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Item #: SCP-3128

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3128 is to remain situated in a tank filled with a mixture of water and Visine-brand eye medication. The entity is not to be removed from the tank until permitted by Dr. Randall of Site 41.

If permission is granted, scoop SCP-3128 up and out of the tank using the gas-permeable plastic sack provided. When in the sack, make sure that the entity is secure and that it is submerged in enough liquid to fill the sack.

Description: SCP-3128 resembles a human eyeball with a diameter of 50cm and an overall dark-grey colour. It exhibits cloud-like properties such as emitting mist from the 'sclera' and occasionally becoming electrically charged and shocking its container along with the liquid.

The 'iris' of the entity is a light-tinted blue, almost sky-blue, and becomes a brighter blue when charged. There is not a retina attached to the creature, so to speak, but, in its place is a misty trail that appears to evaporate constantly.

It is commonly seen bouncing around joyously or floating in the liquid, staring at any individual that it can see. As a simple-minded organism, controlled by the pupil of the eye which we have concluded is the 'brain' from an autopsy on an already deceased second member of its species conducted by Dr. ████████, it cannot, in any way, shape or form, communicate aside from glancing at individuals.

Addendum: SCP-3128 was recovered on a shore in Glasgow, Scotland on ██/██/2004. It had been mistaken for a new species of rock by witnesses and was covered in brine. Amnestics were applied to all witnesses after interviews.

Incident #1: A passerby had been subsequently hit with sea water as SCP-3128 impacted the ground. A crater (30cm in diameter) was bored into the ground, launching sand within a meter radius. The witness became startled by this and went to investigate. She poked at it, only for it to become charged and shock her. Some of the sand had reduced the strength of the shock, but nonetheless, she felt an immense pain run through her arm. An ambulance was called after the entity had been retrieved and she spent a month in hospital.

Incident #6: D-Class personnel were sent into SCP-3128's chamber and were instructed to place their hands in the liquid. SCP-3128 became charged and proceeded to send a spark through their bodies approximating to roughly 900 volts, killing all three of them instantly. Upon this discovery, an insulative lid was placed over the tank in order to prevent the entity from becoming charged enough to do further damage.