taken.

The anomalous properties of SCP-3664 appear after an individual enters within 1.5 kilometers of SCP-3664. While within this radius, subjects will report a minor "pull" towards the cave entrance and, upon any visual contact, the entities secondary properties will emerge. If any subject comes into visual contact with the object, the "pull" of the object will increase exponentially based on the distance of the subject to the entity. While it is possible to resist this effect, the object itself has a 100% fatality rate and, as such, only D-class personnel are authorized for exposure to video recordings. Amnesiacs have proven 100% ineffective to this effect, and as such measures to preserve essential on-site personnel are extreme. Any subject who resists this pull will, immediately after visual contact, begin to report a feminine, fully corporeal figure. The figure, hereby designated SCP-3664-A, is a human female of approximately 1.6 meters in height. SCP-3664-A is Devoid of clothing and appears to have a short mass of viscera extending from her genitals, most similar to a mass of small umbilical chords present in the birth of mammalian organisms. Subjects will report strange dreams of SCP-3664-A, most commonly involving the entity attempting to escape a crevice. these dreams will continue until the subject either breaks containment and is lost to SCP-3664 or commits suicide.

Although exposed subjects display no distinctly anomalous properties, all affected personnel have, to date, committed suicide via ritual evisceration if prevented access to SCP-3664 for more than 14 days. entities allowed access to SCP-3664 before suicide have been reported [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the transmutation of the subject into the pedestal of SCP-3664. extensive recording has revealed that affected corpses will decay into masses of biological matter before fully disintegrating. SCP-3664 has been reported quivering and, in rare cases, expelling blood for approxamately 3 days after every exposure.

Addendum 3664-1: on September 12, 20██, an experiment was proposed and tested involving the use of a restrained D-class subject being autonomously propelled towards the entity. The results and full event log are available below.

Addendum 3664-2: on February second 20██, A██ ██████ was observed breaking through foundation security measures and, in spite of extensive restraining attempts, was successful in [DATA EXPUNGED] and entering SCP-3664-B. The following are notable excerpts from Subject's personal diary, taken from date of exposure to his final input. It is unknown at this time how or when A██ ██████ was exposed to SCP-3664.