Thetest's SCP's (Cultist Scarabs)

Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-???? are to be kept in a roughly 3 m x 3 m x 3 m terrarium with 4 cattle carcasses that are to be replaced once per month, and aerial insecticides are to be supplied through small pumps to discourage breeding. No more than 100 instances of SCP-???? are to be kept alive at any time, unless it is for testing purposes. If termination of SCP-????'s are required, they are to be moved in a steel crate to ????-T facilities by selected personnel. Protective suits are to be worn for ALL INTERACTION with SCP-???? specimens, and personnel are to have medical and psychological checkups after such interactions. Not complying with these checkups will result in the use of force and possible termination. In the event of an instance of SCP-????-1 being created, the victim is to be contained IMMEDIATELY, and surgical procedures are to be used in order to remove the culprit SCP-????, however if containment is impossible after 2 hours termination is authorized. After this event, the areas that SCP-????-1 was in are to be cleansed by trained staff, and all personnel that were in the areas are to have the same checkups listed above. [[MORE INFORMATION MAY BE GIVEN AT A LATER DATE]]

Description: SCP-???? are an unidentified type of beetle that share biological similarities with the Scarab Beetle Scarabaeus sacer, and all instances are shown to have strange markings on their backs that seem to be unique to each specimen, as well as a metallic exoskeleton that ranges from a copper-like color and texture to a light gold-like one. SCP-???? have larger-than-average jaws and small, sharp claws on their limbs, as well as a more refined brain that may imply increased intelligence. SCP-???? do not seem to roll feces or any similar materials, and their breeding cycle has never been witnessed, however it appears that they lay small eggs and transport them primarily through [REDACTED]. Feeding is done by stealing nutrients off of hosts, and this seems to be possible no matter where the specimen chooses to settle.

SCP-???? manifest strange and possibly anomalous properties when they attack a human, as they attempt to actively hunt humans and it appears it is a vital point of their life cycle. SCP-????'s usually settle in on one location of the body and bite down into it before burrowing down until they are 75% submerged in flesh, at which point they begin to fully alter the mind of the host, who is now officially an instance of SCP-????-1. It is unknown how SCP-???? instances manage to crawl across the body undetected, or how they can control the mind and feed no matter where they settle. SCP-????-1's seem to worship SCP-???? as their god and master, and will travel in groups in order to convince the "uninformed" to join them. Groups of SCP-????-1 will partake in cult-like activities, such as rituals, incomprehensible chanting, with some cases resulting in sacrifice and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Any attempts to 'cure' SCP-????-1's will result in extreme hostility, and SCP-????-1's do not seem to lose any abilities or knowledge from when they were not infected.

SCP-???? are extremely difficult to destroy, due to their extreme resistance against fire, insecticides, and their durable metallic exoskeletons. However, high amounts of pressure can crush them, and is currently used for terminating excess instances at ????-T facilities. Attempts at controlling SCP-????'s by using human substitutes have failed, as they appear to have the intelligence to tell a fake human or a corpse from a real, living one, however they will still use them to feed.