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An instance of SCP-3XXX upon discovery.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Conventional containment of SCP-3XXX is not presently possible as any pattern or other means of prediction has yet to be developed. However, 3XXX-Beta events can be disrupted and any damage reverted with a timely response. Foundation operatives are to implanted in local law enforcement of all metropolitan and suburban areas wherein at least three of the following corporate entities have erected an associated chain all within no more than three kilometers of one another: Albertsons LLC1, Costco, Ahold Delhaize2, Kroger3, Trader Joe's, Target, Whole Foods Market, and Walmart.

Should a positive identification of a 3XXX-Beta event occur, MTF Iota-9 ("Supermarket Sweep") is to be deployed to confiscate SCP-3XXX and contain all damages.

Confiscated SCP-3XXX-A instances are to be stored in a Safe-class container at Site-14. Said container may not be placed within 10m of the site proper and is to be cordoned within a fenced perimeter.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a phenomenon with two parts: SCP-3XXX-A and associated 3XXX-Beta events.

SCP-3XXX-A is the appearance of seemingly abandoned shopping carts in areas containing a sufficient density of corporate supermarket entities. Shopping carts associated with the anomaly do not have a tangible source and appear spontaneously in areas where shopping carts might feasibly be discarded by ostensibly careless shoppers. Places where SCP-3XXX-A instances have been traced back to include ditches, wooded areas, alongside highways, and in the middle of parking lots of competing chains.

SCP-3XXX-A are inert until a human comes within 1.5m of it. When they do, SCP-3XXX-A will enact upon them a compulsion to take SCP-3XXX-A with them. The victim will push SCP-3XXX-A with them until such a time as they arrive home. Victims of SCP-3XXX-A will abandon all previously used transportation to manually push SCP-3XXX-A to their home. The victim will also still complete any other tasks they intended to do as well but without allowing SCP-3XXX-A to leave their immediate vicinity. This includes taking SCP-3XXX-A into businesses not otherwise requiring a shopping cart.

3XXX-Beta events occur when an instance of SCP-3XXX is allowed to remain within a structure of at least two rooms and of no less than 185m2 in size for twelve continuous hours. The internal floor plan and topology of said structure will begin to gradually alter. Firstly by expanding past its own internal dimensions. After twenty-four hours the structure's interior proper will begin to alter to match the design and decoration of the extensions. After this period the interior floorplan of the structure will have been expanded to 6400m2 to 24000m2 with no observable changes to the structure from the outside.

When this process is complete the interior of the structure in question will have been altered to that of a grocery store or supermarket. Complete with products entrants are able to purchase and employees able to assist entrants and maintain products. SCP-3XXX-A's original victim will be positioned as the sole manager of the establishment and will concern themselves primarily with the quality of the store and its sales.

"Employees" of 3XXX-Beta events will consist of other residents of the base structure as well as residents of nearby structures. The radius within which SCP-3XXX-A is able to influence humans is widened to accomplish this during the transformation process. Upon full transformation the absolute area of effect wherein SCP-3XXX-A is able to draw in human beings for "employment" is estimated to be around 78m.

To maintain a 3XXX-Beta event, SCP-3XXX-A must remain within the structure. Removal of SCP-3XXX-A causes a nearly instantaneous reversal of all effects. With transformation completed SCP-3XXX-A will be stored someplace "safe" by its initial victim and attempts at removing it or wandering too close to where it is stored will be met with immediate hostility from the initial victim as well as subsequent victims ("employees").

Addendum: Experimental updates to SCP-3XXX containment procedure are currently under review: reduction in the number of corporate entities allowed to grow unchecked has had a direct effect on the frequency of SCP-3XXX occurrences. Disruption of profitability of the Kmart Corporation in particular has lead to a great reduction in SCP-3XXX on its won. Further reduction of the Kmart Corporation is planned, with current projected operation extending at least until April of 2018.

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