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SCP-[insert # Here]: Doctor Toon

Item #: SCP-[insert SCP # Here]

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-# is to be kept in a SHACC-M at Site-██. He is to be allowed an average human diet, and reading materials. He is allowed to walk around the facility as long as two (2) armed guards are to be with him.

All testing of SCP-# is to be alerted to Dr. Clef, along with mention to O5 Council about the test. All test are to be recorded placed in [REDACTED] where they can be reviewed and referenced for info on Dr. Clef's Informational Class on Bixbies and Mary Sues. Additional information about SCP-# is to be reviewed in Document-# A and B.

Description: SCP-# is former SCP Researcher █████ ██████, who has gone by the name of "Doctor Toon", due to the strange transformation that Researcher Dr. ██████ has undergone. SCP-# is a male, Northeastern/Northwestern European Desent, roughly at the age of ██, brown hair, and wears glasses (Prescription: [REDACTED]). Instead of normal hands, SCP-# has white, three fingered gloves with black lines on the back of them, like those found in 1920s-30s cartoons. These three fingered gloves are SCP-#'s hands, but are easily detachable.

SCP-# wears a colorful bow tie around his neck, although SCP-# claims that he doesn't own any tie like this. Subject also wears lab coat with symbol of the SCP Foundation, although it now appears as though it was painted, or drawn in ink instead of sewn into the lab coat of Foundation personnel.

SCP-# has the ability to warp reality, found consistent with those of classic cartoons of the early 20th century animation, being able to stretch, bounce, and pull himself apart or break apart at will. SCP-# can survive explosions up to 4000 to 6000 Joules (the equivalent of dynamite, although theories persist to be much higher) as well as drops up to ███ ft., and object as heavy as a jet airliner, run through walls leaving imprints shaped like subject, and pull objects from out of nowhere.

Many of SCP-#'s abilities are based on classic cartoon tropes, making SCP-#, virtually indestructible. As possible it is to damage SCP-#, he returns to his default state, as if nothing really happened to him. SCP-# is self-aware, knowing his abilities, and his "twitches" as he sometimes calls them (See Document-#-2).

As indestructible and agile SCP-# is, he is prone to being clumsy and succumbing to certain injuries that may temporarily stop SCP-#. This involves walking under ladders and/or black cats (altering SCP-#'s causality or "luck" as he calls it), banana peels, Murphy Beds, and SCP-048-J-2.

Addendum-01: SCP-# was discovered after several days of a explosion that Doctor ██████ was closest to incident (See Incident-██ for more information). Doctor ██████ then, over a period of days, changed. At that point, SCP-# was contained after Doctor ██████ asked Researcher ██████ (who was over Doctor ██████) to "knock me out! Knock me the [EXPLICIT EXPUNGED] out!". The Researcher did as so, and smacked out SCP-# with a nearby frying pan (as Doctor ██████ was at home at the time, cooking) causing SCP-# face to become shaped like a frying pan. Dr. Clef claimed to heard a metallic "BONK!", followed by the sound of tweeting birds, indicating SCP-# was unconscious.

SCP-# was taken, and informed by Dr. Clef along with the O5 Council. Reasons for informing Clef involves his expertise on Bixbies and Mary Sues.

When SCP-# awoke, he respectfully asked the guards for a researcher for a interview. They replied (after he somehow opened the secure door to his SHACC at Site-██), they shot vigorously at SCP-# until they had run out from their clip, to which he then asked again for a interview. He then closed the door and fainted from the injuries, which made SCP-# appear to have holes in them, compared to "Swiss Cheese".

Researcher ███████ "Smithy" Smith, who was an associate with Doctor ██████ was asked to conduct the interview, while Dr. Clef, observed with several other researchers (who has knowledge about Bixbies) in Interview Room [REDACTED].

Addendum-02: Interview with Resercher Smith and "Doctor Toon"

Interviewed: SCP-#

Interviewer: Researcher ███████ "Smithy" Smith

Foreword: Researcher Smith was called in to interview SCP-# who asked to be called "Doctor Toon", as he still believed to be a member of the SCP Foundation

<Begin Log, Date: [REDACTED], Time: 02:15:42██>

Researcher Smith: Hello SCP-#.

SCP-#: <excited> Smithy! It's good to see you. And please, I told those guys who are keeping an eye on me to call me Dr. Toon.

Researcher Smith: That may be true, but if you're a former SCP Employee, then you'll know that it's protocol to go by your number.
SCP-#: <crosses arms like a young child> Oh fine. But I'm still your friend right?
Researcher Smith: I am friends with Doctor ██████, but not Doctor Toon.
<SCP-# raises an eyebrow, to which a question mark suddenly appears above his head.>
Researcher Smith: Where did that come from?
SCP-# <Looks up and pokes at question mark> Huh. I dunno. Probably had something to do with me being confused at what you said.
Researcher Smith: And what are you confused about?
SCP-#: You say you're friends with Doctor ██████, but not Doctor Toon.
<Researcher Smith nods.>
SCP-#: Well, I am Doctor ██████, but since I've changed, I thought to change my name.
Researcher Smith: No you're not.
SCP-#: Oh yeah, then why do I recall our little chemistry experiment that as I recall was your fault. Instead of creating a hot foamy substance, there was a pop, a whoosh, and five minutes later, the fire department in [LOCATION REDACTED] is putting out the flames in the chemistry classroom.
<Researcher Smith is sitting there in shock.>
SCP-#: I believe that proves that I'm who I said I was.

<End Log, Time: 02:17:36██>

Closing Statement: Document-#-B-2 is a more in-depth interview of SCP-# with Doctor ██████, with files and Researcher Smith confirming SCP-# memory.

Addendum-03: Additional Notes
SCP-# seemed to believe his perspective had changed, and understood the Swann's Narritive Sandwich Model, as he called it. When asked about it, he said, "I used to read comic books that were meta." He didn't mention anything else, muttering something about "copyright law here feeling different".

Permission to Transfer SCP-# to Paraphysics Dept. -Dr. Swann






Document #: 2145-SP-EX
Item #: SCP-SP-AV1
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-SP-AV1 is to be kept in his Simulacra until activated by the O5 Council (based on [REDACTED] Protocols), in accordance with the previous ██ incidents involving the world, currently known as Britannia. As he is, his simulations are to feed him information directly into his head.

Researcher Smith didn't want to wake him, since he was tired of having to argue with this crazed gamer and reviewer of minimally known video games, least well known movies with actors who didn't act very well, and pointless things that seemed to bug him. However, he had to agree on his review on the latest Final Fantasy games.

He smirked a bit, remembering Noah apologising for saying that Final Fantasy VIII (8) was bad, as he had seen the worse of the games. He sighed, even remembering how pissed off he really got when a old game (SWAT 4 if he remembered correctly) started to flash back into Final Fantasy XIII (13). 'Ah, that was fun.' he thought before returning back to reactivating the protocol, as the dimensional barrier between Earth and Britannia was weakening again.

He started up the computers, going through all the check list.

Con't from Document
In the event that Britannia returns, the "Spoony One" will be led by MTF-13b "Avatar's Knights" where he along with a few others who have played the Ultima series, will protect Earth against the invaders, with currently, the Black Knight from Incidents ██-██ trying to invade our planet.
However, previous incidents (See Incident [REDACTED] involving the Guardian) show creatures that could be more powerful than some individuals (i.e. Wizards, mages, The Black Knight, etc.1). If the threat known as [DATA CORRUPT] returns or a worse threat that follows SCP-SP-EX protocol files, initiate Protocol [REDACTED] to shoot a concentrate of [DATA EXPUNGED] to fully open SCP-SP-AV1's mind and activate his avatar abilities2

The system started pulling Noah out of his reality, as he started to stir and wake. Researcher Smith didn't really like Noah, but then again, he wasn't paid to like him. As he checked over the system and scans of Noah Antwiler and his physical health, he suddenly heard a loud "BETRAYAL!", before Noah snapped up.

Mentally sighing, Smith just gave him a straight face, "Good morning SCP-SP-AV1" "Don't you Good morning me Smith!" Spoony replied, as he struggled with his bonds, struggling against them. "When is it ever a good morning with you SCP F██kers? And it's Spoony. SPOONY!" Smith sighed, once again upset that he was left to deal with the angry fanboy and "Chosen One" as he had hear before. "Now Spoony," Smith started, "There's no use trying to struggle against those bonds." he said, looking them down.

The container itself that held SCP-SP-AV1, held a Scranton Reality Anchor beneath him, as he was strapped and sandwiched between a mattress and a skeletic-like device that kept him from moving a lot. He looked like he could tear Smith's head off, but couldn't and knew deep down what would happen if he did.

Smith continued, "Besides, you know what we said about your language." He couldn't help but smirk at that comment. It didn't make things easier.

"How about you kiss my a██, Motherf███er!" he replied.

Description: SCP-SP-AV1 is a [REDACTED] year old male caucasian, with black hair and weighing at ███ lbs. Noah Antwiler, AKA The Spoony One is a internet reviewer who signed up for a experiment that led to many internet memes and storylines, involving video games, movies and even a segment called The Black Hole of Board Games.
The Spoony One is capable of using improbable weapons (gunblade, Star Trek Technology, whatever this Dr. Insano person made, Burton; his robot, etc.) to fight enemies, which vaguely look like him or his brother, however, this may be partially fixed by the altercation of the simulation. (Denied by O5, see Document [REDACTED]-X for further details.) He is considered a Lvl. 3 Reality Warper Bixby, but seems limited to Lvl. 2. Reasons unknown, and requesting by O5 to do further research.

Smith took a deep breath, realizing that he really didn't have time for this. "Spoony, this isn't time to try and fight me. The Black Knight is back." Spoony's head snapped at attention, realizing what he just heard. "Which means that the magic in Britannia is flowing from there to here on Earth." "The Black Knight. The guy who got in a twitter war with me? The Mother F██ker who trolled me on the internet, sent his f██king cronies to downvote my videos, and cause me much grief and pain from the small town of Britannia?"

Researcher Smith adjusted his glasses. "Aside from taking over Britannia, mind controlling Lord British, and causing harm to all of the land? Pretty much." he said. There was a pause as Spoony's mind started to calculate everything. Finally, he said, "Get me my sword, and my gunblade."

"Already on it Spoony." Smith said, as he turned off the Reality Anchor. The "prison" (as Spoony would call it) suddenly unlocked and unhinged open as Spoony got up. Smith gave him a file marked, "Protocol: BRITANNIA ECHELON LEAK". Spoony gave Smith a sarcastic look, "Really?" Smith just shrugged as Spoony started to read.

Addendum-01: Britannia and The Spoony Bard
The Spoony One gained the power of "The Avatar" after saving the world against The Guardian and the black knight. Subject had God-like powers, but due to CK-Class "Restructuring" Event those powers were reduced into Level 2 Reality Warping powers. The Guardian sent forth The Black Knight to agitate the "Spoony One", however, with events like the "Seahorse Incident" (See Incident ██-AF) MTF Unit 13b must be aware of the "weirdness" that attracts to Spoony like a magnet.

As the truck drove through [REDACTED], Smith sat next to Spoony, noticing how he dressed like a knight in shining armor, wearing a Ankh. A symbol of hope for those looking for sanctuary, however it was a symbol of The Avatar. A powerful warrior, said to have protected Britannia before. Smith looked over the MTF-13b that were there to assist Spoony if things went wrong.

However, he always replied, "I've got this. I'm the Godd██n AVATAR!" he would exclaim. Smith just shook his head and explained once again that, "that wasn't how protocols went". He grumbled but went with it anyways, as he rode into battle with trolls everywhere. Suddenly stopping the car was a man in black slamming into the van. It flipped suddenly, landing, and causing a dent in the front of the van. "Godd██nit!" Spoony exclaimed, after realizing that they were thrown by something hard.

Con't from Document #: 2145-SP-EX
Britannia: Parallel Reality through Ultima
SCP-SP-AV1 is known to play the series known as Ultima, which has a connection to Spoony since the games involve a character known as "The Avatar", a hero that is supposed to protect Britannia from the forces of darkness. However, SCP-SP-AV1 has had some disdain for the place, and more importantly, Lord British. Britannia was originally a place that had spaceships and even Gamera and Godzilla.
However, the world of Britannia as gone through a few CK-Class "Restructuring" Events and according to SCP-SP-AV1, he has the memories of both the "retcon" realities and the original, even though he has technically never been to it. However, evidential proof (i.e. documents, wood-carved images pressed into paper, crystals giving off unknown energy, etc.) has been shown existing among SCP-SP-AV1's belongings.

The MTF Unit 13b soon jumped out the van, followed by Spoony and Smith. They soon surveyed the area, as Police Forces were overthrown, while the Black Knight was making his trolls mess with the city. "Black Knight!" he exclaimed, causing the Britannian Villain to turn towards him. "Ah, the Avatar. We meet again, and with help this time." He started laughing in his usual manner, like every villain has in past stories. He mocked the Black Knight's laughter, before replying, "Well, you've never dealt with this backup." he said, before pulling out his sword, "But this here is between you and me f██ker!"

Smith noticed how similar this Black Knight looked to Noah, but darker… more evil looking than Spoony. The Black Knight sneered at him, "Oh, I've been looking forwards to this Avatar." He pulled out his sword before jumping off the police cruiser. "Smith, handle the Trolls." he said, as he gripped the sword tighter. "He's mine."

Smith nodded before heading for the leader of the MTF-13b "Avatar's Knights". Spoony and the Black Knight soon started the battle in the streets. For any onlooker, it would seem strange to see a man dressed in Medieval Armor and a man dressed in a strange clothes like some kind of Live Action Role-Players, but for the Foundation, it was the fate of two worlds that hung in the balance. The MTF Unit fought off some of the trolls, even removing hostages, while other units came to gather information and clean-up the incident.

The Foundation quickly cleaned up, as the Avatar, Spoony went after The Black Knight. As the cleanup crew started work on civilians and officers (those that weren't killed by the Knight and his cronies), MTF-13b and Smith quickly followed behind Spoony.

Con't from Document #: 2145-SP-EX
Addendum-02: Dimensional Jump
In the event that The Avatar is about to move into Britannia, MTF-13b is to follow The Spoony One into the "Moongate" and enter Britannia. Record any events and follow SCP-SP-AV1, as he know the layout of the land of Britannia.
In dealing with Protocols with lands that do not have guns or advanced computers, see the SCP Manual for dealing with these locations.

Spoony and The Black Knight were locked in a battle, as they moved from floor to floor, quickly heading towards the mythical thirteenth floor. While that was happening, The Black Knight didn't notice the SCP Foundation's Mobile Task Force Unit 13b, following behind them. As they fought, there was a slight unease in the air before they finally reached the office location. "This is Field Researcher Smith, with MTF-13b, following SCP-SP-AV1. We appear to be on the thirteenth floor of the Michael Davidson Office Building." "Roger that Smith. Keep an eye on SCP-SP-AV1" the radio contact said. Smith nodded, "Affirmative, currently en-route." he said.

As they followed him, before finally the Black Knight threw a cheap punch, as he started chanting. Spoony got up and prepared to fight again, but was instead kicked between the legs. As he fell to the floor, the Black Knight finished his chant, as suddenly he opened the Moongate to another world. He picked up the Avatar by the throat. "Time to return back to Britannia, Avatar." he said, as he moved him in front of the moongate, "The Guardian has been waiting for you." "The Guardian? The Guardian is dead." he said. The Black Knight gave him a evil sneer, "How the Guardian was defeated by you is beyond me, but it's time to return, nevertheless."

He then threw him into the moongate, quickly jumping in after him. MTF-13b quickly moved in and ran through the gate before it closed up.

MTF-13b and Spoony flew out the moongate, arriving in the world of Britannia. Smith looked around in surprise, while the MTF Unit started to wake up. Finally, Spoony suddenly snapped up, "BETRAYAL!" He looked around in surprise before finally realizing what was happening. "OH F█████████K!" he exclaimed.




The Journal of Doctor Toon

From the Desk of Dr. Toon
My fellow Researchers,

If you are reading this, this is my journal, recording the events that led to my final transformation and change into Dr. Toon. Certain things have been [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED], or blacked out due to Project: ███████'s Classified information. But it was something anomalous that turned me into SCP-[REDACTED].

So, by request to make sure the record is straight, I've put here the truth facts based on my perspective. Now whether or not the information is correct, due to some psychological changes here and there, this is the unvarnished record (aside from what the Foundation has added).

May my story be told,
AKA, "Doctor Toon"