Mannequins and The Rat

Item #: SCP-2726

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-██ has been constructed near the area of SCP-2726,
SCP-2726 itself, is to be fenced off, any entrances to SCP-2726 are required to be concealed and any instances of SCP-2726-1 found outside of SCP-2726 are to be destroyed as soon as possible. Furthermore, SCP-2726 is to be maintained and any damage is to be repaired, to prevent SCP-2726-2 from manifesting.

Description: SCP-2726 is a large structure, formerly known as ███████, a popular clothing store, located in ███, █████. SCP-2726's outer structure has no anomalous properties, however, the interior structure contains multiple instances of SCP-2726-1.

Instances of SCP-2726-1 are blank mannequins, Which have no facial details whatsoever. SCP-2726-1 instances are recorded as having 1 missing limb, SCP-2726-1 are capable of short-distance teleportation, and are hostile. Instances of SCP-2726-1 will become active if a humanoid, or humanoid entity, enters the radius of SCP-2726-1. Instances of SCP-2726-1 will attempt to remove the limbs of the victim, if successful, SCP-2726-1 will attach the limb of the victim onto its slot, in which the limb will transform into a limb of SCP-2726-1. These instances of SCP-2726-1, will then attempt to damage SCP-2726, causing SCP-2726-2 to manifest.

SCP-2726-2 are apparitions, resembling a specimen of the superfamily Muroidea. Instances of SCP-2726-2 will then give chase to any humanoid entity that is not SCP-2726-1, and will then attempt to consume the victim. SCP-2726-2 instances are notable for their large size, and glowing eyes. SCP-2726-2, when their task is complete, will demanifest. The only way of preventing SCP-2726 manifestation is to keep SCP-2726 from being damaged.

Addendum 2726-E: The following note has been recovered after the discovery of SCP-2726

SMART MANNEQUINS: ……. [FILE DAMAGED], by the lovely Merlyilus Cluster Sect. All copyrights reserved 2███, A subsidiary of Galussus Ltd.