Item #: SCP-blah

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-blah is to be kept in the special media archives at Site 9 in a reinforced steel briefcase. When SCP-blah is to be brought to testing chamber, personnel with level 3 security clearance will retrieve the briefcase containing SCP-blah from archives and escort it with an entourage of 2 security officers to the testing chamber. The briefcase's triple pressure lock system must be engaged during the entire retrieval process. Only D-class personnel designated as test subjects may view SCP-blah and then only in the testing chamber. Only D-class personnel fluent in Middle English are eligible to be a test subject. Following a testing session, test subjects must be accompanied by a security officer for a period of two weeks to monitor potential belated effects of SCP-blah. [<—— UNNECESSARY DETAILS WHY THE FUCK IS IT PERTINENT TO SPECIFY ESCORTING PROCEDURES]

Description: SCP-blah is composed of a coarse leather spine binding yellow pages. The content of these pages are passages written entirely in Middle English and accompanying illustrations present on the page opposite to the plain text. These illustrations exhibit an artistic style consistent with similar books produced in (an era of great turmoil in England research) England. SCP-blah previously resided in an antique bookstore in [EXPUNGED], England. A low level investigation was initiated in response to an anonymous tip claiming a potential breach of the peace was present among frequenters of said bookstore. The ensuing incident resulted in blankety blank casualties and successfully covered up by Foundation agents. Class-A amnesiacs were issued to all involved.

The textual content of SCP-blah takes the form of a moral treatise written entirely in Middle English. Subjects who read SCP-blah universally experience an overwhelming urge to follow the moral principles set forth by the text. The mechanism of this compulsion is unknown. Attempts to view SCP-blah concurrently with test subjects via live recording equipment failed as the artifact's psychological effects on viewers appear unimpeded by the medium of video transmission. Because of this, it's very hard to determine and contain the effects of SCP-blah on test subjects. The effects may become manifest instantly or 6 months later, especially if the read precept also advised patience. SCP-blah, however, does not compel subjects to continue reading indefinitely, and subjects are free to quit reading at any point. Thus, site researchers have ordered that all test subjects limit their reading to one sentence in order to limit the effects of SCP-blah.

Addendum-Blaha: Test Log

Experiment 23i:
Subject: black male; 70 years of age
Testing Results: Immediately following the reading, subject was asked to recite the one sentence he read. The subject, however, did not answer the question or seem to register any outside stimuli at all. Subject, unprompted, reported an "overwhelming sense of peace". One day later, subject was found dead by suicide in his private quarters.

Experiment 596
Subject: white female; 22 years of age
Testing Results: Following the reading, subject seemed normal, aside from the usual refusal to recite the precept she had just read. Subject exhibited no anomalous behavior during the compulsory two week period of security accompaniment, so the required accompaniment was lifted. A week after the period of security accompaniment sounds of whipping and pain were reported to originate from subject's private quarters. Investigation revealed that subject was engaging in self-flagellation in order to "discipline [her] insolent flesh". Subject was otherwise civil, and, apart from a tendency to moralize, no change in personality has been reported by her peers. Foundation Psychologists have recommended moving subject's sessions of self-flagellation to an unused testing chamber as the D-class personnel in the area immediately surrounding subject's private quarters have reported vivid night terrors since the advent of the subject's self-flagellation.