Item #: SCP-3862

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area is to be isolated from the outside world for the duration of the anomalous event.

Description: SCP-3862 is a circular area 12 kilometers in diameter. The center point is located in [REDACTED]. In this area multiple phenomena occur in the period of 72 hours annually, usually in the weekend in June. The phenomena vary greatly, ranging from flickering lights to physical entities. 77% of the area is taken by the local city. The population of the area is 26,345. After the SCP ends all the deceased people are found dead from the same causes, but the circumstances of their deaths look like an accident or natural death. Another deviation from the state the are was in before the start of the SCP is that there are newborns due on the day after the SCP. the amount of them is the same as the amount of deceased people. If this condition cannot be fulfilled, immediate family of the deceased people move into the area to replace them. The area was a witness to historical events listed below:

  • 1838-1878 — At the mouth of the [REDACTED] River to the [REDACTED] River a fort has been constructed according to the project of Russian General Ivan Dehn
  • 1840 — Tsar Nicholas I Romanov donated the ownership of the town to Ivan Paskiewicz, henceforth till 1915 the town had been named Ivanogrod
  • 1893 — one of the first branches of aeronautical tsarist troops equipped with observation balloons was created

*1914 — In the vicinity of the fort there were fierce battles between the German and Austrian armies and the Russian
*1929 — Aviation Training Center was established, currently The Headquarters of the Air Force Officer Training College
*August 1941 — The Nazis set up camps for Soviet POWs in the former fortress. 80 thousand died.
*July 1944 —

Important locations:

  • The Air Force Academy
  • The Military Base
  • The Town Centre (The Fountain)
  • The School #5
  • The School #3
  • The Parish of Pope Pius V
  • The Parish of Jesus The Merciful
  • The Train Station
  • The Fortress
  • The Fort I
  • The Fort II
  • The Fort III
  • The Fort IV
  • The Flea Market
  • The Horseshoe (the market)
  • The Bridge
  • The Viaduct

What emotion do I want to evoke from the reader?

  1. Fear:
    • Mangled corpse
    • Unexplained feeling of presence and being watched
    • Insects
  2. Disgust


  1. Wonder
  2. Amazement
  3. Interest


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