Item#: SCP-1111

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1111 is to be kept in secured media storage on Site 17. SCP-1111 must never be read outside of official testing scenarios. Unauthorized viewing of SCP-1111's is grounds for a serious formal demerit, and any viewing, authorized or not, should be followed promptly by a compulsory psychological examination. Only D-Class personnel are permitted to view SCP-1111's contents. Following the termination of a testing session, two guards stationed within the testing chamber should physically detain and return the subject to his quarters. There, a Foundation psychologist will attempt to calm and assess the subject's mental state. All testing on SCP-1111 is suspended indefinitely. SCP-1111 must remain in the Special Storage Facilities at Site 8 in a steel vault and taken out only in cases of a retrieval attempt. Only veteran Mobile Teams with a minimum 5 years of service are permitted to execute retrieval operations. Any other rationale for removing SCP-1111 from containment must receive approval from site command.

Description: SCP-1111 is a twenty-five (25) by twenty (20) by two (2) centimeter nondescript pop-up picture book in degraded condition. SCP-1111 operates like any other pop-up book with 3-D illustrations, figures rendered movable through a series of sliding components, and a "children's book" visual style. The book, speaking from a purely visual perspective, is wholly unremarkable, apart from the poor condition of the binding and cover. The only original element of the cover still legible is the title "Dr. Pebble's Preposterous Pop-Up Book!" in a faded black font. The copyright page indicates the publishing year as 19██. All other information indicated, such as the country of publication and publishing company, seem to be fictitious. The object was recovered after reports of a strange book appeared in a local newspaper at █████, Texas. Foundations agents retrieved the book and disseminated standard amnesiacs with little difficulty.

SCP-1111 depicts past events in the reader's life. These events usually hold emotional significance for the reader. The time span of these events vary depending on the type of memory — some merely depict a single day while other memories can span years. Also, the object of significance varies. Sometimes a place will be the object of significance, and, other times, a person is the focus of the narrative, recurring in many locales. The only perceivable limit to SCP-1111's ability to depict seems to be the reader's own life.

Addendum 1111-A: Testing Log

First Test: Subject: Personnel D-83
Testing Parameters: Subject was led into a containment chamber in which SCP-1111 was placed on the arm of a comfortable chair. Subject was told to relax and read SCP-1111 for an indefinite length of time (though site doctors recommended termination of testing after 2 hours).
Testing Results: SCP-1111's anomalous properties manifested as a story about a country bakery owned by an elderly woman. The only other recurring character, besides the old woman, was her grandson, ████. The narrative of the story consists of the grandson playing on the floor while the elderly woman bakes bread, which, though SCP-1111 is seemingly a slim volume, subject did not run out of pages even after testing approached 2 hours. Subject expressed extreme reluctance to terminate testing. However, he did not violently resist the transfer from testing chamber to private quarters. Just before leaving the testing chamber, Subject remarked that he could smell and feel the heat of baking bread for the entire length of testing. None of the guards also present corroborate this report.

Second Test: Subject: Personnel D-76
Testing Parameters: Subject told prior to testing that, should she observe any properties not typically associated with a printed medium, she should report these sensations to a Foundation Psychologist additionally stationed in the testing chamber. Otherwise, all parameters are identical to the first test.
Testing Result: SCP-1111 manifested as a story told entirely through images. No accompanying text was observed in SCP-1111 during testing. Furthermore, no character besides a small 9 year old girl appeared in the story. There was no conflict, no inciting incident, and no other component of a standard narrative in the story. The narrative simply consisted of the girl exploring the forest. Subject was again extremely loath to end testing and verbally berated the guards during the entirety of the transfer process, though subject stopped just short of physical violence. Following testing, subject was restricted to private quarters for 48 hours with extensive psychological examination.

Just before leaving the testing chamber, the accompanying guards reported that a reddish-gold leaf was present in the subject's hair. The Foundation Psychologist in the subject's private quarter reported no such leaf.

Third Test:Subject: Personnel D-09
Testing Parameters: Identical to the first test.
Testing Result: SCP-1111 manifested as a story about a young woman. The narrative follows the infatuation and eventual romantic involvement of the girl with subject, the book's text referencing the subject D-09 explicitly. Subject displayed clear emotional distress during testing. In a particularly dramatic moment in the relationship, subject attempted to touch the pop-up pictures directly and was reported by stationed guards to have been "eaten" by SCP-1111, prompting Site Director to order immediate termination of testing and total lockdown of containment chamber and Site 17 at large.

Addendum 1111-B:
All attempts to retrieve subject D-09 have failed. Furthermore, SCP-1111 has stopped exhibiting its former anomalous properties and, instead, is now composed of entirely blank sheets of paper. Intensive tests have revealed an absence of invisible ink or other such methods of communication invisible to the naked eye. In fact, the only discernible markings present in the entire books are located on the very last page of SCP-1111, and the words that they form are: Anything which has ended is finished/That which is perfect is finished.

Or alternatively

Addendum 1111-B:
All attempts to retrieve Subject D-09 have failed and resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] with a total casualty count of ██. The story presented by SCP-1111 is now a constant and stays the same regardless of the reader's particular past experiences. The present contents of SCP-1111 consist of alternating from page to page between 2 radically different scenes.

In the first alternating scene, Subject D-09 is subjected to an enormous range of torture techniques including the iron maiden, impalement, the lead sprinkler, and crucifixion. Subject is universally depicted in an expression of intense agony. Occasionally, the young women will also be present in the scene.

In the second alternating scene, a man in a basic black suit is seated, in an otherwise featureless room, in a single wooden chair. The man smiles at the reader. The man never moves as the story progresses, and the scenes in which the man appears are indistinguishable from one another. The text box of every one of these scenes contain the same words repeated over and over: Anything which has ended is finished/That which is perfect is finished.