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Item #: SCP-42787-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-42787-J having been viewed approximately over 400 million times, SCP-42787-J is to be considered uncontained.

Personnel with Level 4 clearance or lower must be amnestised with Class C amnestics.

Personnel with a history of anger related outbursts must not view SCP-42787-J, or be involved in testing it.


SCP-42787-J is a video hosted on the video sharing platform Youtube. When sent the link to SCP-42787-J through an email, instant message, etc.; SCP-42787-J gives off a memetic effect that results in one of two reactions.

Approximately 95% of those who view SCP-42787-J will start laughing, and continue to do so for an average of 5 seconds.

5% of those who view SCP-42787-J will experience a sudden bout of rage. Consequences of this reaction could cause property damage, or attacking another living organism. This wears off after an average of 2 minutes.

SCP-42787-J may be viewed for experimentation here.