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Project title: Dolos

Project staffing: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Required materials:

  • Experimental modification to SCP-2897, codenamed Basilisk
  • Memetics generation software
  • Matter generator
  • AT-91 Prototype atomic relay

Project approved under O5 vote, 8-5 for/against.

Project Description: Project Dolos is an artificially created anomalous phenomenon. At the time of creation, current project goals are to test management and containment abilities of all Foundation personnel Level 4 clearance and below. Project parameters and updates will be updated below.

1/12/09: Initial activation. Current parameters are to generate blatantly obvious anomalous inputs on various Foundation containment devices (chosen at random.) Upon activation, inputs will result in containment breaches of objects classified as Safe (also chosen at random.)

3/05/09: Project parameters have been updated to allow breaches to Euclid class objects (with exclusion to any that may cause a K-class scenario.)
8/23/09: Deviance noted within parameters. Input found concerning the transmission and breach of SCP-3202. Input remotely disabled.
1/12/10: Project manifestation perameters have been updated per request of O5-█. Manifestations now feature minor elements of camouflage, generating within non-anomalous inputs (keyboards, control panels) albeit with obvious errors in design.
5/13/10: Deviance noted within parameters; Dolos now generates inputs regarding breach of Keter class objects; this change was involuntary and seemingly irreversible. Research into reverting said change is currently underway.
5/5/11: Project camouflage parameters have gone under involuntary acceleration. Instances now blend in reasonably with each respective input host. O5 vote regarding the decommissioning of Project Dolos is underway.
5/6/11: O5 vote regarding decommission passed, 9-4 approval/disapproval rating. Attempt #1 to decommission Dolos failed. Log and transcript of attempt attached below.
5/7/11: Self-contained masquerade for Dolos has been voted into permanence.