Thinking Cap
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Item #: SCP-1256

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1256 is to be kept in a standard containment locker when not in use. Once a week,a D-Class Personnel will place SCP-1256 on their head. While wearing it, they are to
record any thoughts that might not exist under normal circumstances. This recording should then be carefully examined by authorized personnel for potentially important


SCP-1256 is a plain black bowling hat. Its properties are normal until it is placed on a living human head. When it is worn by a human being, three stages will manifest.

-Stage One: Instantly after placing the SCP-1256 on their head, the wearer will begin to experience increasing mental capacity. They will be less forgetful and have averaged
a higher score in many IQ tests then when they were not wearing SCP-1256. After one to two hours, the effects will progress to the second stage.

-Stage Two: The user will begin to experience increasing paranoia and fear. They will appear to be afraid of being watched by something or someone. Although there is rarely
an outright panic, the user will usually become unsettled and nervous after wearing this. An hour or more after Stage Two begins, the user will enter the final stage.

-Stage Three: The user will begin to mutter or talk to themselves, generally asking questions such as "Who are they?" or "What are they going to do to me?" They sometimes
will react as if they receive an answer, upon which they will become even more agitated. Sometimes, entire conversations will appear to take place with the subject alone.

Interview between Dr.█████ and D-██ (After wearing SCP-1256 for four hours)

Dr.███: Can you tell me what you hear please?
D-:██ Yeah. There's this voice, ya see, and he's sayin' that he's waitin' for
somthin' to happen.
Dr.███: What is it waiting for?
D-:██ Hey, just who is it you're waitin' for, anyway? [Brief Pause] Well, he says
that… No… That can't be right, can it Doc? He says that [DATA EXPUNGED]
Dr.███: What do you mean?
D-:██ I think that he means that [DATA EXPUNGED] is comin'. No, he's sayin' now that it's… Oh my god..
[DATA EXPUNGED] [Yelling now] Aww, SHIT. They're gonna be here soon, let me out, let me out NOW, I need to help him stop it now or else it's too late,
and why are those goddamn eyes just lookin' at me, they see me, only me, why are they here? [Quieter now] No.. now I understand. I need to leave.
Dr.███: You're not leaving this facility until you explain what the hell is going on.

Addendum: If anything regarding the nature or location of [DATA EXPUNGED] is revealed in the weekly test, then any OS-5 is to be notified immediately and any
available task force is to be sent to said location if possible.