Chair of the future
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in a 3.6 m x 1.8 m x 4 m room at room temperature. The room is outfitted with a laminated glass viewing window 2 m off the ground. Once a year the object is to be polished to prevent the collection of dust. No specific qualifications are required to handle the object though D class personal are prohibited from being more then 15 meters from the object. This is double for any staff members whose lives are considered not of value or expendable by the Foundation or have a reasonable chance of being killed under the Foundation’s orders.

Description: SCP-XXXX resembles an ordinary rocking chair. It has a blue seat cushion, which may be detached for cleaning. There are no abnormal physical properties. Although subjects that have used it report it is very [DATA EXPUNGED] and pleasing to the touch.

The object is activated by “rocking” back and forth on the chair for approximately a half hour

The object has the ability to transfer the user into the future at a maximum of 70 years to a minimum of 5 minutes.

SCP-XXXX will transfer the user to the time and place of the user’s death. The user arrives one minute prior to the time of death. It appears as though users are forced to watch themselves die. They cannot communicate or interact with their surroundings. The users remain in the future for approximately 24 hours of their deaths. At which time the user is returned to SCP-XXXX one second after they left.

User reactions vary from shock, fear, rage or inner peace. Reactions are dependent on the individual.


It is unknown at this point if the death can be changed or if it is a fixed point in time and space.

One user ██████, upon return, went on a killing spree resulting in ██ civilian casualties, before killing himself. His suicide note read:

I didn’t want to be forgotten

Amnesiac teams were deployed.

On one occasion a D-class personal, after using the object, attacked the interviewer screaming about how the foundation was going to kill him. Security showed up and the D-class was [DATA EXPUNGED]

It is unknown what would happen if SCP-███ were to use the object. Though SCP-███ has expressed a wish not to.

Interviewed: J███

Interviewer: Dr. ███

Foreword: Prior to this part of the interview the subject would not stop repeating the word “no”. This continued until subject J eventfully responded.

<Begin Log, October 17, 199█ ]>
Dr. █████: No?  no what?  No you can’t answer the question?
J███: No.

Dr. █████: Then why are you saying no?
J███: It’s not something I would do.  I would never. ever. never.

Dr. █████: What, please tell me.  What would you never do?
J███: I would never…I have a wife and three kids.  Why would I…

Dr. █████: What did you see yourself doing?
J███: No. I can’t. I must not.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Afterwards subject J███ was dropped off at home allowing him to recuperate. In the morning he was found dead by his daughter ███ ████. Investigators at the crime scene determined suicide. Whether this result happened because of using SCP-XXXX or if it would have happened either way is unclear.