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A picture taken of SCP-XXXX for a photoshoot with KTM.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard concrete walled cell roughly two and a half (2.5) metres by three (3) metres. A standard high-security locking door provides the only enterance in and out of the containment cell. No windows shall be present. Due to the anomoulous activities that happen during the hours between sunset and sunrise, a constant supply of power needs to be available and connected to SCP-XXXX at all times.

No special amenities shall be provided for SCP-XXXX.
Due to the cooperative nature of SCP-XXXX and its lack of willingness to escape its cell, amenities to provide enteratainment for SCP-XXXX are approved. See Addendum XXXX-01 for a full list of these amenities.

Description: SCP-XXXX was an android formerly designated as Project █-████. It was built by the motorcycle manufacturer, KTM, as a means to advertise and market its latest SuperDuke 1290 R super-bike in East Asia. For this purpose, a design was chosen to reflect that of a 1.7 metre tall female that looked like they had come straight out of a Japanese animated cartoon (anime). The design of the android included various parts of the super-bike being incorporated into her body. Its figure had been carefully chosen to entice young males into purchasing the bike.

█-████ had originally been programmed to advertise and market the SuperDuke through the use of suggestive posses on or around the bike that highlighted the android's enticing figure, hopefully captivating KTM's target demographic, which was young males.

However, before a major automotive show in Japan, a dark, hooded, mysterious figure infiltrated the storage facility where █-████ was being stored and kidnapped it, taking it to the figure's presumed hideout. From the amount of time the android was not seen for, it can be implied that the figure gave the android a conscience and may have hidden something extra in the programming.

The first time the Foundation found out about █-████'s existance, was through various social media posts from people in a major Japanese city, showing video footage and photographs of the android wandering through the city, acting as a human being would. Because no anomalous activites had been seen in the photographs or video clips, the Foundation decided to send in a task force to just observe the android (now designated SCP-XXXX) to see if it had any mallicious intent before moving in to capture it.

A couple months after the observations started, reports had come in of an enlarged number of deaths from motorcycle collisions. These collisions had several things in common: all collisions resulted in fatalities; each rider had been piloting a KTM SuperDuke 1290 R of exact same colour, specification, and brandishing the same licence plate; the fatlities had all occured during the hours between sunset and sunrise; and the motorcycle had vanished before it could be hauled away by police.


The motorcycle mentioned in the fatalities (SCP-XXXX-1).

Before these fatalities had occured, the task force had reported seeing SCP-XXXX exit a building, seemingly in a trance-like state, transform into a KTM SuperDuke 1290 R matching the description of the one seen at the fatalities (which shall henceforth be noted as SCP-XXXX), and drie away sporting a holographic rider with a female complexing, wearing Alpinestars riding gear coloured orange, black and white. The task force had also reported seeing SCP-XXXX exiting the same building after sunrise as if nothing had ever happened.

The foundation were quick to put two and two together, and operation was quickly formed to capture SCP-XXXX before it could do anymore harm with SCP-XXXX-1. MTF Kappa-10 successfully captured SCP-XXXX and the android is now being held at Site-19. A test was conducted on SCP-XXXX upon her arrival at Site-19 to test for any anomalous activities.

Addendum XXXX-01: Following the subsequent cooperation of SCP-XXXX, amenities used for the enteratinment of the android are to be provided in her cell. these are outlined below.

  • One 1 metre wide by 0.5 metres tall television stand.
  • One 42-inch high-definition (HD) televesion, with a picture quality of no less than 1080p.
  • One standard games console of the latest generation.
  • One accompanying controller.
  • Several games of SCP-XXXX's choosing.
  • One headset with integrated microphone.
  • A subscription for the console's online multiplayer service, renewed each year.
  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • One comfortable chair.

Test XXXX-A - Date: 25/02/20██

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: Subject was placed in a sealed room through the hours during sunset and sunrise and observations were made on the subject'smovements.
Results: At sunset, SCP-XXXX put itself into a sleep-mode, shutting down all functions and causing her to slump down to the ground as if asleep. It is possible this mode is used for recharging her power source. A few minutes after the sleep-mode is activated, SCP-XXXX seems to activate, suggesting the sleep-mode has been overridden by a piece of anomolous programming. SCP-XXXX looks to be in a trance-like state as it moves towards the doorwith no emotion, the eyes of it seeming dead and lifeless. It then started banging on the door, wanting to be let out, presumeably to go find another victim to ride SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX continued this activity for the rest of the time until sunrise, which is when the trance stopped and SCP-XXXX awoke.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX seems to enter a trance-like state during the hours between sunset and sunrise. Further testing will have to be done to determine exactly whether SCP-XXXX is the cause of the fatalities to the riders of SCP-XXXX-1.

Test XXXX-B - Date: 26/02/20██

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: SCP-XXXX was placed outside of Site-19 at sunset, under the watchful eye of MTF Kappa-10, who were instructed to follow it where ever it went and observe its actions.
Results: SCP-XXXX fell into the sleep-mode and entered the trance-like state as usual. Though this time, because there were no walls blocking its path, SCP-XXXX was able to successfully transform into SCP-XXXX-1 and speed away. MTF Kappa-10 followed SCP-XXXX's movements until they arrived at a non-descript house where SCP-XXXX parked up, shutting off the lights of SCP-XXXX-1 and the engine. MTF Kappa-10 then observed a young male exiting the house to find SCP-XXXX-1 parked on his driveway. The male then straddled the bike and started it up, the procedure acting as it would if SCP-XXXX-1 was just a regular motorcycle.Without putting a helmet on, the male rode SCP-XXXX-1 out onto the street where MTF Kappa-10 followed him and SCP-XXXX-1 for roughly █ hours. After the ride and the male was returning home, he screamed ludly as SCP-XXXX-1 took control of his motor-functions, applied full throttle and initated a head-on collision with an articulated truck. Police and an ambulance raced to the scnee and the male was pronounced dead, while the truck driver was surprisingly unhurt. Before authorities could remove SCP-XXXX-1 from the scene of the collision, it disappeared in the blink of an eye, returning to SCP-XXXX's containment cell where it repaired the daamge caused by the collision and transformed back into SCP-XXXX, ready for when the sleep-mode deactivates.
Analysis: From the observations of MTF Kappa-10, the Foundation now has suffcient evidence to link SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-1 through the installation of anomalous and mallicious code programmed into SCP-XXXX when it recieved its conscience. This code is able to override thye sleep-mode and put SCP-XXXX into a trance-like state and give it the ability to transform into SCP-XXXX-1, as well as giving it the ability to teleport, self-repair and seize motor control of its riders. Testing needs to be done to see if SCP-XXXX posseses these abilities outside of SCP-XXXX-1.