Item #: SCP-3091

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-3091 is to be contained at site 19 within a standard storage room. 2 guards are to be stationed at the door 24/7 and SCP-3091 is to be fully covered by a sheet at all times.

Description: SCP-3091 is an unremarkable mirror approximately 80 cm high and 40 cm wide with a cast iron stand. Any human reflection on SCP-3091 will be visible attempting to break through SCP-3091's surface. This reflection is to be referred to as SCP-3091-1. If the subject is to walk as to no longer be visible on SCP-3091 then SCP-3091-1 will cease to exist. After an indeterminate amount of time SCP-3091-1 will hit SCP-3091 one last time and a shattering noise can be heard, but no damage will be visible to SCP-3091. After this SCP-3091-1 will quickly jump through and attempt to drag anyone through SCP-3091. Once the subject has fully entered SCP-3091 they will instantly turn into SCP-3091-1 instances. Inorganic matter cannot traverse SCP-3091's surface. When all instances of SCP-3091-1 are terminated SCP-3091 will return to it's original state and will no longer be traversable by organic matter.

SCP-3091-1 instances are extremely intelligent and agile. They will prepare ambushes in hallways and streets, most often in groups between 2 to 5 instances in size, but groups up to 30 have been encountered. SCP-3091-1 will often use its agility to hide within constricted spaces like closets and drawers. if SCP-3091-1 notices a human pesence nearby it will wait untill the optimal moment to ambush them, usually swarming their victims and constraining them.

If SCP-3091-1 instances do not encounter any human life for 8 hours they will abandon their Ambush and scavenge the area for food and water1. If any human encounters SCP-3901-1 in this state they will run away and set up new ambushes. SCP-3901-1 instances will collect the scavenged supplies in a pile next to SCP-3091. Every day at roughly midday SCP-3091-1 instances will consume their daily rations and water. If SCP-3091-1 instances cannot find enough food or water in the area they will move to another location in a single large group. When This happens they will pick up SCP-3901 and carry it untill a new location with food and water is found.

SCP-3091 was recovered in [DATA EXPUNGED], Slovenia after locals had called the police for people being forcefully abducted from the street. Undercover agents in the local police force notified the foundation when they realized the potential anomalous nature of the incident. When Foundation personnel arrived at the scene more than 100 people had been exposed to SCP-3091 and 3 foundation personnel were lost in the recovery effort. Class A amnesiacs were administered to witnesses and abductions and deaths covered up as a local murderous cult sacrifices. It's exact origins are unknown.

Addendum 3091-A: Upon recovery a sticky note was found placed onto SCP-3091.

for too long have we been forced to hide who we really are.
the mirrors do not lie.
no longer will we be oppressed.
no longer will we live in fear of other people finding out the truth.
it has set me free, and so will it free everyone.