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A screencap of SCP-XXXX, recorded incorrectly.

Loaded: SCP

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures (Iteration 3/0): SCP-XXXX are to be kept inside a secure video storage unit at the media archive of Site ██. When in use, SCP-XXXX-1 through -8 should not be removed from its casing or exposed to any strong magnetic sources. A Blu-Ray DVD player and an XX inch flat screen plasma TV have been provided in Observation Theatre 01 at Site ██, as well as video equipment to record viewings.

Proper Recording Procedure: Only one level 3 personnel may be present at the time of recording. When doing so, said personnel must look at the television displaying SCP-XXXX only through the camera, or else audio and video will be heavily distorted and SCP-XXXX will only appear a blank, vaguely humanoid creature of a 5'10" stature, 160 lbs.

Reiteration Procedure: If the physical form of SCP-XXXX are to change, change the first number of the iteration label to be one (1) higher. If the SCP being interviewed in any of the 8 tapes are the change, set the second to be one (1) higher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a television interview series called "A Show Containing Interesting People (and Things)!" Which is recorded on eight separate "tapes,"1 labeled SCP-XXXX-2 through -9, with all recorded viewings and descriptions being only snippets of full episodes due to either terrible quality of the tapes being viewed or literal interference from said tapes.2 Tapes were retrieved from a warehouse in [REDACTED]
SCP-XXXX-1-α, however, is a humanoid creature that changes appearance with viewer based on the subject’s view of the average human, referred to as 'the Blank Man.' The tapes depict the man to have powers of teleportation3 and neutralization of anomalies present without interviewees. He, the blank man, is considered to be the show itself, only existing within the boundaries and being affected by the physical form of the tapes 1 through 8.
SCP-XXXX-1-Ω is "the blank man's boss," and has only appeared on tape once, and appears to be around 12' with a vaguely humanoid body and pyramid shape head that faces away from the front of his body, opening at a point to reveal an elongated, jagged, smile that stretched (literally,) to small, round, blue eyes. Its skin appears to be scaly and reptilian, with two arms that reach out to scythe points and humongous toed claws on feet around 4' long, walking with a hunch and speaking in a deep, masculine voice. SCP-XXXX-Ω has been described as looking "demonic," and "repugnant in attitude." SCP-XXXX-Ω's powers are not clear as SCP-XXXX-α's, though SCP-XXXX-Ω has been the only one able to break into the blank man's show, (mostly to complain about ratings, threatening to fire SCP-XXXX-α.) It has been speculated that SCP-XXXX-Ω has (to some degree,) reality-bending powers, powers that render the blank man's null.