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It's Getting Better All The Time (originally created by Major Gordon of the Korean wiki on Jan. 16, 2014, originally translated by shfoakdlsshfoakdls, originally posted by thd-glasses, originally, originally titled USS Enterprise)

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SCP-2917, pictured while in service in 1945.

Item #: SCP-2917

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [REVISION 02/14/2015] SCP-2917 is currently located in dry dock #12 at the Nautical Research Division of Site-245. No water is to be introduced inside the dry dock without authorization from Level 5/2917 personnel. The area around and within SCP-2917 is to be monitored using video cameras. Personnel are not to board SCP-2917 without authorization from the director of Site-245, following Incident 2917-1.

Following every Upgrade event1, members of Mobile Task Force Omega-32 ("Mandatory Repairs") are to board and explore SCP-2917 to note any changes that have been made to the interior. MTF Omega-32 is to also use a Foundation LUIS-2X02 drone to evaluate any changes that have been made to the exterior during the Upgrade event.

Members of MTF Omega-32 are to remove power connections to the computer presently labelled "UERSA" located in the bridge of SCP-2917 due to the events of Incident 2917-1. This task is to be performed immediately after their boarding of SCP-2917.

During the exploration of SCP-2917 after Upgrade events, members of MTF Omega-32 are to gather data from the interior in order to gain greater knowledge regarding the nature of SCP-2917 and possible future events linked to it and other vessels.

Description: SCP-2917 is the USS Enterprise (CV-6) aircraft carrier, constructed as part of the Yorktown class, and was formerly under the ownership of the U.S. Navy. SCP-2917 was launched on 10/03/1936, commissioned on 05/12/1938, and decommissioned on 02/17/1947. SCP-2917 showed no anomalous properties prior to 09/06/1947 (see addendum Discovery for more details).

Through unknown means, SCP-2917 is capable of generating new and replacing older portions of its structure, as well as other devices common on aircraft carriers, such as appliances, electronics, and the generation of aircraft on the flight deck and within the carrier.2 These have always occurred during isolated incidents, henceforth referred to as Upgrade events. Upgrade events appear to occur in order to make SCP-2917 capable of functioning as a modern aircraft carrier. Portions of SCP-2917 and its generated components do not yield any anomalous effects when removed from SCP-2917, though they will be affected by Upgrade effects if located on SCP-2917. It is of note that objects not created by SCP-2917 are not affected by Upgrade events.

Various sources of information have been found within SCP-2917, such as posters, electronically-stored data, and documents. These sources have been found throughout SCP-2917, though are most commonly found near the bridge. The sources will be generated or replaced during every Upgrade event. Notably, these sources of information imply various conflicts and events, both historical and in the present, that have not occurred.

All attempts to record Upgrade events have been futile. It appears that these events occur spontaneously, supported by the reports of eyewitnesses, although they have never occurred while a human has been within SCP-2917. Video cameras within and the vicinity of and inside SCP-2917 cease to function during presumed Upgrade events. Research into this effect and its prevention is ongoing.

Discovery: The anomalous properties of SCP-2917 were discovered on 09/06/1947, after discovery by U.S. naval personnel stationed at [REDACTED], where SCP-2917 was docked, that the wooden flight deck had been replaced by a steel flight deck without any such replacement being conducted. The Foundation took notice of this event through internal agents, and recovered SCP-2917 on 09/13/1947 while administering amnestics to witnesses. A full replica of SCP-2917 with its original features was constructed clandestinely from 1948 to 1949 and scrapped from 1958 to 1960 as part of a planned cover story.

Partial List of SCP-2917 Upgrade Events: Please see Supplementary Document SCP-2917: Upgrade Events for a full list of Upgrade events.

Event 2917-11: On ██/██/196█, the standard displacement of SCP-2917 was increased to approximately 90,000 tonnes. The steam propulsion system was also replaced with a nuclear propulsion system powered by two A4W naval reactors.

Event 2917-17: On ██/██/197█, most of the equipment within SCP-2917 was replaced with updated variants. F-14 fighter aircraft and A-6 attack aircraft were generated on the flight deck, along with armaments suited for use with these aircraft.

Event 2917-29 On ███/██/199█, most of the equipment within SCP-2917 was again replaced with updated variants. The communications systems were upgraded as well.

Event 2917-35 On ███/██/201█, SCP-2917's standard displacement was increased to 100,000 tonnes. F-35B and F-35C fighters were also generated on the flight deck. Certain onboard systems were replaced as well.