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Object Class: Keter


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An x-ray of a small deposit of SCP-XXXX in an infected individuals knee.

Special Containment Procedures: Any individuals that come into direct contact with a sample of SCP-XXXX, or an infected individual, must undergo a mandatory 24 hour quarantine followed by a negative full body X-ray. The quarantine area in question must be at least 40 meters away from any electrical devices. If an individual is found to be infected with SCP-XXXX, they are to be kept in quarantine indefinitely.

Any samples of SCP-XXXX should be kept in air tight containers able to withstand up to 50 Newtons, and may only be used in experimentation with the supervision of at least one level 3 personnel or higher. Any stage 3 masses of SCP-XXXX should be kept in an airtight container, with an internal source of electricity available.

Any individuals interacting with a sample of SCP-XXXX or an infected individual must wear puncture-resistant biohazard equipment and undergo a full body X-ray examination post contact.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a highly infectious synthetic organism, which appears as a viscous liquid metal, similar to mercury. SCP-XXXX infects its victims via direct contact with an amount of SCP-XXXX greater than approximately 0.1ml. The liquid consists of individual SCP-XXXX particles, each measuring 10-20 μm in diameter. SCP-XXXX has the ability to spontaneously form droplets and roll at speeds of up to 30kph. SCP-XXXX also has the ability to change its structural conformation to puncture weak materials in order to infect a host. SCP-XXXX is believed to avoid an immune response in hosts by using discarded red blood cell membranes to reduce immune response, as well as using several immunosuppressive chemicals.

SCP-XXXX is immune to all known antimicrobials, but can be destroyed by extreme heat or incredibly reactive chemical agents, however any stage 3 SCP-XXXX masses are extremely resistant to even these methods.

If a sample of SCP-XXXX is contained, it will attempt to escape captivity via seeping through gaps or changing its structure to put pressure on structural weaknesses. Failing this, the SCP-XXXX sample will enter a dormant state unless disturbed.

Discovery: The first SCP-XXXX outbreak was discovered when local law enforcement were called to investigate a rotting smell from a office building in █████, █████. The office was owned by a start-up company called "Keyes robotics". Inside the office were the bodies of the three founders; █████ Roberts, █████ Nathan and █████ Keyes. Each body was missing a large portion of brain matter, had distended skin pores, and showed signs of extreme blood loss. The door to the office was locked, and the edges of all doors and windows were sealed with duct tape. In the center of the office was the burnt remnants of several computers and paper files. Some of the buildings electrical cables were also torn from the wall and severed. A small amount of SCP-XXXX was found on the scene and proceeded to infect the responding law enforcement. It was at this point that the foundation was alerted to the situation. A responding bio-hazard team collected any remaining amounts of SCP-XXXX and administered amnesiacs/ quarantined individuals as required.

Some information was salvaged from the discovery site, and is listed below, along with a description of a standard SCP-XXXX infection cycle.