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+WIP SCP 2319 The White Sock

Item#: SCP-2319

Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2319 is to be held in a titanium lined, steel- uranium alloy box, 10 centimeters in width, 5 centimeters in height, and 20 centimeters in length, which should then be locked with titanium- Uranium alloy locks. Under no condition should a hole larger than 3 centimeters be made or allowed in the box, and if damave is seen in the box, it should be reported immediatly to O5 command. The box should then be placed in a 3x3x3 meter oxygen free room, which is then filled mostly with 75% Carbon Monoxide, 15% Nitrogen, and 5% Methane gas. The door will be equipted with a special vacuum design to keep the gases in, and oxygen out. The doors will be shut at all times, and under no conditions should any personel enter without permission from O5 command, and should always have pressurized air tanks and a hazmat suit while doing so. Under no condition is SCP-2319 to be removed from the box without authorization.

Description: SCP-2319 is an unbranded, mens white sock, with a width of 8 centimeters, and a length of 14 centimeters. SCP-2319 is not made of any commercially used materials for sock production, and in fact does not seem to be made of any well known cloth material, but mostly resembles cotton in texture. SCP-2319 has a high elasticity, and is shown to fit across objects far larger than itself, even once stretching to fit over a large truck with ease. It however cannot stay the same size as the object for long after removed, once removed it will quickly revert back to its original size.

Under no conditions however is SCP-2319 to be worn by anyone without authorization. If it is worn by any personal, with or without authorization, that person will then be titled SCP-2319-1.
After SCP-2319 is worn, it will be fixed SCP-2319-1's calve. After about 30 minutes, SCP-2319-1's calve will start experiencing an itchy feeling, after about 45 minutes, the flesh on SCP-2319-1's calve will start to change color and begin to have a texture similar to that of wool. After about 1 hour the skin on the whole of SCP-2319-1's leg will have become a wooly material, along with the muscle inside, the bones apparently disappear from the affected area, as the leg has become limp and immobile. The rest of SCP-2319's body will begin reverting to a wool-like material until the whole of the body has been changed. During the event SCP-2319-1 great pain from SCP-2319's effects, but does not die until the head or most of the body has been affected. SCP-2319 does not seem to effect those who wear it on their hand.

SCP-2319 seems to appear randomly in others homes when not in proper containment, and usually will appear to be a sock in a pair, resulting in it being worn and as a result, the victim being affected. However not all of SCP-2319-1's body is affected. The inner organs are not affected. The eyeballs however are pushed out, and the brain is left to resemble a ball of yarn. SCP-2319 was found in a small urban household in ████████,██ in ████████. After rumors of many strange and unusually events were reported in the area and surrounding areas.