Tiam Kara
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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Inert SCP-3XXX entities are to be stored in a standard Large Object Containment Crate. Said crate is to be wired with close-circuit video surveillance. Should an SCP-3XXX entity become active, it is to be immediately transferred to the Humanoid Anomaly Research facility at Site-34.


Description: SCP-3XXX is a collection of 4 7 12 artificial humanoids disguised as photographers.

SCP-3XXX average six feet tall and resemble humans. SCP-3XXX are constructed primarily out of fiberglass and are ostensibly identical to common mannequins. SCP-3XXX wear commonly found human clothing but without tags and other branding removed. SCP-3XXX also carry fully functional cameras but do not appear to be able to use them. All instances so far captured have either not been found to have taken any pictures or had not even turned their camera on.

SCP-3XXX instances appear to be created spontaneously and with the intent to seek out specific targets. Once located, SCP-3XXX instances will engage the target in the manner of celebrity photographers, or "paparazzi." The method in which targets are chosen is presently unknown although a methodology of some description appears likely due to the ability of SCP-3XXX to locate its intended targets as well as their vocalizations.

SCP-3XXX vocalizations appear to be "programmed" in a manner of speaking. SCP-3XXX instances are unable to speak beyond a collection of token phrases tailored directly to the individual in which they have been deployed to locate. These phrases will involve topics related to their target's private life and will be repeated without regard to target response.

It is not known how SCP-3XXX are able to move as all instances remanded into Foundation custody have returned to being inflexible models. SCP-3XXX do not respond to commands or pain stimulus. SCP-3XXX are not usually aggressive but will engage when interfered with. SCP-3XXX can withstand heavy physical damage before ceasing action. Small arms fire is essentially ineffective but can slow progress. The most effective means of stopping SCP-3XXX is blunt force directed at weak points such as joints.

Addendum: SCP-3XXX came to Foundation attention due to an event involving the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Addendum: Foundation officials were not able to respond to the situation in Las Vegas until that evening. A disinformation campaign was distributed immediately via local news media identifying the instances of SCP-3XXX present as masked assailants with ties to local street gangs. Officers responding to the situation (with the exception of Officer Dillashaw) were given Class C amnestics and memory-altering suggestion via debrief. Officer Dillashaw's recovery is being closely monitored to prevent information leak as cranial injuries sustained preclude the safe use of amnestics.

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